10k Gold Bangle Bracelet Set

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20 Street Styles to Try this Summer

Are you getting ready for the full summer vibe? Are your fashion and style ready for the most exciting season of all? This season filled with heat and parties are always on top of our list. That's why we should make sure we should have the best ...
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Dating Advice: 10 Jewelry Pieces that are Always Guy-Approved

It's a fact already accepted by many: girls don't dress up or don't make themselves pretty just to get a guy's approval. Girls can do their thing without the need of a man's validation. However, there are moments when we do need to look excellent to ...
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July Birthstone: Ruby's History, Meanings and Uses

Red, fiery, and definitely beautiful. These are just mesmerizing words that can perfectly describe the luscious red gem called the Ruby. For those who are born in the 7th month of the year, Ruby is July's birthstone. This fiery red beauty has lore, ...
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