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History of Pendants and Charms

Pendants and charms started during the Neolithic Era. Jewelry charms and pendants before were usually made of pieces of bone, wood, shell, or stone placed in a string. Although the purpose of having charms and pendants in a necklace or bracelet is still unknown during ancient times, many believed that they were used for evil protection and bringing luck. One of the most documented and remarkable examples of necklace charms and pendants is the ones used by Christians to represent their beliefs. The use of charms and pendants for jewelry making continued to prosper throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance. They used these as talismans. During the Victorian Era, charms and pendants were a huge influence and part of the jewelry world. This was when gold pendants and charms became very popular. As time passed, they shifted a part of different jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, watch chains, and the like.  

Nowadays, most people still use charms and pendants to tell the story of their lives. They either wear pendants and charms to show off their places or mark a special occasion in their lives. The meaning of charms and pendants on jewelry is a passage of time and journey that the wearer has taken. Pendants and charms used in jewelry making act as chronicles and time posts in the wearer's life. They can also reflect the wearer's dreams, goals, hopes, and experiences in life. Although most charms and pendants have changed over time, they have never gone out of style since then and now.

Types of Pendants and Charms

Whether you are a fan of wearing traditional or modern jewelry, you cannot deny the fact that accessorizing your jewelry with pendants and charm is a smart choice. Everyone who loves collecting jewelry needs to own special and unique charms. So here are some types of pendants and charms that everyone loves to own.

  1. Casual Pendants and Charms - are versatile, classic, and fashionable pendants and charms that add a dazzle and glamour touch. Casual pendants and charms can be made of any color, metal, stone, or design that perfectly fits any everyday outfit.
  2. Gemstone Pendants and Charms - are one of the famous and commonly used pendants and charms. Gemstone pendants and charms are available in a wide variety of designs. Different vibrant colors of other gemstones would undoubtedly amp your entire look from a subtle to bold piece. The dazzling colors of gemstone pendants and charms are ideal for wearing with your necklace or bracelet chain. Each gemstone has a meaning, so it’s up to your preference to choose the precious gemstone as your pendant or charm.
  3. Pearl Pendants and Charms - pearls are considered essential jewelry pieces that will never go out of style and fashion because of their classic beauty and timeless elegance. The classic appearance of pearl pendants and charms makes them a great piece paired with a necklace or a bracelet chain. They are also perfect for pulling off both casual and formal outfits.
  4. Heart Pendants and Charms - the heart is a symbol that makes a great jewelry piece most women love. Heart pendants and charms are traditional symbols of romance and love and are ideal for a special someone.
  5. Cross Pendants and Charms - displaying your religious beliefs come quickly by wearing cross pendants and charms. These are also among the most famous charms and pendants for men and women in different styles and designs. Some are embellished with diamonds, and some are made from sterling silver to gold and stainless steel. There is a perfect cross pendant or charm for you to choose from.
  6. Statement Pendants and Charms - distinctive style statements brought by these pendants and charms are popular among youths and teenagers. Statement pendants and charms are ideal for blending or complementing an everyday look. These are famous because of the contemporary chic look to the wearer. Many statement pendants and charms are suited for corporate and casual outfits available in different types and designs.

Pendants and charms provide a unique chance to express the wearer’s personality through wearing jewelry. Each pendant or charm signifies different meanings about the wearer’s life or personal experiences. Having the options on their various types can help you choose the best one for you. Explore and discover more pendants and charms designs by logging in to our website, You will never regret visiting our page because you will be satisfied with what we can offer!

How to Choose Pendants and Charms?

Pendants and charms can be considered independent jewelry pieces, and they are already beautiful without adding anything. However, you still need a chain or any string for wearing and displaying them. You can often buy different jewelry like necklaces and bracelets embellished with various pendants and charms, but you can also purchase them you can pair with your chain. If you already have a chain to put on your new pendants and charms, consider the following points to remember in choosing the perfect pendants and charms for you!

  1. The pendant or charm you are choosing should not weigh more than your chain. In case you forgot to consider this factor, there is a probability that your chain may get broken, and you will lose your pendant or charm.
  2. Your pendant and charm are made of metal that should match your chain's kind of metal. For example, when buying a pendant or charm made of white gold, you can pair it with metal with the same color, such as silver, platinum, or white gold itself.
  3. The clasp of the pendant or charm you are choosing should not be too big for the chain. Choose the pendant and charm with a smaller clasp but a sturdy one.
  4. The pendant and charm's length is also a thing to consider because their size affects your entire look. Suppose you are looking for a pendant or charm for a necklace chain; you should choose the pendant's proper length or charm that will complement the chain.
  5. The quality of the pendant and charm is also a factor to put into consideration. Look for pendant and charm types that will not break your bank account but belong to the top-quality pieces of pendants and charms. Choose also smooth pendants and charms to avoid having any skin irritation.

When to Wear Pendants and Charms?

A pendant and charm on your necklace or bracelet chain can be a great and excellent addition to any of your daily wardrobe. However, you may wonder when to wear them properly and what look would pendants and charms give you after pairing them with your everyday attire. If you have chosen pendants and charms that are versatile and think you can wear them every day, do not hesitate to. Most pendants and charms can be paired with different outfits, and you need not worry about wearing them on any occasion. There are also some types that you can wear on a formal occasion, especially those embedded with precious stones. They are ideal for wearing during evening events. Besides this, you are free to choose whatever type of pendants and charms you want to pair with your chain. After all, it is your confidence that will bring out the best in you.