Chokers & Collars

History of Chokers and Collars

Chokers and collars are both defined as close-fitting types of necklaces. They can be made from different materials such as plastic, beads, velvet, metal, and leather and can be designed in many ways. Most people in ancient civilizations wore chokers and collars. The history of these necklaces goes back many years ago, and ancient people have worn them for various reasons. Chokers appeared in the earliest civilizations of Mesopotamians and Egyptians but later on called wide collars. On the other hand, collars originated from an ethnic American group in Southeast Asia but were considered types of chokers used by ancient Egyptians. Both types of necklaces became famous in different parts of the world. Chokers and collars were worn regularly, especially by Egyptians, because they believed that these necklaces have special protective powers. Ancient people often used emblems such as different stones to embellish their chokers and collars.

Chokers and collars disappeared in the jewelry industry because they were once linked to prostitution. After a few years of being absent in fashion jewelry, they had their comebacks during the 20th century. They became very popular during the Art Deco fashion era and were always seen in different fashion campaigns like celebrities. During this time, many women wearing chokers and collars were seen worldwide, so they became vogue again in fashion. As time passed, they started featuring unisex styles and designs, which means men can also wear these necklaces. In the middle of the '90s, gothic collars and chokers were worn by many breeds of goth subcultures. These also gained so much popularity. Nowadays, these necklaces have become very trendy and popular. Celebrities, models, influencers, and ordinary people have seen wearing different chokers and collars. Although these necklaces may have lost their popularity a long time ago, they are considered staple jewelry pieces that everyone loves to wear in today's generation.

Types of Chokers and Collars

Since chokers and collars have been a huge hit since then, these bracelets have become a jewelry staple that everyone desires to own. If you want to have ideas on the different chokers and collars, you are in the right place! Take a look at the following items that you can choose from.

  1. Black Strap Chokers and Collars - these are the most common types that can be seen these days. They feature a plain black strip sitting high on the necks of the wearer.
  2. Studded Chokers and Collars - these are other pieces that can be casually worn during formal events. They are usually embedded with different stones and are typically called rhinestone chokers or rhinestone collars.
  3. Gold Metal Chokers and Collars - These are extremely classy and sophisticated because they are made with gold. They may come in several varieties according to colors and width and can also be studded with stones and pearls.
  4. Elastic Chokers and Collars - these are ideal pieces for pulling off a punk rock look. Elastic chokers and collars are usually made of plastics and perfect for layering necklaces too.
  5. All-in-knots Chokers and Collars - these look like a few knots tied together that make a necklace. All-in-knots chokers and collars are great accessories for any boho look.
  6. Silk Chokers and Collars - these have been around the jewelry industry for many years. They are believed to be expressing the hard-working and strong-willed side of the wearer.
  7. Diamond Chokers and Collars - these are embedded with precious diamond stones. Diamond chokers and collars will always brighten the wearer’s look because of the sparkly and shiny effect.
  8. Lace Chokers and Collars - are delicate pieces made of laces and ideal for a simple person who loves to pull off a simple fashion style.

Nowadays, chokers and collars are intricate jewelry pieces that are not just trendy but also became one of the most sought-after pieces and hottest fashion trends. If you want to own a new piece, you can have it here in IceCarats. Want to know more about this gorgeous jewelry? Visit our website and explore our chokers and collars collection.

How to Choose Chokers and Collars?

Chokers and collars are great fashion accessories when appropriately chosen. However, you need to remember some things when selecting a piece that will look flattering on you. Below are some helpful guides you can follow when choosing chokers and collars.

  1. Measuring your neck is the first step to do when purchasing a choker or a collar. Before investing, you must know your neck's measurement since these accessories are meant to fit relatively tightly on your neck. Use a tape measure by looping it around your neck and hold the tape close. Chokers and collars should fit tightly but be sure they are also loose enough to help you breathe easier. To achieve the perfect measurement of chokers and collars, you can add 2 inches to your neck's actual measurement.
  2. Assessing your neck's length and width is also an essential factor to consider. Chokers and collars look best if you have a long and slender neck. But if you have a very short neck, you need to choose a simple and very thin type of choker or collar. Slim chokers and collars will look good on wider necks.
  3. Considering the face's shape is also a thing to be done. Like all other types of necklaces, chokers and collars can also accentuate your face's strongest features. A round-shaped face can be highlighted by a steer clear of chokers or collars since they can emphasize the roundness of your face. When you have an oval-shaped face, any types of chokers and collars are ideal for you to wear, regardless of the shapes, lengths, and width. Having a long and thin face shape, a wider choker or collar will make your face look wider and fuller.
  4. The type of choker or collar that suits not only your taste but your personality is also a factor to consider. When choosing a choker or collar, always select the style or type that speaks for yourself. Consider the one you can wear on any events or occasions you are attending to.

Whatever purpose or reason you have for buying chokers and collars, it is essential to know what will help you choose the perfect one. With the given tips, you can confidently buy one without hesitations and second thoughts. If you are looking for a place for top-quality and gorgeous pieces of chokers and collars, IceCarats is perfect for you. Log in to our website and discover a lot of choices that you desire.

When to Wear Chokers and Collars?

Chokers and collars are considered a huge trend in today's fashion style. Various types can be styled according to what you wear and the occasion you are attending. Here are a few of them:

  1. If you want to have a versatile choker or collar that you can wear every day, selecting a minimalistic look is a perfect choice. Minimalistic chokers and collars are delicate yet can give your daily outfit a twist of uniqueness and elegance because they are simple and can be styled with most outfits.
  2. Are you trying to pull off a look for festive vibes and bohemian influences? A boho choker or collar is the perfect piece for you! Are you a person who loves attending festivals or loves the beach? Get a chance to look utterly beautiful by wearing the trendy choker or collar for these special occasions.
  3. A working lady who is a fan of chokers and collars but worries about wearing one in her office could still achieve her professional or business look by selecting sophisticated yet simple ensembles suitable for professional outfits.
  4. Sparkling and dazzling types of chokers are ideal for glamorous occasions and night outs. Chokers or collars embellished with rhinestones and sparkling gems can level up your dressed-up outfit.
  5. Do you like to wear sexy outfits? Then a sexy choker or collar can make your look sexier. They can make you attractive and give your look a feminine touch that can attract your loved one's attention. These are pieces of adult chokers and collars.

Chokers and collars are trendy and cool, that they can be styled in various ways helping you achieve your desired look. IceCarats hopes that you can now confidently pull off the look you want when wearing a choker and collar.