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Best Dresses, Best Jewelry, Coachella Celebs

Best Dresses, Best Jewelry, Coachella Celebs

Like everyone else, celebrities also know Coachella is not an event they should miss. These stars bring their fashion and style to the Coachella fields, and everyone can't help but see how fashionable and creative they are from their clothes ensemble to their jewelry. Although there were few hits and misses in celebrity Coachella fashion, there are looks from the stars that we couldn't help but admire. Here are the top 14 Coachella looks from our favorite celebrities in Hollywood.

1. Paris Hilton

We won't deny the fact that she stole the show during the Coachella. Her Coachella celebrity style included a sheer all-black ensemble that gave a very stark contrast against her blonde hair. Together with the dress, she added a statement necklace, some heavy bangles, and a diamond stud earrings for her Coachella jewelry. When you thought Paris H is fading away from the limelight, she returned once more with a loud bang. And boy, she indeed looked stunning in her Coachella appearance!

2. Paris Hilton's Coachella fashion

It is not only involved in the mysterious black colors; she tossed the dark shade and went all out with colors in this summer-inspired dress she wore in one Coachella event. Paris knows her stuff about Coachella jewelry and fashion as she looked equally mesmerizing with her royalty-inspired statement necklace. She is such a fun beauty to look at, and it seems to us that she was indeed having a lot of fun here. We give Paris an A+ for her one-of-a-kind celebrity Coachella 2016 style. What can you say about Paris' look?

3. Alessandra Ambrosio

When it comes to music festival style, no one can beat the grace and sophistication of Alessandra Ambrosio's Coachella styles. Every year, Alessandra never disappoints. She either rocks the candy-sweet chick or the all-black diva. She stood out from the crowd with her one-of-a-kind Coachella celebrity fashion and jewelry: she went for the whole boho chick look. Alessandra was so mesmerizing that even the paparazzi couldn't help but take tons of shots of her. Her Coachella jewelry that involved classic gold pieces and a gemstone necklace undoubtedly stole the show.

4. Kendall Jenner

When you're a model, and you went to Coachella, expect that your fashion will be scrutinized more than ordinary party-goers. Perhaps that is the reason why Kendall Jenner's Coachella fashion was totally on point. The 20-year-old model showed off her stuff on the event with gypsy-inspired pieces with a little Aztec's touch here and there. The statement was made with her eye-catching Coachella jewelry made up of those gorgeous sterling silver and white gold necklaces. She was a vision to behold, and that's no surprise because she is Kendall Jenner.

5. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's first Coachella event (finally, you guys!), and although we are not into her bleached blonde hair, we can tell that Taylor's Coachella jewelry was on point. We love the contrast of her gray shirt against her gold statement necklace. She looked at the picture of casual sophistication, and we can say that for a first timer in Coachella fashion, Taylor Swift indeed nailed it. Calvin Harris and the rest of Taylor's famous girl squad must be so proud of her for overcoming her Coachella fear. Way to go, Tay Tay!

6. Taylor Swift's DJ beau

He was one of the music festival's spectacles, and the "Bad Blood" singer couldn't help but swoon over her talented and handsome man who's working for the crowd on the stage. Do we see some heart eyes there, Taylor? The singer rocked the fields with the group with an all-black ensemble and an eye-catching statement necklace. It seems like Taylor is slowly getting the hang of Coachella style and fashion. We can't wait to see more of Taylor Swift, you guys! She can be the next phenomenon in future Coachella events!

7. Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo turned the Coachella fashion into something glamorous and sophisticated that we just can't ignore. She was simply an eye-candy in the said festival (and she walked with her equal eye candy beau). She showed that she could embrace her style, and she did not need to go with the crowd. She stood out undeniably in this all-black ensemble with high-cut boots, edgy clothes, and chic tousled hair. She was a star indeed in that show. If you are a Miss Universe, you could not help, but simply stand out from the crowd in your excellent ways.

8. Jamie Chung

Can we ever forget Jamie Chung when we talk about the best fashion in Coachella? Of course not! Chung was also a beauty to behold because she also incorporated her unique style and taste into the Coachella staples. She added a touch of fierceness to her look by opting for a classic thin black choker to give a feel of Coachella. She also gave some leather loving to her wrists by choosing leather bracelets over the popular sterling silver pieces that everyone loves to wear.

9. Ellie Goulding

As one of the most awaited performers last Coachella, Ellie Goulding truly knows how to taste freshness to her performance and look. This blonde English beauty tells us she is a force to reckon with when it comes to the best Coachella fashion out there. The "Love Me Like You Do" artist wowed the fashion crowd. She paired it with a statement fashion that surely made the top pop. The gold against a dark style that Ellie rocked was a certified winner, and the crowds agree.

10. Nina Dobrev

Guess who this mesmerizing girl in a long kimono is? Well, it is no other than former Vampire Diaries' star Nina Dobrev. Nina Dobrev also wowed the crowd in the recently concluded Coachella with her A+ fashion. Celebrities made sure their fashion and style were upgraded this year. This stunning lady walked the fields in ethereal looking ensembles and jewelry pieces like this choker with the diamond necklace she combined. Nina also had a fun time with hunk Scott Eastwood, and we can't help but wonder if this beautiful actress has also smitten the star. Who wouldn't stop and stare at this ultimate beauty?

11. Karlie Kloss

One of the best fashion model styles that were found in the Coachella event was from Karlie Kloss. Taylor Swift's best friend and pseudo-twin sister gave a touch of her Coachella style by incorporating some vintage pieces to her look. She channeled the '70's chick flawlessly. What made this look more exciting was the contrast offered by the colorful choker necklace she had on during the night. She can live up to her Victoria's Secret model status, and Coachella goers can surely attest to that.

12. Karlie Kloss' Stunning Look!

Karlie Kloss did not stop with that one-of-a-kind ensemble; she eventually showed us she could rock a risky Coachella outfit. She brought out her bold colors with this eye-catching look for the night. This look screams "I'm from the '90s" all over, and there's no denying it. Karlie showcased the grunge look with her thick choker stunning style! Since Coachella is indeed a time to embrace the past fashion, Karlie's look was totally on point, and we give her a big A+ score for it.

13. Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio again showcased why she should not be underestimated when it comes to being a Coachella fashion and jewelry inspiration. Look at how she defied age with this eye-popping ensemble for the music festival. The crisp contrast of colors is spectacular, and her jewelry is nothing short of amazing. As one of my friends would always say, if I want a great looking Coachella look, I should never skip Alessandra Ambrosio. And boy, I give my big yes to that. Alessandra is a beauty!

14. Vanessa Hudgens

Last but surely not the least is Vanessa Hudgens, Tagged as one of the consistently best-dressed stars in Coachella, there was no doubt that V would once again captivate in her look. She looked like an Indian princess in this crochet-style top with fun prints on it. What takes the cake is her ethnic-inspired jewelry that reminds us of Aztec fashion. You did it once more, Vanessa!

These 14 looks are just some of the most eye-catching ones in 2016 Coachella. Of course, there is so much more to be found in the non-celebrity category, but we will see them on some other day. If you want to prepare for the next year's Coachella event, let these stars be your inspiration. And for fabulous Coachella jewelry, go for's collection! Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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