Halloween Jewelry

History of Halloween Jewelry

Halloween is considered the second-best occasion next to Christmas. This Halloween tradition celebrated every October 31st is believed to originate from the ancient festival of Samhain. They start the ceremony by lighting bonfires and wearing costumes. All Saints Day also incorporated some Samhain traditions as Pope Gregory III designated it on November 1st. Others believed that Halloween originated solely as a Christian holiday, opposing the belief that Halloween has pagan roots. Halloween activities include having trick or treating, attending Halloween costume parties, lighting bonfires, carving pumpkins, playing pranks, and visiting haunted attractions. Today's Halloween customs are believed to have been influenced by folk customs and some beliefs from Celtic-speaking countries. Some folklorists noted that Halloween also originated from Pomona's Roman feats, who happened to be the goddess of fruits and seeds but more typically influenced by the Celtic festivals of Samhain, which means "summer's end." During the festival, apples and nuts were often used for their rituals. They used these for apple bobbing and nut roasting. They also lit bonfires and believed that the flames and smoke were deemed to protect them. During the 16th century, some parts of the world included mumming and guising as their Halloween tradition.

However, several Christian countries celebrate Halloween by including religious observances such as attending church services and remembering someone who passed away by a lightning candle on their graves. Halloween for Christians is the evening for honoring saints and praying for their departed ones. Some people may believe that celebrating Halloween is an early pagan custom, but Christians continue to observe different traditions on Halloween until today. A lot of ideas and views on Halloween portray what the story behind celebrating this holiday is. During the 1930s, Halloween has become a part of a community-centered holiday that brings excellent entertainment to local people because of Halloween parades and parties. Because of this modern tradition, Halloween jewelry became a part of a person's traditional costume celebrating Halloween. With that being said, it has paved its way to becoming a popular accessory nowadays. People of all ages, including children, wear some Halloween jewelry and their Halloween costumes to portray a scary look and be in character during this celebration. Halloween jewelry such as spider rings, pumpkin necklaces are always seen worn during Halloween parties.

Types of Halloween Costume Jewelry

The choice of jewelry you are wearing will always depend on the occasion you are attending. There are many types of Halloween jewelry, and you'll be overwhelmed from funky-themed to Gothic-inspired jewelry items. Some kinds of Halloween jewelry includes:Skeleton Jewelry - this type of Halloween jewelry is sinister and sad and is often featured in earrings or as a pendant for necklaces and other jewelry items. When the different parts of skeletons are formed, they sway together and look like they’re dancing. Skeleton jewelry is often made of precious metals or acrylics that make it possible to be worn every Halloween party or a couple of times.

  1. Pumpkins - Halloween jewelry features pumpkins because these are ideal shapes that can be made into many types of jewelry. These can be made of precious metals such as silver and gold or brightly colored plastic materials.
  2. Ghosts and Ghouls - these are considered Halloween’s popular icons. This jewelry portrays a white ghost with vacant staring eyes and will surely complement your Halloween costume. These can be an excellent choice of jewelry for someone trying to display a little different Halloween look.
  3. Witches and Spells - these are silhouettes of witches on their broomsticks flying across the moon. These types of Halloween jewelry are very evocative and used in many different ways. Some Italian charms feature this jewelry on their pins and brooches.
  4. Bats - these are popular Halloween images, including vampire bats. They make great and excellent charms when hung on a bracelet or paired with a necklace chain.

If you are not into a pumpkin or skeleton embellishing your Halloween look, some types of jewelry can be a choice to wear and add glamour to your Halloween outfit. These types of jewelry don’t need Halloween images at all. Instead, they might create a complement for your Halloween look because of their colors or style.

  1. Long Black Bead Necklace - this type of jewelry can look glamorous and give you a look during Halloween.
  2. Red Choker - wearing a blood-red choker on a Halloween night will look fantastic and dramatically complement your Halloween costume.
  3. Vintage Halloween Jewelry - any vintage or antique jewelry will add a touch of class to any Halloween dress or outfit and is very much in the Halloween tradition.
  4. Large Rings - large dramatic rings are lovely to wear and are very Gothic in appearance. Wearing large rings can make an excellent statement during Halloween when paired with long painted nails.
  5. Rhinestone Halloween Jewelry - types of jewelry embellished with rhinestones can also add a touch of glamour to your Halloween costume. Many types of rhinestone jewelry can help you pull off a look during this fascinating holiday.

Halloween time is an excellent occasion to dress up and look different and fabulous at the same time. Whether you are wearing a Halloween costume or simply marking the occasion by adding a little Halloween touch, there is plenty of jewelry that will complete your look. If you are looking for the best and quality Halloween jewelry, try visiting our website  IceCarats and discover the different collections of Halloween jewelry. We showcase various Halloween jewelry items from the kid's collection to Halloween jewelry for both men and women. IceCarats has it all.

