Easter Jewelry

History of Easter Jewelry

Easter is similar to Christmas and Halloween, which is celebrated as the principal festival of Christian churches because it is the commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It was derived from a pre-Christian goddess of England, "Eostre," who is celebrated when the spring season begins. Eostre is the goddess of spring and is mainly worshipped by Teutonic tribes. The earliest recorded celebration of Easter was during the 2nd century. Easter celebrations would never be complete without Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs. These are considered common symbols derived from ancient and pagan traditions. Easter’s pagan symbol was rabbit or hare, so Easter Bunnies are famous during this time. Easter eggs became a symbol because early people believed that they are representations of rebirth and renewal. The tradition of Easter also includes easter service during the first sunrise of the celebration. Besides easter bunny and easter eggs, Easter-themed jewelry is also a trend that most people wear nowadays to celebrate Easter. Easter celebration nowadays means victory for millions of Christians around the world. Easter is celebrated because they believed that Jesus ascended to bring love, light, and life to the world forever.

The celebration of Easter does not stop in going to churches. It was also celebrated in modern ways, such as having a simple backyard party and easter egg hunting common among children. Dressing up during this special occasion is also a trend. Most people who celebrate Easter, especially women, complete their looks by wearing different jewelry pieces suitable for the said celebration. Easter jewelry became a sought-after trend nowadays, especially for those who want to look best during a holy event.

Types of Easter Jewelry

Whether you are celebrating Easter with a symbol of the deeper meaning of the holiday or just celebrating it with a whimsical and fun piece of jewelry, various options are available for you. From vintage eggs to cute bunnies, there is a specific piece of jewelry that could help you dress up your favorite Easter outfit. The following are unique types of Easter jewelry that you can choose from.

  1. Pewter Fish Pendant Necklace - this symbolizes the true meaning of Easter. Pewter fish is a universal symbol of Christianity and is also used as Easter jewelry charms because it represents the rebirth of Christ.
  2. Easter Bunny Earrings - a bright and colorful pair of Easter bunny earrings will adorn the wearer’s Easter outfit. These earrings are the ones designed with an Easter bunny.
  3. Easter Egg Earrings - these are earrings designed with colorful easter eggs. Most types of easter egg earrings are studs and dangle earrings. This easter jewelry is also ideal to be paired with your spring attire.
  4. Black Onyx Cross Pendant - crosses are also symbols of celebrating Easter, and this is why it is a great choice to wear a necklace or bracelet with a black onyx cross pendant. A black onyx cross pendant gives a dramatic and striking look to its wearer.
  5. Easter Egg Pendant - this pendant will add class to the wearer’s entire Easter attire. Easter egg pendants are commonly made as colorful pieces to convey beauty and fun at the same time.
  6. Vintage Cross Pendant - people who opt for vintage pieces of jewelry can have this Easter jewelry piece. Vintage cross pendants are usually made of modern materials, but the appearance and the design of the cross are based on a vintage look. This is an ideal easter jewelry piece for necklaces and bracelets.
  7. Easter Charms for Bracelets - are available in various colorful and fun styles that will undoubtedly add a sophisticated touch to your charm bracelet. These are popular with teenagers and kids!
  8. Flower Easter Jewelry - flowers are also used as symbols during Easter because they signify spring. Flower Easter jewelry is ideal for wearing when you are bringing springtime into the motif. Different flower jewelry pieces such as necklaces, earrings, or bracelets can embellish a simple look during Easter celebrations.
  9. Pearl Jewelry - is used in different Easter jewelry mainly because they are egg-shaped. Whatever styles and colors of pearls are, their shape makes them a perfect representation of eggs. Different types of pearl jewelry work well with various colors of dresses, making them ideal for wearing with any of your Easter outfits.
  10. Easter Egg or Easter Bunny Rings - Easter-themed rings are fun items and, at the same time, classic pieces of Easter jewelry. Easter rings are ideal for children, especially when made of colorful materials.

Easter is also a perfect time to look for a special gift, whether you are buying for yourself or a loved one. There are many available Easter jewelry options in different jewelry stores that you can choose from. With many jewelry shops, sometimes selecting a piece of Easter jewelry can also be a daunting task, especially if you are new to this kind of trend. But keeping in mind the tips written above will help narrow down your options. Always remember, choose the piece of jewelry that will first catch your attention. If still in doubt about picking the perfect one, IceCarats is willing to help you!

