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Jewelry for Brown Skin

Jewelry for Brown Skin

Jewelry can work on different skin tones. There is jewelry for dark skin tone, light skin tone, olive skin tone, and alabaster skin. If chosen right, jewelry for the right skin tone can do wonders for one's look. But if you have a brown skin tone, you are in luck. Girls with brown skin tone can rock whatever jewelry they want because brown skin jewelry is endless. If you are a tanned girl, you can wear whatever jewelry, and you will still look amazing. gathered 13 of the best jewelry for dark skin tones and just see how these great pieces make all caramel sisters stand out.

1. Turquoise Necklace

The first jewelry for brown skin that we chose is the turquoise necklace. A turquoise necklace for brown skin tone works wonders. The cool color of the turquoise jewelry against the warm undertone in a brown skin can create such a stunning contrast. Do you want to look fresh and bright while you strut your stuff? Go for turquoise jewelry. This jewelry for tanned skin has a clean, fresh vibe to it. If you strive to make the best out of your golden tanned skin, go and stand out with the help of gorgeous turquoise jewelry. Go forth and shine, girl!

2. Gold Jewelry

Do you want to go all out with your jewelry, but you're worried that you might cross the line between looking fashionably creative and looking like an ornamental tree? Well, you don't have to worry a lot when you are blessed with tanned skin. The advantage of girls who have tanned skin is that they can heap on all the gold pieces, and they would still look, goddesses. Gold favors dark skin, so make good use of it. Use your creativity, go all out, add a little fancy detail to your look. You are at an advantage with your brown skin, girl!

3. Gold Earrings

If you're searching for the perfect jewelry for different skin tones, you might find out that many fashion tips will tell you that it is the gold jewelry that works best for the dark brown skin tone. Fortunately, they are not right because the tanned skin can rock any metal (and gem) out there. Just take this first example of a woman wearing an enormous gold earring. She looks breathtaking with that gold accessory on, right? The gold complements the undertone that is ever-present in dark skin. If you love gold, flaunt gold because gold is your best friend.

4. Bronze Jewelry

Unsurprisingly, the bronze metal works well for you, too. If you only reserve gold for the fancy days where you hit a party, or you just want to stand out among the rest, there is a metal that you can use as your everyday staple for jewelry. Yes, that's right, you can go for bronze jewelry, too! Bronze has an earthy-theme to it, something that your skin tone complements well. The bronze jewelry also adds a bit of depth and contrast to your look and skin tone, creating a sophisticated finish to your fashion.

5. White Gold

And white gold, too! White gold is a bright, intimidating metal that can make brown sisters feel it is such fierce jewelry to wear. But, when the right pieces are worn in such a fashionable way, white gold can do magic to your look. Just look at the popping contrast offered by the white gold sparkly earring against her perfect brown skin. Do you want to have a classy and sophisticated look? Don't be afraid to rock white gold. The color is versatile, majestic, and can surely make you look like an A+ fashion maven. Embrace white gold, darling, because you can own it!

6. Sterling Silver

In choosing jewelry for tanned skin, always remember: Sterling silver works wonders! If you're looking for dark women jewelry, please, please, please, don't ever disregard the rack where the sterling silver pieces lie because you think only gold works. Can I give my big "Oh no, not ever!" to this? Don't ever be afraid of sterling silver as they are one of the best pieces that can bring out the best looks for you. Don't also forget the sparkly sterling silver ones for extra dramatic effect and sensational exclamation points on your look.

7. Pearls

Pearls are the perfect match for your skin tone. The sweet cream colors of the pearl's nacre are enough to draw tons of attention to you. Do you want to make a little black dress pop with the help of your tanned skin? Go for pearl jewelry. Don't limit yourself to many pearls you will wear as the more pearls, the better. Can you also see how the pearl necklace brought indescribable magic to the complexion of this woman? So, brown skin sister, you embrace pearls. Always look classy and downright sophisticated with these round babies on.

8. Colored Gemstones

And let's pause to appreciate how lovely gems look like against this skin color. Colored gems seem to always make a statement on behalf of tanned skin. It looks like the gems sparkle more, look more vibrant, and the wearer more attractive. Do you want to strike a lasting impression? Use gems with your all-white ensemble. The stunning contrasts created by these two colors is enough to turn a lot of heads. Add a little more drama and spice to your look by opting for an over-the-top gem necklace; you will never be fashionably wrong. Go, shine, girl!

9. Gold Necklace

Since brown skin favors the gold metal so much, it's a signal for you to go crazy with the gold and still look good. Take Rihanna's jewelry style, for example. She heaped on some gold jewelry love, and she looks fashionably fresh and beautiful. Go for little gold pieces and stack them together for a stunning result. Layer those necklaces for you to be able to achieve the bohemian look. Who says brown-skinned girls can't work their golds? Rock with gold jewelry, and you will undeniably shine. Enjoy gold and look stunning.

10. Statement Necklaces

Caramel colored skin girls make a statement with statement necklaces. You can shine brightly with necklaces considered extravagant by many. Embrace your differences and stand out with pieces not easily mastered by a lot. Make a stunning dress look more incredible by going for a statement necklace that complements it very much. I don't know what it is with tanned girls, but they can carry difficult jewelry with such finesse and style. That's your power, girl. Fascinate people around you with the best statement necklaces in town. Don't forget to pair your necklaces with equally flamboyant statement accessories!

11. Amethyst Earrings

But that does not imply that you can't also strut the simple stuff. Lupita Nyong'o is a fantastic fashion inspiration for brown-skinned girls. Her jewelry choices are classic, beautiful, and downright eye-catching. In this photo, Lupita is wearing a simple amethyst earring. She is the epitome of perfection with this look. If you want to achieve this kind of red carpet elegance, go for simple pieces like a colored gem or diamond stud earrings since your skin tone favors these babies a lot. Increase confidence with even the littlest jewelry. You can never go wrong.

12. Combined Jewelry

When someone says, "Go for combined jewelry," you say, "Get it on!" Brown skin elegance also means one more thing: you can combine all the jewelry styles and pull it off quickly. Sophistication can also mean a considerable number of jewelry collections wherein you can heap on the pearls, the gems, the metals, the stones, everything. You can combine and style them into total perfection. Just be careful with the color, though. Make sure it does not cover (or steal) the spotlight beauty of your skin tone. Strike a pose with heaps of jewelry on.

13. Native Jewelry

Finally, another fun thing about brown-skinned girls and jewelry is that you can wear your ethnic pride and still look oh so glamorous in it. I suddenly remember Beyonce and her love for African inspired jewelry. Don't be afraid of bold prints and strong metals; that's your heritage, and you deserve it. Incorporate your native jewelry with your modern clothes, and surely, it will create a beautiful ensemble. African jewelry pieces are always rich in culture, heritage, and design, and there's no way and reason for you not to wear them. Wear your pride and stand out!

Having brown skin is a blessing, especially when it comes to fashion and style. Jewelry for dark-skinned women is so abundant and so beautiful; they are just so hard to resist. Now we know the reason why our brown-skinned sisters always own the fashion runways. If you have tanned skin, go for the jewelry pieces found in this blog. Check out's jewelry for a more stunning collection of trinkets perfect for tanned skin girls. Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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