History of the Necklace

Necklaces can be a pure gold or silver chain or even a length of beads and gems, but as long as it is worn around the neck, it is called a necklace. The word necklace came from the combined word neck with lace, which means string or cord. Necklaces are believed to be the earliest kind of jewelry adornment worn by people. These kinds of jewelry often symbolize different meanings and purposes and were used for ceremonial or religious celebrations. Even symbols of wealth and status are commonly depicted through necklaces when attention is given to the precious metals and embellished stones they are made of. Like all jewelry, necklaces are seen as essential decorations for the body of the person wearing them.

A primary component of a necklace is the chain itself or the cord that wraps around the wearer's neck. Here at IceCarats, the necklace chains are rendered in precious metals such as gold, silver, and stainless steel. Necklaces, too, have typical attachments including pendants, lockets, crosses, and are sometimes made up of diamonds, pearls, and other gemstones. Lengths of our necklaces vary, and also the specific types also range from personalized necklaces or name necklace to plain and simple necklace chains.

Types of Necklaces

A necklace is one addition to your wardrobe, but wearing one can add multiple style points to your look. They are the kinds of jewelry that come in varying lengths and styles. Some are classified according to their length, while others are classified according to their adornment style. There are different types of necklaces available in any store, and it depends on how you wear it according to your style and everyday wear. You can choose a chain that will make you look glamorous and suits a particular occasion like a choker necklace that can be made from various materials. Another type of necklace that can be worn on another event like a strictly professional one is wearing a beaded necklace. As the name suggests, this necklace is made out of simple dainty beads that will make you look elegant. These necklaces are some of the many types of necklaces you can add to your jewelry collection.

Necklaces come in a most fascinating array of kinds and styles. Here at IceCarats, we offer a wide range of necklaces for women and men necklaces. Search our website, and discover our wide range of necklace collections to help you find that perfect piece or gift. Whether you are looking for something specific, or just here to browse the latest in fashion - we have everything to suit your fashion style and needs.

How to Choose the Perfect Necklace Jewelry

Necklaces of the perfect style and type emphasize the beauty of your face and your fashion statement and are a great finishing touch to almost any outfit. When choosing a necklace - considering the following parameters; like how tall you are or what your face shape is or even what occasion you are going to attend or what attire you are going to pull off, will help guide your choice. When buying a necklace, we recommend the following:

  1. Check your height and neck size. Like any other jewelry, a necklace is highly subjective, and what looks great on your friend might not look the same on you. Always research the standard lengths and rules in choosing the perfect necklace length and consider the length and width of your neck to see what necklace best compliments you. An additional thing to consider in selecting the right necklace length is also including your height and face shape.
  2. Think of the necklace design. When buying a necklace, you have a lot of options in terms of design. You can choose a timeless classic piece or go for a modern necklace. If you are after a diamond necklace, you always have to consider the cut, the color, the carat, and lastly, the clarity. Choose a necklace design that will best suit your everyday style and the occasion you are attending.
  3. Take consideration of your wardrobe. In choosing a necklace, you need to look at your wardrobe so that you can have the perfect one that will likely go well with your outfits. There is no point picking a necklace that you simply do not see yourself being able to wear with the clothes you have. That's why it's very important to choose a necklace that suits your daily wear.
  4. Your comfort is essential. Make sure that you are wearing a piece of jewelry that you are comfortable with. When you wear a necklace for the day, it can be a long time, so you wouldn't want it to be heavy or disturbing. Do not wear a necklace that is not you or not your style, or you will feel uncomfortable.
  5. Keep up with the latest trends. Read about the most recent fashion trends and new designs of jewelry coming to the market. Have the edge to choose a timeless necklace and purchase the latest trend of jewelry to go with your style, and you'll probably be the first to set these trends.

When you are ready to start your shopping journey, IceCarats is ready for all your necklace requirements. 

When to Wear Necklaces?

With so many styling advice you can have around these days, you sometimes need a few pointers on when to wear a necklace. Here are some ways when and where to wear a necklace:

  1. Wear a necklace on a simple top. If your top has fewer embellishments, a necklace is an excellent add-on. Layering necklaces here will also add that bohemian feel to your look.
  2. When you are wearing off-shoulder tops or blouses. You can have extra style points because wearing off-shoulder shirts leave quite a bit of space up high that could use a focal point.
  3. Use a necklace when you are wearing crop tops. Perfect for a casual look, you can also pair it with a gorgeous bracelet.
  4. Pair your necklace with a V-neck top. This will shape the frame of your head nicely.
  5. When wearing colorful clothing, you can wear a monochromatic necklace.

You can also wear necklaces during occasions like the following:

  1. Casual Occasions (Brunch or weekend errands)
  2. Professional Occasions (Office, Job or Interviews)
  3. Party Occasions (Cocktail parties, dinner parties)
  4. Formal Occasions (Weddings, fundraisers, and galas or any religious events)


How do you layer necklaces?

Layering necklaces might look like a simple task, but the truth is it can also test your patience limits. Know precisely how to layer necklaces like a pro by following these suggestions:

  1. Layer by length. To avoid any neck mess look, layer your necklace according to its length. You can wear a choker and then add a short necklace and a long one together for a gorgeous layered look.
  2. Layer by Thickness. Layer both bold and chunky chains that are all the same length and are piled together. You can also achieve a subtle look by adding a coin pendant necklace alongside a simple length chain.
  3. Opt for pre-layered necklaces. Fret not if you went to your jewelry box and got overwhelmed by all the knots and options. To avoid tangles together, you can purchase a necklace detangler. You can attach your necklace to this clasp and bid farewell to knots and tangles. A detangler is a game-changing tool that will allow you to put all your layers in one go.

Where can I buy choker necklaces?

Many markets offer a place where you can choose and buy jewelry. But you can look no further than IceCarats because you can have every piece of jewelry that you want to own. You can search on, our full range of necklaces both for men and women that come with different styles. IceCarats has got your back for choosing a piece of jewelry for your collection.

How to untangle a necklace? And stop from tangling?

A tangled necklace will sometimes lead to you losing patience. You will rather hate the chain, break the chain, or just let it lie. There are some ways to help you untangle a necklace, and all you need to have are a few household items. You can use a straight pin to pull out all the knots gently, but if it does not work, you can put your necklace on a surface, like glass, and drop some baby oil or mineral oil to the tangled part then use the pin to untangle it. You can also use your available baby powder to untangle your tangled necklace. But if nothing works, you can bring your necklace to professional untanglers.

While traveling and transporting jewelry, one way to stop your necklace from being tangled is to use a drinking straw! It will keep your chain stiff and organized. You need to thread one end of the chain to the straw, then close up the necklace, and then pack your jewelry as usual. If you have a metal or plastic ring, you can also use it to prevent your chains from tangling. Loop the necklace around the cuff of the ring, and place it into your jewelry box. You can also buy a necklace spacer or necklace detangler to avoid having a tangled necklace while wearing it, for it allows you to wear up to four necklaces at once without getting worried about them being twisted.