How to Choose Easter Jewelry?

Celebrating Easter is also a time to celebrate not only faith but also family. Another fun fact about this special celebration is this is a time to welcome spring. With various jewelry choices available at your fingertips, choosing the one for your entire look can be difficult. Here are some tips or pointers to remember when selecting the right Easter jewelry. Keep the following details in mind to help you pull off the look you want to showcase.

  1. Choose an Easter jewelry that matches the formality. You do not want to be overly embellished with Easter jewelry at this celebration. As such, you need to consider the formality of the event when you decide what jewelry to wear. For example, if you are going to church or a fancy lunch or dinner, wear something formal and modest. However, if you intend to have a simple celebration with your family or friends in your backyard, opt for Easter jewelry that is casual and trendy.
  2. Choose Easter jewelry with bright and light colors because they are synonymous with jubilant and joyful colors. To stay on this type of trend, choose the piece that features both pastel and bright colors. If you want to wear a dress with dark colors during Easter, spice up your look by adding a pop of light and bright colors of Easter jewelry.
  3. Choose Easter jewelry that is fun and relevant to the occasion patterns. Easter bunnies and eggs are fun symbols perfect for the occasion. To stay on-trend, be sure to choose Easter jewelry with fun patterns or symbols because this is also an advantage to look fantastic and cool during this event.
  4. Choose Easter jewelry that you are comfortable wearing. While most people could argue that fashion knows no comfort, this idea is not necessarily practical and applicable. Easter celebration is a typical all-day celebration or event, so you need to choose jewelry pieces that will give you comfort. When going to the church, make sure that you wear jewelry that is not destructive, rather compliments your dress. If you stay at home and do some activities, be sure that your jewelry is conducive to your activities.
  5. The basic tips on choosing any jewelry can also be applied when selecting Easter jewelry. Tips such as considering the metal used, the stone setting (if there is), the choice of clasps, and other factors considered when buying jewelry.

Celebrating special occasions like Easter is one of the most awaited events for people nowadays. Not only because it’s a holiday but also because it’s time for reconnecting with family, friends, and most importantly, with Jesus. Preparing to look suitable for Easter may not be an easy task, but with the tips given above, you can finish your look by adding accessories that will accentuate your attire. If you are on a hunt looking for the perfect and top-quality Easter jewelry, IceCarats is the place for you! Visit IceCarats.com, and you can find our vast collection of the Easter jewelry you are looking for.

When to Wear Easter Jewelry?

Planning what type of jewelry to have on Easter is also as challenging as choosing what clothes to wear. Each one of us wants to look nice when it comes to special occasions. So, preparing to look best is always a challenge, especially for most ladies because they have to prepare everything from head to toe. Easter fashion is all about softer colors and timeless accessories. The following tips or guidelines can help you decide when to wear your Easter jewelry.

  1. Formal Attire. During Easter celebrations, most people go to churches, which means they need to wear formal attire. When wearing formal attire, you also need to pair it with formal Easter jewelry. Make it a habit not to overdo your jewelry ensembles.
  2. The colors of both your attire and Easter jewelry should be considered. Pairing your casual dress with brighter color Easter jewelry would make you stand out. But make sure to master the mixing and matching game for you to use that skill when pairing Easter jewelry to your outfits.
  3. When deciding to wear your Easter jewelry, consider the pattern you have. To avoid overdoing your look, keep your accessories simple. This will help you achieve the perfect look without competition between the dress and the Easter jewelry you are wearing.
  4. Remember that Easter celebrations always depend on the setting of the occasion. You can wear formal Easter jewelry while at church service and change your look when you proceed to the event's setting that might be more casual. Meaning, you can tone down both your outfit and Easter jewelry a little bit to keep your look in place.
  5. Easter jewelry is known to compliment the celebration. Wear traditional jewelry or try modern jewelry to create a perfect look that you want to pull off.
  6. Some pieces of Easter jewelry are versatile. This simply means that you can wear them daily regardless of the attire you are wearing or the event or occasion you are attending.

Whether you are purchasing Easter jewelry just for the special occasion or want to wear it for the next few days, always remember that your confidence would sum up your overall look. Be who you are in the way you want because it's still you who would bring the best out of yourself. However, if you are not yet confident enough, the tips given in this article will somehow help you showcase the look that you want.