Eternity Rings

History of Eternity Rings

When we hear the word "eternity," the most common definition we can provide is the infinite time for love or something related to it. Many things symbolize eternity. One of those is the so-called eternity rings or bands that signify two persons' unending love in whatever type of relationship. Eternity rings are considered one of the most thoughtful and romantic gifts anyone could give to their life partner or other half. They are usually given to mark an important milestone or occasion in a relationship. Women's eternity rings are the most common eternity rings that often accompany their wedding rings, but men can also use some types of eternity rings. Eternity rings are circular, and some are embellished with brilliant diamonds. In contrast, others are made of precious, plain metals such as gold, silver, or platinum. Whatever the design or style of the eternity ring a person has, the sole purpose is to showcase the eternal love for his or her partner.

Ancient Egypt's were the ones who initially brought eternity rings in some cultures, and these rings were believed to be present as early as 2000 BC. Also, archaeologists found many eternity rings made from different materials such as braided reeds, carved bones, and metals in Egypt before. Each ring had unique carvings; some had beads and gems around the entire band. This was when most people believed that Egyptians treated the circle as a powerful symbol that represents eternity. As time passed, different eternity rings made of various raw materials have progressed and boomed their popularity in modern society. Nowadays, you can find vast eternity rings anywhere, and the most common type is the diamond eternity ring. Diamonds are believed to be the strongest, rarest, and one of the most precious stones found on Earth. However, others opt to have different kinds of gemstones that mark the various wedding anniversaries or represent their birthstones.

Though there is no exact reason why they wear eternity rings, some would choose to wear them rather than traditional wedding or engagement rings. Some just want a unique and special gift for their loved ones representing how much they love them. It is rare to find inexpensive eternity rings nowadays because they became a sought after type of jewelry. This is also why most people choose heirloom pieces of eternity rings to pass them down to their children in the future. Traditionally speaking, the concept of wearing eternity rings is to commemorate a milestone for a wedding anniversary or welcoming a newborn child as a member of the family. But not all eternity rings are explicitly tied to these types of occasions only. These rings were made as a symbolism of the eternal circle of life or love in today's generation. Whatever the reason for wearing eternity rings might be, these rings are considered new ornaments that somehow bring the wearer's fashion style to the next level.

Types of Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are considered before and then as a symbol of everlasting love and a compelling expression of commitment to your special someone. Traditionally speaking, these marks significant milestones in a relationship. Hence, people can choose from many types of eternity rings for whatever purpose they may serve. Below are some known types of eternity rings that will help you pick the perfect one for your partner.

Eternity rings can be classified as the following:
According to style:

  1. Full Eternity Ring - This eternity ring style is set with stones (diamonds or other precious stones) around the ring's entire band. A full eternity ring glistens from every angle because it is covered with your chosen stones. This can work perfectly and beautifully when stacked between your engagement and wedding ring. Sometimes referred to as stackable eternity rings because they can suit and match both of your engagement and wedding rings when worn together.
  2. Half Eternity Ring - This eternity ring style is set with stones but only halfway around the band. This ring style can only feature 5 to 9 pieces of stones and the stone size. This is less expensive than the full eternity ring and can be resized.

According to Metal Type

  1. Platinum Eternity Ring - this type of eternity ring is an ultimate luxury ring because platinum is considered the rarest and most precious kind of metal. These rings are very durable, dense, and harder than gold, making them an excellent choice for everyday wear. It is also hypoallergenic due to its high purity level, making it a good catch for sensitive skin.
  2. White Gold Eternity Ring - this type of eternity ring is a fabulous and gorgeous alternative for a platinum ring because it is cheaper. Jewelry made from white gold has been ruling the jewelry industry for many years and is currently the most popular metal used.
  3. Yellow Gold Eternity Ring - this is a type of eternity ring that is a very traditional option. Throughout history, yellow gold is highly prized and always provides a warm setting for diamonds. Choosing this type of eternity ring is also ideal because it is tarnish-resistant and durable.
  4. Rose Gold Eternity Ring - is the newest type of eternity ring made of gold. This is very trendy as it is one of the most sought materials or metal in jewelry nowadays. 

