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IceCarats Jewelry
The ultimate destination for online jewelry shopping.

We’re committed to responsibly sourced products practices.


We’re committed to going above and beyond the industry standards.

Who we are

We are friends. We are colleagues. We are builders. We are helpers. We are sharers and we are carers. We are hard workers. We are Mothers. We are believers in diversity and inclusion. We are big eaters! We are sons and daughters. We are family.

What matters to us

Of course, we’d be lying if we said our primary goal wasn’t to sell products – but that’s just a tiny part of the picture for us...! As a small family business our customers are at the heart of what we do. We feel every customer interaction, and we base our business decisions on each story of love, loss, and congratulations that we hear.

Inspired by life, love, and you; we strive to build a fair, reputable company whose growth allows us to create and provide continued opportunities to our global community.

What we do

We sell jewelry! And if you didn’t realise it yet – we’re pretty great at it! By operating solely online we are able to offer our customers one of the largest selections of fine jewelry out there, and at the best and fairest prices.

To make things even better – if during your order experience you need help with anything at all, our super friendly team are always on standby at the other end of a phone, email, or chat
– just for you.

How we do it

With LOVE! And lots of food fuel! Our fun, forward-thinking workspace allows for every one of us to perform and act on behalf of our customer. Providing solution-orientated customer service, with top notch manners, honest communication, and knowledge sharing support – we enjoy every interaction and look forward to every time the phone rings.