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Birthstone for May: The Emerald

Birthstone for May: The Emerald

If you are a fan of gemstone jewelry and have always been fascinated by the fashion and style of gem earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, you can't help but wonder your birthstone jewelry. Birthstone jewelry pieces have a unique touch to them; they're personalized, and they're gorgeous. You may ask the birthstone of your birth month. Well, you're in for a treat. As an online jewelry store, sells birthstone jewelry pieces from birthstone rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Today, we are going to tackle May birthstone jewelry. Some of you may wonder what the birthstone for May is; let us know more about the famous birthstone for May in this blog. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the emerald stone.

One of the prettiest gemstone jewelry pieces in the world always have emeralds embedded in them. Emerald stones offer a mysterious and unique type of beauty. This May gemstone can also be compared to the diamond when it comes to class and beauty; it can also be more expensive than diamond if it is polished and finished well. Know more about this birthstone jewelry by reading more.

History of Emeralds

Where did the emeralds come from? Who discovered them? How vital was the emerald since ancient times? People of the ancients already had high regard for the emerald birthstone. They believe that this stone is an eternal symbol of prosperity and goodness both in life and love. The green gemstone's respect was evident as they even dedicated the said gem to the goddess Venus, the lady of love and beauty. Wearing the gemstone means that you will find new life and love if you keep trying. The emerald has long since given people a lot of fascination.

The emerald has remained in the precious gem department for almost 6,000 years and has earned quite a positive reputation for jewelry lovers everywhere and in whatever era. A record from the Indian Mythology tagged the name "marakata" to the emerald; the word's interpretation means "the green of growing things." In the Latin word, the emerald was called "smardagos." Ancient records reveal that the trade for the emerald stone started as early as 4000 BC in Babylon. People flocked to buy this May birthstone because of the beauty it holds and the benefits that were believed to merit the owner of the stone. Aristotle was a big fan of the said stone. His records and writings show his extreme fascination for the green May birthstone jewelry. The renowned genius believed that one who wears the emerald gets a stunning advantage compared to his peers when it comes to business, public speaking, and court settlements. He even urged the noblemen of his time to hang an emerald around their necks to avoid specific illnesses, especially for children. This May gemstone served them aesthetic purposes; it also gives them medical confidence against debilitating diseases. But it was not only Aristotle who believed in this.

Some cultures and civilizations had a firm belief in the powers and the lore of the emeralds. The Chaldeans were so captivated by the beauty by the said stone that the only explanation they can come up with how a gemstone can be that captivating was that a goddess could be found inside the gemstone. On the other hand, the Islam faith takes the love of emerald to the next level by adding a transcript of the Koran on it. The Egyptians claimed that the emerald was a stone that symbolizes success, fertility, and richness. To Chinese people, wearing an emerald on a Thursday will invite good luck into one's life. The Romans also believed that an emerald still grows into maturity; that the light-colored emeralds still has a lot to undergo to fully reach the luscious green color that emeralds often boast so very much.

Royalties were also big patrons of the emerald. Kings and noblemen always had the emerald stone among their precious possessions. It was said that the Holy Grail was created out of inspiration from the emerald. On the other hand, the infamous King Nero was said to have watched battles and gladiator fights through the emerald crystal since he felt it was more calming than other stones. It is also a popular fact that Cleopatra adored emeralds and always had them included in her prized jewelry box. Russian royalty also gave huge importance to the stone to embellish their crowns. One of the most expensive royal articles ever recorded is a crown filled with beautiful Colombian emeralds. Conquerors could not resist the precious gemstone since one Conqueror, Hernando Cortes, tried to bring some emeralds to their home. Unfortunately, the ship sank during the trip bringing with it beautiful and rare emerald pieces. Even today, the emerald stone's appeal to the royal and noble people has not ceased.

Meaning of Emeralds

A lot of meanings have been tagged to the emerald stone. One that is common of all is this: when a person wears an emerald gemstone, he will have prosperity. The luscious green color of the said stone represents a vibrant life. It is believed that when a person carries an emerald stone with them, they will have a higher chance to receive luck, blessings, and winnings. In the Romans' times, they believe that when a person remains chaste while wearing the emerald stone, the effect of the stone will be more evident. People also associate this May birthstone jewelry to chastity. When a woman wears an emerald, she commits herself again to become someone who is pure and chaste. The same is also applicable to males. The emerald is also a stone that symbolizes fidelity to one's partner both in love and in life. Romantically speaking, the emeralds help men express their love, adoration, and devotion more. Emeralds are also known to have the power to foretell future events and help wearers identify truths over lies. When someone is under a spell or enchantment, the emerald is an excellent remedy. When people wear the emerald stone, they become wiser and more deceptive of the truth. This very reason perhaps explains why people wear emeralds when going to court.

Emerald as a Gift

Are you planning to give an emerald birthstone to someone close to you? What does it mean when you give someone the gift of this beautiful May birthstone jewelry? Emeralds are popularly associated with love, fertility, wisdom, and rebirth. If you have a friend who you want to give emerald earrings, emerald rings, or emerald necklace to, you are sending a message of how much you wish her success and prosperity in her life. Emerald jewelry pieces are not only gorgeous birthstone pieces; they are also perfect as wedding gifts. Giving a newly married couple an emerald piece shows how much you want them to be fertile, happy, in love, and always fiercely loyal. Are you planning to propose anytime soon? You have all the reasons why you should go for the emerald stone. It is a stand out the beauty in the sea of the many diamond rings, but emeralds also have more profound, more beautiful meanings you can always boast about. Surely, your bride-to-be will love the charming emerald engagement ring.

Popular Emerald Jewelry

♥ Angelina Jolie Oscars Emerald Set

Known as someone who always scores A+ in the fashion department in every red carpet event, Angelina Jolie stunned the crowd once more when she paired the gorgeous sweetheart black gown with her stunning emerald set Lorraine Schwartz. The superb stark contrast offered by the emeralds to her dress gave off a look of perfection. Even until now, Angelina Jolie's emeralds are considered among the most beautiful and the most expensive Oscars' jewelry of all time.

♥ Elizabeth Taylor Emeralds

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's jet setting ways were not hidden from the media; everyone knows the power couple loves expensive stuff. One of the fancy jewelry they have bought within the span of their relationship was this elegant diamond and emerald statement necklace from Bulgaria. Liz considered this jewel one of her favorites.

♥ Princess Diana choker necklace

One of the most iconic jewelry that Princess Diana wore was this emerald choker from Delhi Durbar parure. This jewelry made her look like the elegant royalty that she was, but it also showed Lady Diana's creative side as she not only wore this as a choker but as an emerald headband as well.

Why Buy Emerald Jewelry

Going for a piece of emerald jewelry is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Not only is it a good beauty buy, but it's also a perfect investment. These emeralds have significant value that will continue to increase through the years. This birthstone for May also is a beauty beyond compare and carries with it remarkable meanings. So don't hesitate anymore; get your emerald jewelry now.

Browse through's birthstone collections, and you will surely find emerald stones that you will surely love. Enjoy shopping. Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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