Gold Necklace

History of Gold Necklaces

Gold comes as yellow nuggets since history, and the brilliance and remarkable qualities of this precious metal make them unique. Gold became very famous, being it the first metal that was widely known. This precious metal is usually mined in raw and natural form. In 2600 BC, the first gold jewelry was made by Mesopotamians. Gold is not only used in crafting jewelry but also in making coins. Aside from Mesopotamians, Egyptians also had their part in the earliest gold conquests because they used slaves, criminals, and their prisoners to mine gold. Gold has held so much fascination in history. This metal found in different parts of Earth is valuable because of its radiance and beauty. From ancient times to modern, gold already had a high value. It is one of the most sought-after metal pieces. Nowadays, gold is an enduring metal associated with jewelry and is considered one of the rarest elements.

Gold has been used in making money and jewelry since ancient times, and creating necklaces out of gold served many functions aside from being fashionable. Gold necklaces are believed to be one of the oldest ornaments worn by humans. They were usually used for ceremonial, religious purposes and as symbols of status and wealth. The first to use gold necklaces are ancient Babylonians and Sumerians. Upper-class Egyptians also wear gold collar necklaces as part of their status symbols. The gold necklaces started to be incorporated into different styles as time passed by, and now, different gold necklaces are used by men and women. Most jewelry makers use different amounts of gold purity or karats in crafting these necklaces. As with other gold jewelry, gold necklaces have become an essential part of decoration for the body. These necklaces became more popular because of their beauty, durability, and cultural functions.

Types of Gold Necklaces

Necklaces in history were usually made from organic materials found around the surroundings, such as animals' teeth, shells, and the like. As time passed, technology upgraded necklaces and precious materials like gold were used to produce different them. Gold necklaces became a part of men's and women's daily fashion statements. There are various men's gold necklaces as well as gold necklaces for women available. To know more about these types, we have prepared a list below.

  1. Gold Bib Necklaces - covers your neck's same area in the same place a bib does. This type is a famous and trendy one among women. Bib necklaces are usually made of different materials, embellished beads or gems, and gold.
  2. Gold Chain Necklaces - come in various sizes and lengths and can also be single or double-stranded. These necklaces can come in rose gold chain necklaces, white gold necklaces, or yellow gold chain necklaces. They can be worn with or without pendants, depending on how you accessorize them.
  3. Gold Choker Necklaces - are usually worn close to the neck, and one of their significant advantages is they always go with everything you wear regardless of their design. Chokers can be made of leather and gold, and they can be as formal or casual as much as you like them to be. These are popular necklaces, especially for women.
  4. Gold Lariat Necklaces - these necklaces are very long, and the ends can usually be crossed, knotted, or looped in different ways. Gold lariat necklaces are scarf-like pieces that wrap around the neck with only one strand hanging down the other. These can also be called lasso necklaces because of their designs and styles.
  5. Gold Torque Necklaces - these are unique types of gold necklaces that are becoming very popular and trendy. Torque necklaces are open in the front instead of the back but have no clasp. They are solid necklaces worn close to the skin and are usually made of gold.
  6. Gold Long Pendant Necklaces - are necklaces that are usually long with pendants attached by a small loop. Gold long pendant necklaces are typically 22-24 inches long.
  7. Gold Locket Necklaces - are ideal pieces of heirloom jewelry, which come in various shapes such as heart, oval, or circle. These are excellent presents or gifts for your special someone.

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How to Choose Gold Necklaces?

A piece of gold necklace is one of the most adorned and sought-after jewelry nowadays. It has various styles and types and picking the right one can be overwhelming and challenging. Here are some essential pointers to remember when choosing a gold necklace.

  1. As a jewelry buyer, you should always know what kind of gold necklace you want based on your personal preferences. Choose a gold necklace according to your personality and style that can withstand your everyday look.
  2. When buying a gold necklace, determining the material's quality can be ideal for picking the perfect piece correctly. The materials used in your gold necklace are often considered a determining factor when choosing women's gold necklaces. Women are most likely to wear gold pieces every day rather than men.
  3. Because you are buying a gold necklace, considering the necklace chain is essential. Choose the necklace chain according to your style or the purpose of wearing it.
  4. The carat of your gold necklace is also a thing to consider. You can choose from the different carats a gold necklace can offer.
  5. Buying a gold necklace based on the event you are attending can also be a determining factor to consider. Choose a versatile gold necklace if you plan to have a piece that you can just wear every day.
  6. Pieces of gold jewelry are pretty expensive. Set up a budget and select the one that your budget can afford. This will help narrow down your options.

You can consider many essential things when planning to purchase a gold necklace, and the mentioned above are some of those that you need to take into consideration. Use the tips when choosing a gold necklace to avoid getting a low-quality one. If you have inquiries about where to purchase top-quality pieces of gold necklaces, check out our website,, and you'll be in awe of what we can offer!

When to Wear Gold Necklaces?

Most people have been using different gold necklaces to glam up their look. Follow the helpful tips below on when to wear a gold necklace to amplify your look and bring it to the next level!

  1. Versatile and simple gold necklaces are ideal for wearing all the time. A personalized gold necklace chain, for example, is one of the many types you can wear every day.
  2. Gold necklaces are office jewelry, too. You can accessorize your office wear with a non-distracting piece of gold necklace.
  3. Many types of gold necklaces are suitable for formal gatherings or occasions. The perfect examples are those embedded with diamonds or other precious stones. Gold necklaces can help you quickly pull off an elegant and sophisticated look during a formal event.
  4. Chunky and stunning gold necklaces are also perfect when you are going out to a party!

Whatever your desired look is, a piece of gold necklace is always to the rescue when pulling off the look you want to showcase!