Gold Jewelry

History of Gold Jewelry

Jewelry made of gold is one of the things that seems to have existed forever. Gold was discovered as little lopsided yellow nuggets worldwide, and it has been used for jewelry making way back to 4000 BC. It is believed that gold jewelry originated in either Eastern Europe or Iraq. However, it remains prevalent today. Throughout history, gold was used in jewelry making and decorating tombs and some churches in some continents worldwide. It has also been associated with the ancient cultures and empires of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. Gold jewelry has fascinated many people for thousands of years and is continuing nowadays. It concluded that the inception of processing and crafting of gold jewelry has its roots during those days. One funny fact about gold is that people in India believed that gold is the semen of their god Agni and it shines through the sun.

The first jewelry made of gold was believed to have been present in Greek legend, and it was the ring of Zeus. But as per historians, they said that it was found in Ancient Rome. Around 23 years AD, only the senators in Rome were allowed to wear gold jewelry while free citizens can only wear silver jewelry, and slaves wear iron rings only. Gold was used to make jewelry and other decorations, but some money is made up of gold. The perfect example of this is the Czech gold coin, which became popular during the reign of John of Bohemia. But the main thought remains that gold was first made into jewelry before it was used as currency. Gold jewelry may take a new face nowadays, like rose gold jewelry and white gold jewelry, but it still and will never go out of style. Throughout history, it has always been valued because of its beauty and rarity. Until now, gold, especially jewelry pieces made from it, has been highly appreciated and loved by most people. 

Types of Gold Jewelry

No matter how the jewelry got updated and leveled up to different designs and styles, jewelry made of gold has been one of the most valued and sought-after metals for both men and women. But like any other jewelry made of different metals, gold jewelry breaks down into some different types. In today’s modern jewelry market, there are three types of gold jewelry: yellow gold jewelry, white gold, and rose gold.

  1. Yellow Gold - this type of gold jewelry is the naturally occurring one and is considered the purest form of gold among other types. Making yellow gold jewelry is purely combining pure gold with metals such as zinc and copper.
  2. White Gold - this type of gold jewelry is usually mixed with palladium or nickel to achieve a color close to silver or platinum.
  3. Rose Gold - this type of gold jewelry achieves its pink color because it is made up of gold, alloy, and 25% copper.

The popularity of the different gold jewelry types or gold colors is also rich as it does reinvent from generation to generation. Yellow gold jewelry was the most popular among all kinds of gold jewelry but recently, rose gold has begun to resurface in the past few years. Aside from the types of gold jewelry mentioned above, gold jewelry can also be classified according to the following:

  1. Gold Plated Jewelry - this type of gold jewelry is a very light layer of gold on top of the metal base. Thin layers of gold are plated into the base metal, usually brass or copper, to create a gold plated jewelry. This is the lowest in cost but will tarnish eventually and sometimes may irritate the skin, but this can also be a good option when you need jewelry for just an occasion or just trying out new trends.
  2. Gold Vermeil Jewelry - this type of gold jewelry is a heavy gold plating over sterling silver. Unlike gold plated, gold vermeil jewelry does not tarnish and is hypoallergenic. Gold vermeil jewelry is an excellent choice for people who want something to wear for everyday use without tarnishing while still being affordable.
  3. Gold Filled Jewelry - this is a solid type of gold jewelry because the layer of the gold on this type of jewelry may consist of 1/20th of the jewelry’s total weight. Gold-filled jewelry is mechanically bonded to the base rather than plated, and it has some qualities as solid gold jewelry. Gold-filled jewelry has a higher quality than gold plated and gold vermeil jewelry but still not as expensive as solid gold.
  4. Solid Gold Jewelry - as its name suggests, this type of gold jewelry is purely made of gold. Solid gold jewelry is the best quality of gold jewelry and is also great to wear every day, but it may be expensive and unaffordable because it contains pure gold.

The best type of gold jewelry suited for your style, personality, and taste may depend on several factors. But, the final say is always yours, and whatever you think may be the best gold jewelry for you, nobody can stop you from choosing it. Just like here in IceCarats, we always want to give the best jewelry for you, so we offer a variety of gold jewelry that you can choose from. We hope that visiting our website will help you understand more about the jewelry that you want to have. 

How to Choose Gold Jewelry?

The following are some tips and detailed guides that will help you choose the perfect gold jewelry.

  1. When purchasing gold jewelry, you need to know the purity levels of the gold jewelry you are buying. You don’t need to aim for the higher purity level of the gold you purchase. The important things you need to consider by knowing the purity level of the gold are the purpose of the jewelry you are about to buy and consider if the level of purity of the gold jewelry you are buying is suitable or compatible.
  2. Evaluating the quality of gold jewelry you are buying is also important. Remember that not all you see that glitters is gold in reality, not because jewelry looks like gold, it means it is. Although you can choose from having gold-plated, gold vermeil, or gold-filled jewelry, it is still advisable to still evaluate the gold jewelry quality.
  3. When buying gold jewelry, it does not only limit on yellow gold color because you can have choices. You need to know your alloys and colors before deciding what to buy so that you can save time and effort as well.
  4. Last but not least, when purchasing gold jewelry, consider buying one from a trusted and reputed store or jewelry shop. There are hundreds of shops where you can buy gold jewelry, but you need to buy from a shop that offers top-quality kinds of jewelry. IceCarats can be the perfect place for you to purchase gold jewelry.

If you keep these things on your mind, you will never choose the perfect gold jewelry you want. Remember, gold purchases are also investments, so be careful in choosing and purchasing gold jewelry when stepping inside a jewelry store. 

When to Wear Gold Jewelry?

If you ask about the right day and time when to wear gold jewelry, the answer is there is no perfect day for wearing gold jewelry because you can wear it every day. However, there are some special occasions like festivals wherein you must wear a piece of specific or traditional jewelry. For wearing gold jewelry, knowing when to wear it is also a plus point. If you want to obtain some tips on when to wear it, the following might help.

  1. If you are buying a piece of gold jewelry, make sure to buy a versatile one so that you can wear it on any occasion and with any of your attire.
  2. When attending formal gatherings or events, wearing a gold jewelry set is always an excellent way to pull off an elegant look.
  3. A casual look can also level up when finished with gold jewelry like a gold necklace or a pair of gold stud earrings.
  4. Wearing your office uniform is never dull when you add a gold jewelry touch to your finish look.