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Ambassador Program

Get exclusive perks, 10% (real money!) cash commission and awesome free products...! Plus, spread the sparkle to your friends, family & followers with 10% off all their purchases, too!

Ambassador Program
How It Works
Ambassador Program

Fill out a super-simple Brand Ambassador application, so we know about you

Ambassador Program

Tell all your friends + family about your unique ambassador code to earn commission + score free swag!

Ambassador Program

Follow our Brand Ambassador social channels for all the best content.

The Ambassador Promise

Earn commissions on your friends’ purchases by helping us spread our mission
Be the first to know by enjoying our exclusive promos and new product releases
Get featured on our Instagram Channel with linking to your account
Get amazing discounts on purchases that you can also share with friends!

Jewelry at it's finest

Expression, access, equity, love — these are words that our community live and work by and what we strive for our jewelry to represent. Let yourself shine.
Jewelry at it's finest

Environmentally Conscious

We are always looking for ways in which we can lower our carbon footprint, from better packaging materials to employee reduction benefits!
Environmentally Conscious
Nothing is more important to us than a happy, healthy community of employees. Giving back and being active citizens in our local communities is what drives us.
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