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Sterling Silver Necklaces

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History of Sterling Silver Necklaces

Sterling silver is considered the whitest of all precious metals. It has been heralded because of its lustrous finish and versatility. This metal is harder than gold but considered one of the most pliable and supple types. Its malleability makes it easy to hammer and mold in various kinds of jewelry. Dating back to the primitive time, sterling silver has been incorporated into the name where it was rooted in the 12th century. It got its name from payment for an English cattle dubbed as “Easterlings.” As time passed, the word Easterlings was widely used and accepted as a standard of English currency. Easterlings were abbreviated to “sterling,” which is now widely used as the highest grade of silver metal. Sterling silver jewelry indicates that the pieces were made of at least 92.5% of pure silver only, and the remaining percent left, which is 7.5%, can be made of any metal alloy. Although sterling silver jewelry is not made of pure silver, these jewelry types are considered sought-after pieces and staple jewelry that everyone desires to have.

Sterling silver necklaces are examples of famous sterling silver jewelry embellishing the jewelry industry nowadays. Their popularity has been the same from the past 'til the present. Ancient Egyptians were recorded as the first persons who wore different necklaces, including sterling silver necklaces. They believed that wearing any jewelry made of sterling silver will protect them from bad luck and some evil forces. Some types of sterling silver necklaces were considered religious symbols and daily ornaments. Other types of sterling silver necklaces were embedded with gemstones. Nowadays, these necklaces represent many things, such as the interests and personalities of the wearer. They have also become a symbol of comfortable living and have been favored much today. Nowadays, men and women have been using different sterling necklaces as part of their daily fashion style.

Types of Sterling Silver Necklaces

Sterling silver necklaces have been known worldwide since 1870. In today's modern era, these necklaces work well in men and women. That is why they are considered famous and sought-after pieces that everyone loves. Below are some types of sterling silver necklaces that can adorn the person's style.

  1. Sterling Silver Curb Chain Necklaces - these necklaces are the most famous types found on the market. Sterling silver curb chain necklaces are simple and classic and feature interlocking links that are identical in an oval shape and twisted to lay flat. These are considered men's sterling silver chain necklaces because of their large and lightweight surface area, but the smaller and daintier types of these sterling silver necklaces are ideal for a feminine look.
  2. Sterling Silver Figaro Chain Necklaces - these necklaces are named after the Marriage of Figaro. They are also known as alternating links because of their elongated connection. These necklaces originated from Italy and are famous for men and women.
  3. Sterling Silver Figarucci Chain Necklaces - These necklaces are similar to Figaro chains in format because of the alternation of a long link and a short link.
  4. Sterling Silver Rope Necklaces - these necklaces are made of multiple intertwined, flexible, and strong oval links. Sterling silver rope necklaces are linked in a small and twisted pattern that resembles a natural rope. These necklaces are classic, beautiful, and work well with pendants.
  5. Sterling Silver Rolo Chain Necklaces - These necklaces are also famous for men and women. They are made of interlocking links with alternating sections that turn 180 degrees. Sterling silver Rolo necklaces are available in a wide range of widths where you can undoubtedly choose a style that works for you.
  6. Sterling Silver Spiga Chain Necklaces - these necklaces are greatly inspired by the top of the wheat husk. These versatile pieces can be worn alone or paired with your favorite pendant.
  7. Sterling Silver Box Chain Necklaces - these necklaces are made of square links rather than round ones and are also called Venetian Box necklaces. They are perfect pieces when worn alone or even with pendants. The thicker types of these necklaces offer a masculine look.
  8. Sterling Silver Layering Necklaces - these necklaces are used for layered style necklaces. They are ideal pieces if you want to layer different necklaces. Women usually wore them with their different outfits.

Whatever type of sterling silver necklaces you are opting for, you can assuredly pull off the look you want with any kinds of sterling silver necklaces. Whether you are after something that will look when worn alone or with pendants, sterling silver necklaces got your back. If you are looking for cheap sterling silver necklaces but want a sophisticated and elegant look, visit our website! Just log in to, and you can find the perfect piece of sterling silver necklace that you desire.

How to Choose Sterling Silver Necklaces?

Sterling silver necklaces are considered timeless pieces of jewelry, which are tagged precious and valuable. A piece of beautiful and sparkling sterling silver necklace can always add a dash of sophistication and elegance to your daily look. Sterling silver necklaces are available in different styles, lengths, and widths, and somehow it is challenging to choose the right one for you. It would be best to learn a few basic ideas on correctly selecting a sterling silver necklace that suits your personality and style. Use the following tips when buying a sterling silver necklace.

  1. Sterling silver necklaces come in various varieties, and it is essential to know a little bit about the item you are buying. These necklaces are made with the highest quality of silver (92.5%), and the rest are mixed with a metal alloy. Be aware of the difference between a sterling silver necklace and a silver-plated one. It is necessary to know what you are getting to ensure the quality sterling silver necklace and get the most for your money.
  2. Sterling silver necklaces are available in many types and designs. When choosing a piece of this necklace, make sure to pick how you will wear the necklace. If you want a sterling silver necklace that is great for pendants, choose the one that is not too thick or thin for your pendant. However, if you're going to have a standalone piece, there are also available styles that you can choose from. One specific sterling silver necklace may appeal to you more than another, but you should always think about how you will wear it.
  3. Sterling silver necklaces are available in a long or short length, and each size offers a unique look. Some long sterling silver necklaces can be doubled or tripled, which creates a layered necklace. On the other hand, short sterling silver necklaces can keep pendants close to the wearer’s heart and the frame of their faces. In most cases, longer sterling silver necklaces are expensive than shorter ones. Choose the length of the sterling silver that you desire and consider the one you need most.

The following are just a few tips you can consider when choosing a sterling silver necklace. Remember, it is always your preference that would win over, but there are factors you need to bear in mind to have the perfect piece of jewelry that you want. Do you want to know more about sterling silver necklaces? IceCarats will be happy to serve you. Visit our website and explore the best quality of items we offer.

When to Wear Sterling Silver Necklaces?

Some types of necklaces are made for one-time occasions only, and others are for everyday wear. Sterling silver necklaces are one of those "daily-wear" types. With all the options of sterling silver necklaces available in the market, you can never know when to use them properly. They are very versatile. However, deciding when to wear our sterling silver necklace is also a struggle. Factors such as your complexion and the outfit you are wearing are only some things that need to be considered. The following are some suggestions on when you can wear your sterling silver necklace.

  1. Sterling silver necklaces look best on your outfit if they are in neutral colors.
  2. Sterling silver necklaces with dazzling pendants are ideal for pairing with your formal dresses during an evening event.
  3. Sterling silver necklaces for men are also suitable for their office look as well as women.
  4. Sterling silver necklaces can also be worn with smart casual attire paired with different types of jewelry.

Whatever attire you wear or occasion you are attending to, these necklaces can be your best friend. These necklaces are the go-to piece that can help you pull off the look you desire. Mixing and matching them with other jewelry is also a fun jewelry game. Though, you should always consider your look before deciding what type of jewelry to pair with your sterling silver necklaces. Nevertheless, it is still your confidence that will bring your look to the next level of fashion style. Visit IceCarats for more details about sterling silver necklaces. We are always willing to provide you with the best and top-quality pieces you are looking for.