According to Ring Settings

  1. Claw-set Eternity Ring - this type of eternity ring is also known as a prong-set eternity ring. This uses the traditional method of holding gemstones in a place with a metal setting that rubs up the stones' side. This setting is more suited or ideal to round brilliant stones. This is also perfect for eternity rings because it allows the maximum amount of light to enter the stone, which gives it more sparkle.
  2. Channel-set Eternity Ring - in this type of setting, the ring's metal forms a channel at the two edges of the ring in which the stones are set. This is a modern and ideal type for brilliant round stones, princess-cut stones, and baguette diamonds. This setting is very secure, making the stones not prone to snagging.
  3. Bar-set Eternity Ring - this type of eternity ring is where stones are set in a bar setting and are separated using metal bars held perpendicular to the ring's band. This setting is used only for stones of the same size because it lets in a lot of light that creates a dazzling and sparkling piece that many undoubtedly admire. 

Eternity rings have become the ultimate symbol of eternal and unending love with no beginning and no end. Given many options where you can choose the perfect one for your other half will help narrow down your choices in looking for the ideal gift for him or her. Dare to express your eternal love and commitment to your partner! If you are tired enough looking for a store that will help you achieve the perfect eternity ring, visit our website and explore what we can offer. 

How to Choose an Eternity Band?

Eternity rings, just like any other type of ring, come in many different styles. Choosing the perfect eternity ring is an ideal way to continue expressing your love and commitment to your special someone. Below is a guide that can help you pick and purchase the perfect eternity ring.

  1. Choose the right width of the eternity ring. When you choose an eternity ring, the wider the ring is, the bigger and more the diamonds or gemstones will be. And having more stones give a more dazzling and sparkling effect. Some prefer rings that look wide and sturdy on their finger, but others want the opposite. Whatever type of ring you choose, consider the width that will suit your own statement.
  2. Choose the right eternity ring setting style. From the vast array of setting types wherein you can choose, consider the ring setting style to work well with your ring's width. Choosing the ring setting depends on your style and taste, but bear in mind to consider the eternity ring's look when worn on your finger.
  3. Choose the eternity ring metals. Like other types of jewelry, there is no "best" metal choice when choosing an eternity ring. The different metals are: platinum, white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold. But the choice will depend on the wearer's tastes and preferences.
  4. Choose an eternity ring that will blend well with your bridal ring set. Eternity rings are typically worn or stacked with your engagement and wedding ring, so when choosing one, pick a style that will match and complement your other rings. Consider mixing and matching not only with the style of your rings but also with the quality.
  5. Choose the color of the gemstone of your eternity ring well. Incorporating colored gems in your eternity ring is also an ideal way to personalize your ring set. There are many types of gemstones you can choose from, but you need to consider first if they will match the style of your bridal ring set. 

Nowadays, eternity rings have become a jewelry staple worn to remember or commemorate special occasions in relationships. These rings also are symbols of everlasting love typically worn by women and men, too! If you are thinking of buying an eternity ring, IceCarats got you covered. With all the tips are given above, you will surely pick the perfect ring for your loved one. Just log in and visit our website, and we can help you purchase the perfect eternity ring.

When to Wear an Eternity Ring?

Women traditionally wear eternity rings because these are their husband's gift for them after years of marriage. The eternity ring is an add-on to some other essential rings worn, specifically the engagement and the wedding ring. Eternity rings are rededication of the couple's eternal and undying love. People with eternity rings are expected to wear them with the engagement or wedding ring on the left hand's ring finger. The most common position of an eternity ring is between your engagement ring and wedding ring. When in doubt if eternity rings can be worn every day, the answer is yes. As a part of your bridal ring set, you can indeed wear eternity rings every day regardless of your outfit or the occasion you are attending.