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History of Jewelry Gift Ideas

Ancient and prehistoric cultures used to give jewelry made of pebbles, bones, shells, and even feathers. Others were made of teeth, horns, claws, and bones that hunters usually wear to bring them luck during their hunting season. These kinds of jewelry brought some qualities to ancient cultures, such as identity, self-esteem, and belongingness. As time passed by, giving these kinds of jewelry before became a practice of some cultures. They give hunters some jewelry to have a safe journey and provide luck and fortune to the newlywed couples. According to some archeological facts, the gift of jewelry may suggest that it started 25,00 years ago. These earliest types of jewelry gifts were used not only for decorative and purely fashionable purposes but also served as identification, rank, and authority.

The growth of gifting jewelry became famous when pieces made of metals and sophisticated materials were introduced. It also became more associated with class and fashion and represented human connection. The popularity of giving necklaces made from different types of metals also grew, and some of them became a symbol of peace and comfort like the cross necklaces. The soul of the giving jewelry practiced by many people spread not only in a specific place but also worldwide. Nowadays, giving jewelry as a gift has a significant impact on the receiver and takes everyone beyond materialism because of the meaning it can convey.

Types of Jewelry Gift Ideas

Choosing a gift for an occasion can give you a hard time. But you can ensure that you can pick the best present when you choose the one that will make an emotional connection between you and the receiver. You can purchase a gift that will last for years to come so that the gift you give for that special occasion will stand out among the flurry number of gifts given to the receiver. Below are some jewelry gift ideas that you can give to your special someone on every special occasion.

A. Gift Ideas For Men

  1. Watches - choosing a fine watch for your man is an excellent choice of gift. A mechanical or a pocket watch is your go-to choice to watch jewelry gifts for men.
  2. Cufflinks or money clip - a cufflink inserted into a new French shirt you bought for him is also another excellent idea of a gift to give for a special man in your life. You can have a dollar bill folded into a money clip and give it to him with a gift check or certificate from his favorite store or restaurant.
  3. Engraved Dog Tags - this gift idea can be a thoughtful gift for a special man in your life. Personalized jewelry like engravable dog tags is the perfect gift idea you can give to your special man.
  4. Pen or Pen Set - a pen set for your professional man, can also be an excellent idea for a gift. Although we live in a digital world in today's generation, it's always nice for a man to have a unique pen.

B. Gift Ideas For Women

  1. A Necklace With A Pendant Heart - this type of gift is an excellent gift for a girlfriend or a wife. Any necklace with a heart-shaped pendant will speak how much your woman means to you. A simple heart pendant dangling on a gorgeous chain can surely melt her heart.
  2. Charm Bracelet - a charm bracelet is one of the perfect birthday gift ideas you can give and surprise to a special lady in your life. You can choose charms that speak to the personality of the woman who will receive it, and it will undoubtedly be the best gift she can receive.
  3. A Jewelry With Her Birthstone - one of the best birthday gift ideas you can give to a special woman on her extraordinary day is jewelry with her birthstone. A ring, necklace, or a pair of earrings designed with gemstones corresponding to her birthstone can tell her how valuable and special she is to you.
  4. Elegant Watch - expand your girl's fashion style by giving her a watch she can wear for your dinner dates. A diamond watch will make her the happiest.
  5. A Locket - among the long list of gifts for her that you can choose to give, a locket containing her pictures or both of you is also a perfect choice. This can be a thoughtful gift that she can keep for the rest of her life. This is also one of the mother's day jewelry gift ideas that you can consider when giving your mom a gift.
  6. Jewelry Box - since jewelry has become a part of a girl's daily life, it is an ideal gift to give your special girl a jewelry box to help her organize her owned jewelry. 

C. Gift Ideas For Baby/Child

  1. Earrings and Charms - baby earrings and charms are an ideal and excellent choice of gift for a baby or a child because the mother can wear this and pass it to her child at the right age and serve as a keepsake.
  2. Bangles - bangles are stylish jewelry that any child can wear to pull off an adorable look. Just make sure that the bangle is not too big because the child might lose it or not be too small to be swallowed.
  3. Necklace With Animal Pendants - when buying a necklace for a child or a baby, make sure that it is safe. Although a child shouldn't wear a necklace as it might choke them, this can be an excellent add-on to a child's daily look but make sure it will not put the child's life in danger. 

These are some of the many gift ideas that you can use when giving a gift to your special someone on a special occasion like holidays or birthdays. You can find these fantastic gifts here with us at IceCarats by just visiting our website and discovering the wide variety of different jewelry you can give to your special someone or loved ones.

How to Choose Jewelry Gift Ideas?

With a special occasion coming, you are always planning the perfect present or gift you can give to your special someone or for each of your loved ones celebrating their special day. Or perhaps, celebrating holiday seasons that require you to give a special and meaningful gift. Whatever that special occasion is, picking the perfect gift can always get difficult, but with the help of IceCarats, it doesn't have to be. If you have come to the idea that the best gift is jewelry, here are some guides and tips that will surely help you select the perfect jewelry piece.

  1. When buying jewelry for a special someone, you need to consider the person you are buying for. Much like the gift you are considering, you should also consider that the person you are about to surprise is unique and won't like the same things as someone else. When choosing a gift for the person, you need to consider the person's age and style. If you see that your special someone wears a different kind of necklace every day but never wears rings, you don't buy them. You need to think about the person when choosing a jewelry gift for her or him.
  2. Establishing your budget and setting your price range is also another thing to consider. By doing this before buying or shopping, you can save a lot of your time and effort because you can narrow the choices before you even begin.
  3. There are many ways to convey meaning through a gift. Considering the importance or message you are trying to convey is another crucial thing to remember. When choosing jewelry, there are always different definitions of the item you'll be selecting. It's the same as choosing the jewelry's stones and designs. Remember, each stone has a different meaning!
  4. One advantage of giving jewelry as a gift is that you can take a simple piece of it and can use it to express what you feel about your special someone. But, you can also think of some ways to make your gift meaningful and unique. You can decide to customize and design the piece of jewelry you have chosen by engraving or choosing something that represents how you feel towards your loved one. 

Whether you want to give your other half or a family member a special gift, the ideal ones are indeed jewelry. Jewelry is a simple yet nice gift that allows you to speak up and express how you feel towards your special someone. And when talking about jewelry, IceCarats is always willing to help you achieve the perfect jewelry gift you want for your loved ones. You can log in to our website and choose the perfect jewelry you think would be perfectly appreciated by your special someone.

When to Wear Jewelry Gift Ideas?

Any versatile type of jewelry can be worn every day. If you have given or received a necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings that are classy and elegant, flaunt it with your daily fashion! It depends on the wearer how they will style the said jewelry with their looks.