How to Choose a Halloween Jewelry?

If you are going to a Halloween party, your jewelry needs to reflect your costume choice. A great Halloween costume is about details and pairing it with the right jewelry that comes together excellently. The following listed tips will guide you in choosing the perfect Halloween jewelry that will give you a spooky look you want to achieve.

  1. When buying a piece of Halloween jewelry, look for something that will balance your festive nature.
  2. Choose delicate Halloween jewelry. Delicate jewelry is perfect to wear anytime. So when choosing Halloween jewelry, choose an ideal piece that will embellish your Halloween look.
  3. You can focus on choosing a pendant or small charms for your Halloween pendant necklace that will express your Halloween spirit.
  4. The best way to choose your Halloween jewelry is to make your jewelry scary pretty. This may seem a little more obvious, but it will do a fantastic trick. Combining scary with the pretty will give you that frighteningly fierce look.
  5. Look for the piece that will make you feel confident. If you want to achieve the perfect look at a Halloween party, you have to be confident.
  6. If you want to convey a Cleopatra-look, choose Halloween jewelry that is made up of gold. Wearing a Cleopatra costume is one of the best ways to show off jewelry.
  7. Fabulous earrings and necklaces are also a smart choice when you are expressing a Disney inspired look.
  8. Fancy jewelry like gems and stones, stackable rings, big necklaces, and hoop earrings are perfect jewelry for a fortune teller look. This is an easy and gorgeous Halloween costume that can be paired with fabulous pieces of jewelry.
  9. If you want to be dolled-up during a Halloween party, wearing earrings, some bangles, and an elegant necklace can spice up your look.
  10. When you have already decided to wear a black dress at a Halloween party, wearing vintage pearl necklaces and other jewelry items is a smart choice. 

With the tips given to you, you’re definitely ready to choose the perfect Halloween jewelry for a Halloween party. Need to buy some pieces of Halloween jewelry now? We invite you to visit our website IceCarats.com and be in awe with our Halloween jewelry collection.

When to Wear a Halloween Jewelry?

As its name suggests, Halloween jewelry is obviously worn during the Halloween holidays only. But, some Halloween jewelry can be worn all year round. While there is plenty of Halloween jewelry out there that will complete your Halloween look, some jewelry can be perfect for Halloween and regular days.

  1. Skeleton jewelry are pieces of Halloween jewelry popular during Halloween and for your everyday punk look. A perfect example of skeleton jewelry you can wear on Halloween and can be your everyday piece is a skeleton knuckle ring or a rib cage cuff. These are some pieces of jewelry that will transform your ordinary outfit into an edgy one, whether on Halloween or regular days.
  2. Having snakes and spider charms really bring out the Halloween spirit, but when the holiday season is over, these charms can still rock with your bold outfit. A gold or silver snake pendant or necklace can spice up any outfit. If you own a pair of spider earrings or spider brooch, you can also wear it year-round as long as you keep it subtle. During Halloween, you can wear your snakes and spider jewelry all over you because the more you have it worn, the more you convey a spooky Halloween look. You can still choose only one piece of a snake or spider jewelry, depending on how you style your look.
  3. Another piece of jewelry that you can wear on Halloween and regular occasions are industrial jewelry. These are great options for expressing your Halloween spirit and being in on the punk trend this year. A pair of safety pin earrings are one of the many examples of industrial jewelry that you can use not only for the Halloween season but as your daily piece. Nail-inspired jewelry rings are also a perfect choice to create an ideal punk look and Halloween-ready look.
  4. Your big rings and necklaces can also be an excellent accessory for a Halloween look but can also embellish your daily fashion statement. Rings that contain gems and stones can be used as part of your Halloween costume during the Halloween holiday but can also glam up your everyday look. Necklaces that are crafted with stones and gems can also be smart choices for both the Halloween season and everyday look.
  5. Wearing your pearls with a black dress on a Halloween season expresses an elegant Halloween costume. Wearing your pearl jewelry on regular occasions can also bring out the elegance and sophistication inside you. Your pearls can be the perfect accessory for a Halloween costume party and can also be the best jewelry piece on any formal occasion you are attending to. 

Wearing the right jewelry on the right occasion will bring your fashion statement and style to the next level. Knowing that you know how to match and pair your jewelry with your outfits on every event you are attending may be a formal or casual one. Whether you are buying new Halloween jewelry or just using your jewelry to complete your Halloween look, it still depends on how you style yourself. But if you want to own a piece of Halloween jewelry so that you will not worry anymore about the upcoming Halloween parties, visit IceCarats and explore the wide range of our Halloween jewelry collection.