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All I Want is to "Fall" In Love

All I Want is to "Fall" In Love

Do you remember the first time that you fell in love? That first glance from your crush. That moment when you started blushing when he/she looked at you! Cringey? Haha! Don't lie! I know that you also started thinking about that one special person! ;)

I still remember that one time when I was in the classroom. There's this guy who wasn’t my crush at all, whom when I glanced at him accidentally, I saw him staring at me already. Boom! I couldn't explain why, but I felt that time stood still! Then, he smiled and looked away and left me so confused. Not to realize that he already has feelings for me. Memories! Reminiscing that moment makes me think that yes, it’s worth it to Fall in Love.

Anyway, changing the topic, let’s talk about one of the most awaited seasons. (A sudden change of mood, haha). Isn’t it romantic to know the beautiful adornments will again be on-trend for you to use to beautify yourself more? Oh, Fall! A lot of things to love, and yet, I don’t even know where to start. Autumn is another term for Fall, which means that summer’s over, and colors will begin to overrule! This is considered the season of luscious shades and majestic surroundings. I believe that no one would question that. It’s the time when you just want to go outside and feel the chilly breeze while counting how many colored leaves you have found already.

Never say that this season is only for kids. Everyone that adores nature will surely be in awe of the picturesque vibe it can bring. Now, let’s check how we can embellish ourselves using these astonishing masterpieces.

1. Big Chains Jewelry

Ever wonder if wearing big chain jewelry would fit your desired outfit this season? Worry no more! There are a vast of varieties to choose from. From necklaces to bracelets, we can’t really ask for more! It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’d only need to wear a big, sturdy chain. Hence, elegantly enhance it by adding some layered chains or even cute pendants! Available in different types of metals that you will surely love! Let these precious pieces gracefully enfold on your neck, wrist, or even your ankle while you flaunt your personal statement.

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2. Pearls

Purity and simplicity merged to form utterly stunning pieces. Pearls can definitely ride along through all the seasons. And when it comes to Fall, you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with these items while it shimmers and projects elegance to your dress. The simplicity of the pearl blends in with the solemnity of the surrounding. A cute pearl earring will surely be a piece of on-the-go jewelry that you can wear even when you just want to go out to the woods to pick up gorgeous leaves for your scrapbook collection!

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3. Gemstones

Don’t you just love these colorful ensembles? These serve as a perfect counterpart to this eventful season. The cuts, the shapes, the colorful brilliance that radiates throughout your style. As for me, I would suggest wearing a gemstone bracelet with a multi-colored stone. But if that doesn’t fit your style, you always have the choice to wear a gemstone earring or maybe a stunning birthstone necklace that represents your month. Go out there and show them that vivid jewelry items can also slay this eccentric season!

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4. Dangle Earrings

Well, well, well. Here we are with one of my ideal picks. Dangles! Well, I love those with tassel designs, but as long as they display drop-dangle styles, I’ll surely go for it! Having dangle earrings isn’t only limited to the usual look: chain dangles. In fact, you can narrow down your selection as to where and when you'll need to use it. Relating it to the Fall season, it is ideal to choose the ones with a chandelier style, gemstones, or even some nature-themed ones! You’re lucky if you’ve got the one with the leaf or flower designs. Why? Because it’s Fall! Leaves are falling down, so don’t leave the leaves behind!

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5. Brooches

Choosing something to wear, especially for girls, is always like, “I don’t want this, I’d rather wear that.” As well as, “Should I wear this? Well, it’s beautiful, but, pass!”. However, this fall, it's ideal for showing off your gorgeous crop tops, and partner it with those lovely girly boots! Plus, grab some of these alluring brooches that you can pin on your clothes to complete your attire! It indeed comes in different styles, so it’s up to you to decide which one you would want to attach to your one-of-a-kind fall fashion outfit!

Shop our Collection of Brooches >>

6. Enameled Jewelry

Choose colorful jewelry items, like how you choose to have an exciting life. Life is full of surprises, and it will be a waste if you’ll always stick with the usual fashion trend. Make way to these enamel jewelry pieces! You can obtain yourself or your loved ones a simple ring, gorgeous pendant charms, or even a colorful ensemble attached to your lovely ears. These can be a perfect substitute for gemstone jewelry items as well! It’s one way of giving art to your look without using stones or other colorful items. Want to make a striking statement? Or would you just instead want to stay as simple and have a subtly astonishing look? Grab one of these and let it glow with your beauty.

Shop our Collection Enameled Jewelry >>

7. Midi Rings

Forget the typical style and let these midi rings take over. After all, it’s fall. It’s a season for you to show off your incredible aura, so it’ll be ideal not to stick with the conventional designs. Instead, showcase your fingers with the use of these sheer rings. Yes, I know it’s always nice to have your ring situated where it’s supposed to be. However, it’s undoubtedly an excellent alternative to have something to adorn your upper knuckles from time to time. Well, I didn’t say that you can’t wear your other rings anymore. In fact, what I’m highlighting is, midi rings are perfect when stacked or partnered with your gemstone rings! You go, girl!

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So there we go! Those are just some of the best fall-favorite items. Did you fancy any? Which one did you love the most? Those big, chunky chains? Or would you rather go with the minimalist pearls? Whatever it is that you want, always remember that your fashion always rules your personality. Don’t be scared to get those stares. They’re just amazed at how you can flaunt your elegance! Bask in the glory with the beautiful selection here at IceCarats.

Simplicity is the key to elegance, but going all-out is the cause of extravagance. So, dare to show off your Fall Fashion selection. And together, let’s say, “I have Fall-en in Love with Fall Jewelry Trend!”. Indulge and discover! There are a lot of beauties to uncover! Keep sparkling!

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