Men's Money Clips

History of Men's Money Clip

The money clip’s history is not long since it only arose when paper money was invented. Paper money or paper currency was first developed in the 7th century in China because, as one of the primary materials for making money, copper has a shortage. Another reason is that the Chinese wore copper on their necklace chains as a symbol of status or wealth. The heavier your copper is, the wealthier you are, so when this became physically uncomfortable, they developed paper money. All these practices were stopped and discontinued. The use of paper money doesn’t arise anymore until the year 1960 in Europe. During this year, England produced paper money to facilitate the movement of their goods and services in Canada. They thought that having paper money as their currency is much easier than large amounts of heavy coins. As paper money became famous, the need to keep it and hold it became already a necessity. On May 7, 1901, the first money clip was patented by B.G. Deovic to provide a safety holder for paper money. The device that secures the paper money holds it properly and has an attached chain to ensure its convenience. The money clip we know today was not invented until the year 1931.

The money clip is an optional fashion accessory for the male wearer. It helps paper money to prevent it from being rumpled, and it keeps paper money sorted. Today, several types and styles of money clips made in different materials fit anyone’s taste. Some money clips have some timepieces on them, and others have secret compartments. There are also styles of money clips that have knives in them or flashlights. Modern-day money clips are considered a fashion accessory for men who value and love displaying flawless social graces. New clips can be made of different materials such as copper, gold, silver, or platinum. Men’s money clip jewelry became a great accessory nowadays because most men received it as a corporate or personal gift. After all, it can be easily engraved and can be personalized.

Why should you have a money clip? Well, wallets are sometimes clunky. When put in one back pocket, they can fall out, and you might lose it. With a money clip, you can only keep a small amount of anything, which means you can avoid having an overstuffed wallet. Money clips are also considered safer than a wallet. When you have a wallet and all your essential information and cards are in there, you’ll be devastated when you lose it, but with a money clip, you can only have some cash and nothing else. The money clip isn’t just about fashion. It’s even more useful in today’s generation than it was ever before. The money clip's history is an essential part of how it became beneficial and famous today. It’s high time for you to have this piece of accessory for your personal use or a gift to a special man in your life. Have one now by purchasing in IceCarats the best quality money clip you can have.

Types of Men's Money Clips Jewelry

Having a money clip is essentially a convenient way to store your paper money in a compact device. Being slim and without compromising on space, a money clip can be stored in your wallet without having an awkward lump inside your pants. Are you interested in buying one? Here’s a list of the different money types you can consider before purchasing.

  1. Magnetic Money Clip - is the type of money clip designed to carry the greatest capacity, and it’s considered the strongest clip. An attractive and useful kind that makes it an ideal choice. What keeps your bills secure is a strong magnetic closure. This type of money clop can hold up to 15 folded into half paper money but not preferred for holding cards because it might be distorted or erased by the magnet.
  2. Metal Money Clip - this type of money clip is made up of stainless steel, brass, titanium, gold, silver, and platinum. Due to its stiff nature, it might be challenging to push the paper money into the clip, but paper money and credit cards are securely wedged on this type of money clip.
  3. Titanium Money Clip - what makes this type unique among others is that it has an elastic property that makes it strong, waterproof, and resistant because of the titanium. This is best suited for caring cash and cards.
  4. Carbon Money Clip - a lightweight type of money clip because this is made from carbon material. This clip has a cool carbon fiber look that gives it a unique look as you rotate the clip.
  5. Money Clip Wallet - when you are looking for a money clip for routine hands, you can choose this type of clip. This clip is designed to carry cash and cards while keeping them organized and compact. An example of a money clip wallet that is famous today is a leather men’s money clip wallet - an excellent choice for all the minimalist men out there. The best men’s leather money clip wallets can hold up to 7 cards.
  6. Personalized Money Clip - a unique type of money clip that can be engraved with your initials, name, or message. One example of this type of clip in the market is the men’s sterling silver engraved money clip. This can make an excellent gift perfect for expressing appreciation to a special someone.
  7. Spring Loaded Money Clip - a type of money clip made of brass, stainless steel, and zinc alloy containing 25 folded bills or paper money. To use this type, you need to lift the clip to insert your paper money. 

Money clips have been with us since paper money was invented and remained an essential accessory, especially for men. People may have different reasons for using a money clip, but the main reason it is smart to use a money clip always comes down to convenience, style, and safety. Keeping all your bills in one place is a fashion statement too, that is why a money clip is considered a fashionable accessory. IceCarats have been offering quality and timeless money clips that can make an excellent gift for your special someone or any important man in your life. Take a look and discover the different money clips IceCarats has to offer. Visit our website and find the perfect money clip for you or your amazing man!

How to Choose Men's Money Clip?

Men rarely want to make an unwanted mess or be disorganized. That is why a proper organization of their belongings and things, especially the valuable ones like money and banking cards, is placed on their to-do. The following are helpful guidelines you can follow when buying the right money clip for you.

  1. The most important thing to remember when choosing a money clip is its safety. Each type of clip cannot provide all the same performance when talking about safety. The most quality money clip can give excellent safety, privacy, and security. So when choosing one, go for the quality rather than the beauty only.
  2. You may also give priority to design when you are choosing a money clip. Just remember that an excellent design of a money clip will provide your bills its best safety. You can choose to have a slim and stylish design of the money clip.
  3. Consider the capacity of the money clip properly. If you want to clip more items on your money clip, you need to have a large money clip with more capacity. It depends on how much capacity you need when you are purchasing a money clip.
  4. Money clips are also durable. It means they need to be of high-quality materials. Choose a money clip made of high-quality material to make sure they are made of the best security materials.
  5. Although most of the money clips were made of metals, they can also come in various colors. Choose the color of the money clip you are buying that will best complement your overall look.
  6. Budget is a significant element when purchasing jewelry and other stuff. When you need to buy a money clip, you should also consider your budget but not to the extent that it will limit your taste and style. 

After reading some guidelines on how to choose a money clip, for sure, you’ll be satisfied enough to have the right money clip for you or giving it as a gift to a man close to your heart. You can find many types of money clips in the market nowadays. You can also have the best jewelry and other accessories items here in IceCarats. Why hassle yourself going to places to buy the money clip that you need when you can visit our website and have a hassle-free transaction buying the perfect money clip for you!

When to Wear Men's Money Clip?

The money clip is a new trend and has been accepted for both formal and informal styles. These kinds of accessories are perfect alternatives for wallets. There is no special event or occasion wherein you can use money clips to wear it every day! For as long as you have paper money or your bills with you and you don’t want to ruin your style by having bulky pockets, you can use anytime and anywhere money clips!

Now that you know about money clips don’t ever let your bulky wallet sag your pants. Get a money clip that suits your taste and style and be comfortable to bring it with you anywhere you go. Have your money clip now by purchasing one at IceCarats! You can have a perfect money clip as a gift for a special someone or a treat to yourself here in IceCarats. We offer quality and affordable accessories that will embellish, elevate, and bring fashion statements to the next level. Visit our website now!