Bangle Bracelets

History of Bangle Bracelets

Bangles are considered types of bracelets that are characterized as circular and rigid. These are believed to date back as early as 2600 BC. Bangles are ancient accessories that convey the cultural significance that dates back nearly 5,000 years in Pakistan. Bangle bracelets are also considered important ornaments during wedding ceremonies, especially in India. There are different types of bangles, and each type corresponds to a purpose. For example, a glass bangle is meant to represent safety and also luck in marriage. Modern bangles are believed to originate in the Indus region. The bangle bracelet has also been found in some ancient history of Mayan, Mauryan, Roman, and Indian. Ancient bangles are made of terracotta, stone, shells, and other similar materials found around the surroundings.

In the jewelry world, bangles refer to the bracelet's style that's circular and closed by a hinge and available in different types. The first discovery of bangle has been attributed to Mohenjo-Daro settlements. Bangles before are symbols of happy daughters and wives and are considered lustrous tokens of radiant lives. Some colors of bangles symbolize different things, such as Blue and silver bangles symbolize womanhood and maidenhood. In contrast, yellow and red bangles symbolize marriage's sanctity and the love for the brides and married women.

In today's time, bangle bracelets are hard and often fit quite loosely on a wrist. The usual shapes are either round or oval. Bangles are considered the bulkiest form of a woman's bracelet, creating an optical illusion to the smaller wrist. This is why bangle bracelets are a great choice and option for those who want their wrists to look slimmer. Bangle bracelets are also a great match with a wristwatch with the same metal. Because bangles are not usually the best complement to some other slimmer bracelet chains, you can choose to wear a stack of bangle bracelets at once.

Types of Bangle Bracelets

Bangles can be classified in terms of their structure, the materials they are made from, and their style. The structure is an essential thing or feature to classify any bangle, and it's their style that makes each unique. The following are the considered types of bangles according to different classifications.

According to Structure

  1. Solid Cylinder Bangles - these are the most famous types of bangles. Bangles that are continuous cylinders and slide over the wearer's wrist.
  2. Split/Cylindrical Spring Bangles - these types of bangles have opening and closing features, which allows them to have a snugger fit.
  3. Cuff Bangles - these are considered a modern take for traditional bangles and tend to be sturdier in structure and design compared to traditional ones.

According to Materials

  1. Gold Bangles - bangles made of pure gold are also available in white and rose gold. Gold bangle bracelets are too soft to maintain a rigid structure. Gold is alloyed with copper and some other metals to alter the color and strengthen the jewelry's final piece.
  2. Silver Bangles - silver is a more affordable precious metal, and younger people wore most of the jewelry made of silver. Silver bangles are worn plain and heavily layered, and during the year 1980, it became an iconic piece.
  3. Platinum Bangles - like silver bangles, bangles made of platinum have cooler undertones. However, platinum bangles are brighter precious metal and reflected in a higher price.

According to Style

  1. Bangles with Precious Gems - these types of bangles are embellished with some precious gems. A unique piece of jewelry rich and with opulent designs.
  2. Interlocked Bangles - these bangles are usually interlaced in sets of three and tend to be left plain. The combination of the metals and the styles of these bangles may vary in creating an eclectic look.
  3. Plain Bangles - these are understated pieces of jewelry that will complement an outfit and can serve the same purpose as cufflinks. These types of bangles can give any outfit an uplift and can add sophistication.

The different types and styles of bangles that they can be designed in are infinite. Those designs will give the bangle that you like a unique quality and character. Now that you have an outlook and ideas about the different types of bangles, you can perfectly select the perfect one you think will best suit you. Still don't know a place where to purchase affordable and high-quality bangles? IceCarats is highly recommended. You can check our website and explore the greatest deals we can offer for bangle bracelets.

How to Choose the Perfect Bangle?

Choosing the perfect piece of jewelry is always essential but will always be a bit of time-consuming. If you already have the ideas on selecting the ideal bangle you want, you can save time looking. Consider the tips below when picking a bangle bracelet.
Choose the perfect size of the bangle bracelet. When measuring your wrist length, measure it correctly to avoid choosing the wrong bangle size for you. Remember, when selecting any bracelets, always start with the size.

  1. Pick a style. Each look and design of a bangle can speak about the wearer’s personality. Choose the style that will not only suit your taste but also will speak about your personality.
  2. When choosing a bangle, you also need to consider your daily activities, work field, and the events or occasion you are attending.
  3. The budget for choosing the perfect bangle is also another factor to consider. There are expensive bangles and even cheaper ones. When you choose one, make sure that you are selecting the bangle that will suit your budget.
  4. Good quality bangles are somehow a primary thing you need to consider when you are choosing one.

When to Wear Bangles?

Bangle bracelets are a well-known jewelry item that is a quick way to spice up an outfit. There’s a bangle for every occasion, and it’s time for you to have ideas about when to wear bangle bracelets and how to wear them on any occasion.

  1. When you are wearing your office uniform, you can complete your look by wearing a bangle bracelet.
  2. A full suit and a pair of heels is something closer to a business casual look. If you are pulling this kind of attire, make sure to finish it with a piece of a single bangle bracelet with a gemstone or diamond that will complete your look.
  3. Daytime dressing on weekends means you can wear whatever you want that will express your personality and style. Wearing a bangle bracelet can help you pull off a unique look.
  4. If jeans are your preferred outfit, make sure that a stack of bangles on your wrist can be seen. It will give your simple outfit a sophisticated and classy-chic look.
  5. Hitting the dance floor with an attire that glitz and glam? Don’t forget to wear a bangle to make everybody turn their heads on you.
  6. Keep your classic look when having dinner in a restaurant by wearing a bangle bracelet that will match your evening attire.
  7. A cuff bangle can make a sophisticated and elegant look on your formal attire.