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10 Fashionable Ways to Show Support for Someone with Breast Cancer

10 Fashionable Ways to Show Support for Someone with Breast Cancer

Showing support to breast cancer patients is probably one of the hardest, toughest jobs you would ever make. With many women breast cancer problems, you seem to feel that you have no idea how to brighten a patient's day. Is there truly a way to show breast cancer support to patients who seem hopeless in their case? Well, good news! Showing support to breast cancer patients isn't that hard like we all think it is. It just takes a lot of patience, courage, faith, and love. There are so many ways to extend support to them from breast cancer websites to breast cancer jewelry. Here are the other ten ways on how to show support to breast cancer patients.

1. Listen to Them

Indeed, one of the best remedies to help your friend is first to listen to them. Listening to a cancer patient helps them open up their fears, worries, concerns, and even secret hopes. Cancer patients can find it hard to open up about their feelings thinking it would scare the people away. But when she knows that she has a friend who is all ears with her, she can find renewed interest in just sharing her feelings and thoughts with someone. When you talk with them, please talk about the topics she enjoys the most, whether it be makeup, jewelry, the fashion world, or whatever floats her boat. Don't hesitate to ask her about her case as well, just enough to help her know that you care for her. You don't need to talk (as we always don't know what to say). Just listening to her can make a whole lot of difference. If you want to extend breast cancer support to your friend, offer your ears.

2. Don't Judge

Another negative result that comes from a person sharing her thoughts to her friend is judgment. Some cancer patients feel that they will be judged by the people who know them when they share their utmost feelings. This action is one of their subconscious fears. Make sure to avoid this pitfall by truly listening to this person. Don't even try to sugarcoat her illness and truly listen and speak when your opinion is asked. Make her feel that what she is feeling is something you respect. Take time to earn her trust. Be careful with your words. Put yourself in her shoes. Don't make assumptions. Let your intention be pure. Make her feel extra loved by surprising her with something she has mentioned in your conversations. In that way, you help her know that you take her words by heart.

3. Do Regular Activities with Them

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, her world is turned upside down. The typical activities that she usually does seem to be a hard thing to do now. Sometimes, friends have an assumption that because one has cancer, she should not be brought to the usual activities she enjoys because it may take a toll on her. Unfortunately, this mindset brings more harm than good. Your cancer-stricken friend already feels awful for not being able to do the normal things she enjoys. Make her feel normal once more by bringing her to places, or doing activities with her that she usually loves to visit and do when she was not yet subject to chemotherapy. You can go shopping for clothes and jewelry, go ice skating, and do other fun stuff. Of course, there are some limitations to consider, but don't let her sickness make her feel that she will miss the fun in the world.

4. Treat them to a Makeover

One of the most special things you can do for your friend is treat them to a makeover. Her life currently is filled with hospital trips, constant bed rest moments, and times when she is secluded in her home. Make her feel alive again by treating her to a beauty makeover. Cancer patients still worry about their appearance, and perhaps more so. Make them feel the normalcy once more by letting them feel they are still beautiful. You can go to a salon, buy her favorite fashion items like shoes and jewelry, have her nails polished. These little things that can be quite ordinary to us can be something special to them already. Make her feel like a superstar once more and bring her to the fanciest girly places in town to make her feel renewed and alive once more!

5. Send them notes, flowers, and little somethings

Make your friend feel that she is always remembered by sending her little somethings along her way. Flowers are still an excellent idea. Send her some of her favorite blooms and leave notes of encouragement for her. If you like to send her something fancier, go for a jewelry piece that you know she would love. Numerous online jewelry stores specialize in breast cancer awareness jewelry. Show your love and support to a friend by sending love her way. In this way, you make your friend feel that she is still in your thoughts and prayers. That would mean a lot to someone who is struggling.

6. Relive her Favorite memories

In your conversations with her, you may have able to find out now what her favorite memory is. If you want to seek the extra mile, try to relive that memory with her. As long as it is not dangerous or costly, draw a smile on your friend's face by helping her relive one of the moments in her life where she felt so alive. Of course, there are still a couple of precautions to be taken, but don't be shy to offer her. Some of the cancer patients often feel that they might not fully enjoy life anymore. But, if she has friends like you who are willing and generous enough to prove that she is wrong, that would surely brighten her day. Ask the help of friends, family members, and, if possible, those people initially involved in that memory. How fun that would be!

7. Create a Girl's Party with Her

Ever heard of a jewelry party or a nail polish party? How about a party that shows support for breast cancer patients? Together with your other girlfriends, organize a girl's party that shows support for breast cancer patients. You can design your party according to the theme that she considers her favorite. Does she love jewelry? You can establish a jewelry bar and give free jewelry giveaways for attendees. Does she enjoy painting? You can set up an afternoon of painting with a special dedication to her. Be creative with this all-girls party with your friend. If your friend has lost some of her hair, you can also go for a wig party to have fun looking fabulous with wigs on (and your friend will not feel insecure about having to wear a wig). Be creative and give her the time of her life with an all-girls party!

8. Create a Website for Her

Tell people about your friend's story by creating a website for your friend. You can let others know about where she is now on her journey, but you would also let them know how she is currently doing. Allowing more people to know about her case can increase the support system that she needs in this great challenge. Many cancer patients have found support from all over the world because of their websites. You can also get connected with other breast cancer patients all around the world. Letting a friend realize that she is not alone in her journey can make a huge difference. Also, you can request for financial assistance by establishing a GoFundMe account. Your financial and emotional help to your friend can comfort her a lot. Express and show her that she is not alone in this battle, and you and other people are all rooting for her to win.

9. Do a Fancy Photoshoot

Let your friend feel young and vibrant once more with a fancy photo shoot. Honestly, do you still remember the last time she looked in the mirror and felt beautiful with all the hair falling all around her? Cancer is tough, and it's a hard enemy, but you can fight it with good humor and a lot of fun.

10. Wear Breast Cancer Jewelry

Finally, if you want to support your friend who has cancer, you can express that through wearing breast cancer awareness jewelry. That twisted pink ribbon might be a simple icon only, but it can make a difference to the life of a person who battles against cancer. sells a large variety of breast cancer awareness jewelry from a necklace to charms, pendants, and bracelets. Let the people around her encourage her through these essential pieces. You never know what a simple breast cancer awareness logo can do for someone who needs support.

Breast cancer is no easy enemy, but if your friend or your loved one feels the support and love from people all around her, the fight can be a little bearable. Show her your support the fashionable way with's breast cancer awareness jewelry. Don't sit there waiting. Support someone now!

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