History of Bracelets

Bracelets are one of the earliest forms of artistry used as body ornaments during prehistoric times. They were creatively made from various raw materials, such as body parts of animals, pieces of plants, stones, wood, glass, gold, and silver. Many people back then believed that wearing bracelets could protect them from evil and bad spirits; thus, being included in religious and ethnic rituals; as well as for signs of social status classification, and fashion purposes.

As years pass and consumers' preferences evolve, in our fast-paced, busy system where everybody craves for perfection, IceCarats never settles - giving you only true artistry in every intricately crafted piece.e make sure to feature each bracelet with exceptional elegance and excellent quality. We are happy to present to you our collection that has an extensive range of outstanding styles, including friendship bracelets (the perfect gift), charm bracelets for yourself, gold bangles for the special people around you, and many more!

Types of Bracelet

We make sure we have all the kinds of bracelet styles you need allowing you to mix and match effortlessly to suit your mood, style, or any event you are attending!

  1. Charm bracelets - These pieces are also called personal charms since the owner has full control over the kinds of pendants or trinkets they'll include that signifies personal things like hobbies, goals, and achievements!
  2. Men's bracelets - Our men's bracelets are usually polished pieces in quality gold settings. These bold pieces are charismatic enough to bring richness to your character and wardrobe
  3. Women's bracelets - These are gorgeously crafted pieces in link, chain, cuff, and bangle styles. They are wardrobe-friendly pieces brimming with elegance, ready to add another layer of sophistication to your look, effortlessly!
  4. Medical bracelets - These products are internationally recognized tags or emblems that make the public aware of any medical condition the wearer has, especially in emergencies
  5. Friendship bracelets - These are pieces usually crafted from strings with added pendants or trinkets that signify long-lasting friendship

How to Choose the Perfect Bracelet?

Here at IceCarats, we value every customer's need and preference without breaking your bank! Here are some tips to consider when choosing the perfect bracelet:

  1. Size. In selecting the size, you have to decide whether you want it tight or loose. Generally, we recommend at least half an inch allowance to ensure comfort.
  2. Style. We always say that gold is classy, while silver is versatile. Whatever you choose, both will look good on you. Probably a less flashy style with lesser sparkling stones would be best for daily wear.
  3. Purpose. Is the bracelet for yourself, or would it be given as a gift? Would it be for everyday wear or a special event? It would be best to ask yourself these questions to make sure you are to choose the most suitable style for the right reason.
  4. Material. All of our items are gilded with superior quality. Listed here are some of the qualities you can expect to find on our website:
    1. white gold (It's durable and has a higher value than other materials, but it also means more expensive. Items made from gold boost oxygen flow through the body that supports better health)
    2. Stainless Steel (It's scratch-proof but in some cases can be known to cause skin allergies)
    3. Sterling Silver (It's beautiful, durable, and doesn't cost a fortune. Hypo-allergenic and easy to maintain)

When to Wear Bracelets Jewelry

Choosing the right bracelet based on the occasion can be very confusing most of the time, but all you have to remember is that going for classic pieces will never do you wrong. In fact, they will make you irresistible!

Casual get together with friends - If you are to wear a white top and blue jeans, you can accentuate your look by adding a broad cuff bracelet on your look to bring some drama to your plain attire! Gold color would be the best while playing with the shapes.

Everyday Office look - Charm bracelets will be perfect for this! Most charm bracelets are stackable, allowing you to add more elegant pieces to bring a smart, chic yet bolder look on your wardrobe.

Grocery and errands day - A beaded bracelet would work excellent when paired with some sneakers or slippers! We recommend it to be multi-colored to add richness and flare to your look.

Formal Occasions - Classic pieces with dangling gems and sparkling stones would be the best choice for any formal event as they draw attention and gorgeousness to the wearer effortlessly! Both gold and sterling silver settings are perfect, given that the size isn't too gigantic nor too little.