History of Jewelry Chains

Chains are perhaps the most popular kind of jewelry nowadays, thanks to their versatility. Such creation of this accessory is attributed to the Ancient Egyptians dating back to around 2500 BC - threading links of Gold and silver together. The abundance of Gold allowed Greeks in Classical Greece to be more creative using this precious metal, and it was during this period that the chain as we know it was born. With innovation, purpose, and style, the demand for chains grew. The chain has indeed evolved from the so-called “strap chain,” personal ornamentation, and specially created accessories like the muff chain. Chains have still been catering to all sorts of specific needs throughout the years while finding a home in fashion.

Here at IceCarats, we take pride that our chains are finely made from 14k Yellow Gold, 925 Sterling Silver, and 14k White Gold. With an endless array of chain types, you will surely pick out what best suits your needs and fashion sense.

Types of Chain - Omega Chain, Ball Chain, Rolo Chain, etc...

Just like any other jewelry, chains also have various types. Some of the popular styles you will recognize are the Rolo, Omega, Curb, Ladder, Marine, Snake, Ball, and a whole lot more! The Rolo chain is most commonly used in charm bracelets, whereas an Omega chain is widely chosen for slide-on pendants. For a trendy urban style, do pick out the Curb chain. The Snake chain is likewise famous for necklaces and bracelets. The Ball chain, on the other hand, gives you a fashionable look but with a twist. Because there are so many kinds of chains to choose from in our collection, you'll definitely have a hard time picking out the one that you like the most.

Check out our collection, and you won’t be limited to only one kind of chain. We have men's gold chains and gold chains for women for your necklace needs. Alternatively, purchasing gold or silver chains in a shorter variation allows the item to be worn as a bracelet or even an anklet. Anything you could want and need, we have it here at IceCarats.

How to Choose the Perfect Chain?

Though there is no right or wrong way of choosing a chain, there are a few things you have to consider:

  1. Outfit - Be sure that the chain complements whatever wardrobe you have in mind. If you are going out to have a stroll at the mall, you may opt to wear a ball chain or perhaps a box chain necklace. It still gives you that wow factor without being too over the top.
  2. Material - Do you want to wear 14k gold chains or solid gold chains? Will wearing a Sterling Silver chain look better instead? Although any material will look good on any outfit, you may always try several first before sticking to the one that will make your outfit stand out.
  3. Price - This is indeed a major consideration. Knowing your budget allows you to choose among those available within that price range. If you see something that is a little over, decide whether it is worth increasing your price point.

Get creative and bold in choosing what chain you will select as there is no right or wrong one for your outfit. You may want to stack your chain choice with other chains or layer it with the same chain type. It doesn’t matter as you’ll look fashionable whichever way!

When to Wear a Chain?

You can definitely wear chains all the time and are not confined to a particular set of occasions or instances when you should wear this. Wearing such accessories while celebrating a birthday, strolling on the beach, for a girls’ or boys’ night out, on a dinner date, or even your daily accessory is a must. Which kind of chain, though, is entirely up to you.

Remember to wear the accessory that you find most appealing for your wardrobe and make you feel more fashionable. Wearing the right one can make or break your attire so be sure to choose wisely.


Where can I buy gold chains?

Right here at IceCarats - that’s where! Browse our many pages of products until you find that perfect chain.

How to clean gold chains?

For your gold chains to last longer and look like new is to take good care of them. One way of doing this is by cleaning them. Don’t know how? Continue reading this article for know-how.

  1. In a bowl, prepare some lukewarm (not hot) water and add a few drops of liquid dish detergent. You may use ordinary tap water but also use sodium-free seltzer water or club water for better results.
  2. Once done preparing the solution, soak the gold chains in it for about 15-30 minutes. Try not to stir it or make it bubblier. The warm soapy water will work its magic into the cracks and crevices of this accessory. This solution will also allow the buildups of dirt to loosen, making cleaning it a breeze.
  3. Gently scrub your jewelry using a small soft-bristled toothbrush. If you don’t have one, using eyebrow brushes will work too. Which scrubbing, pay extra attention to the nooks and crannies where dirt may hide. It is best to take your time in scrubbing these areas to make sure that you can remove most, if not all, dirt accumulated. Using a Q Tip can also help remove smaller dirt particles that the brush is unable to remove.
  4. Rinse with warm running water once you’re satisfied with your scrubbing. Make sure to rinse thoroughly to remove any lingering dirt in your gold chain.
  5. Lastly, let your gold chain air dry on a towel, and you’re ready to wear it again! Avoid wearing it while it is still wet as it can trap moisture against your skin, which may lead to minor skin irritation.

What are the different types of gold chains?

A few of the most common gold chain types are the following:

  1. Men’s Gold Rope Chains are very popular with hip-hop artists, rappers, and other celebrities. A distinguishing feature of this kind of chain is its rope-like segments that are tied together. You may also wear this chain with or without a pendant.
  2. Jesus Gold Chain is the perfect one for those wanting to profess their faith while keeping their fashion on point. Such a large chain is typically worn with a Jesus figure.
  3. Snake Chains are a more delicate chain when compared to the first two. Its design is like a continuous tube that is similar to a snake.
  4. Cuban Link Chain is perhaps the most popular due to its thick circular or oval-shaped interlocking pieces. If you want more flair to your outfit, then this is the chain type for you!
  5. Figaro Gold Chain - You’ll find a repeating pattern in this kind of chain that gives a sophisticated and delicate look, perfect for any outfit.

How much do gold chains cost?

In determining how much a gold chain costs, you have to take into consideration a few things.

  1. Gram - This is very important in checking the gold content in the item.
  2. Karat weight - It can be 10K, 14K, 18K, etc. The higher the Karat, the purer it is because it has more gold content.
  3. The current market price in ounces - gold is a valuable metal that is not limitless. So be sure to get a fair market price.