Curb Chains

Curb Chains

What is a Curb Chain?

The curb chain, also known as gourmette or grumetta, is the most popular of all the chains across the world.

History of Curb Chains

When we hear the word “curb”,  we may alternatively think of the intersection of the walkway and the road. However, that was not the meaning of the term until around 1791. Curb chains, also known as gourmette chains, are chains with flattened ovals. Horses are responsible for these chains. These chains look like cable chains that have been twisted and flattened such that they lie flat. These chains' flattened hoops are normally oval and all the same size. Curb chains are sometimes likened to Cuban curb link chains. Although they both appear and are the same, there are distinctions between the two chains, which are based on the style and texture of each. Curb chains, like most traditional forms of other chains, were made from a circular wire that was cut into size and then twisted to make a link shape with characteristic grooves hundreds of years ago when any state of the art technology existed.

Curb chains come in many different styles because people are creative and technology is always changing. When it comes to curb chains, the market has a lot to offer, from chains for babies to chains for men. But no one knew that the big link with two grooves on each side was the most important part of the Curb chain. The unique thing about the chain is how each link fits together with the other links. Curb chains are one of the most popular jewelry trends right now, and here at IceCarats, we offer the best and most popular Curb chain selections. We carry everything from silver curb chains to gold curb chain link collections. 

For millennia, people have worn chains, especially gold-colored chains. They were used to fend off bad spirits by the ancient Egyptians. It was a sign of strength and might, as well as a good luck charm. Over its wealth, kings waged battles. The concept hasn't changed much throughout the years. From head to toe, celebrities, particularly rappers, gleam with these golden precious chains. The Cuban link chain, of course, stands out amid all that glitter. The Cuban link is a fashion classic that, although not as well-known as typical gold-colored chains, holds its own. 

Types of Curb Chains

For a better understanding of Curb Chains, we've separated them by how their variations are noticeable since often a Curb can be a combination of any of these styles together. 

By Link Shape
  • Rounded Curb Chain is a variety of Curb Chains that do not have any visibly flat edges that you might see.
  • Open Curb Chains are noticeably different in their shape, though retaining the grooves at each end of the link.
  • Close Cub is the most popular and recognized variety of Curb Chain. This chain's appearance is formed from a combination of the Open Link Curbs and Closed Link Curbs.
  • Concave Curb inwardly forms grooves from end to end up on the surface of the chain.
  • Square Curb glorifies the style of straight lines on the edges and the surface. It has a boxy appearance.
  • Flat Curb Link Chain usually refers to the overall depth of the chain.
  • Beveled Link Curb refers to link styles of a chain with bevelled edges that are cut in such a way as to generate angled edges, as opposed to the more typical spherical shape.  
  • By Link Formation 
  • Single Curb chain styles are those that have repeated patterns. These features each link paired with one link.
  • Double Curb chain styles vary in two different ways. The first style is where two single curb links sit on top of each other and link with another. The second is where the two links on each side link fit within the single link space.
By Link Finishing
  • Pave Curb is a style of Curb Chain that utilizes gemstones. The pave itself is a pattern wherein smaller stones are placed into the metal for Sterling Silver Curb Chain. In this rare style, you'll likely see the paired stones as synthetic stones.
  • Milled Curb is quite similar to Paved Curb. On its surface, it has the appearance of stones, but there are no gemstones set with this chain. This method, known as Milling, comprises metal block grooves rolled over the length of a chain and left a pattern of imprints resulting in this low maintenance, worry-free sparkling appearance.
  • Diamond-Cut Curb involves a process called diamond cutting wherein the surface is sliced precisely, creating a highly polished surface with a diamond-tipped tool.
By Structure
  • Hollow Curb Chain shape is similar to the Rounded Curb, and therefore appearance-wise, there is no visible difference. The links of a Hollow Curb Chain bracelet, for example, will have started a cylinder-shaped tube with hollow space inside that tube.
  • Solid Curb chains vary in their sizes from fine, moderate, thick, and thicker but unlike the hollow, Solid Curb Chains are crafted from solid wire, without any vacant or hollow spaces beneath the surface.

Different classic styles of chain link have names that have stuck around for decades and are instantly recognizable like these Curb Chains. With so many fashion trends present nowadays, our selection here at IceCarats will never fail to bring you quickly up to date with all the latest trends such as these curb chains.

How to Choose the Perfect Curb Chain Necklace

Chains are one of the most essential pieces in your jewelry box. The style that chains have can completely transform your appearance. But, how do we choose the perfect Curb Chains to go for? Here are some tips to help you select the right chain.

  1. To pair your chain with a pendant, the general rule of thumb is to go with a thin curb chain for small pendants, and a chunky curb chain for big pendants. Avoid pairing heavy pendants with thin curb chains as it might cause breakage in the chain. 
  2. Choose the design of your Curb chain.  You can choose from the materials being used, like having a 14k gold curb chain or silver curb link chain.
  3. Upon selecting the right design, next, you must choose the right length of the Curb Chain. Choosing a length that suits your’s or the gifted person’s style and preference is just as important. 

Check out our Necklace and Chain guide for more tips and guidelines

When to Wear What

The Curb Chains are one of the most traditional link chains that have been popular for years. The design of the chain we go to is a personal choice, but sometimes we tend to misuse it on the wrong occasion. The Curb Chains are suitable for daily wear, outdoor activities, gym and sports, casual gatherings, or even formal events and special occasions.


Do Curb Chains break easily?

No. Curb Chains are usually thick and heavy, so they are incredibly durable. This is one of the reasons why they've lasted through the years.

What kind of necklace chain is strongest?

Link Chains are the strongest kind of chain. These chains can be bent, folded, twisted, and knotted without harming the chain in the least. Link Chains are also very secure for holding pendants.

Where to buy Curb Chains?

You can acquire Curb Chains from renowned jewelry shops like IceCarats. It's convenient shopping right at your fingertips; indulge yourself with our wide selection of affordable, top-of-the-line, and world-class Jewelry Collections like rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, chokers, charms, and bracelets.