Clip On Earrings

History of Clip On Earrings

Non-pierced earrings were not virtually unheard of until the 20th century. Earrings are considered eye-catching accessories that add sparkle and glam to a wardrobe. This is the reason why Victorian women before wanted to wear earrings. But luckily, they were not able to wear earrings because the idea of having piercings on their ears was a vulgar disgrace. As the 20th century began, a solution for non-pierce ears was invented. Screwback type of piercing was created, so that ear piercing for women is no longer necessary. Clip-on earrings, in the form of screwbacks, were also discovered in the early 1900s. And around 1930, clip-on became widely used and gained popularity in the ’80s. This design of clip-on earrings for women allowed them to decorate their ears without hesitation. Clip-on earrings for men also gained popularity during the 1920s when short-haired men wore non-pierced earrings to emphasize their look.

The clip-on earrings trend continued to be a fashion statement throughout the 20th century. The clip-on diamond earrings became prevalent too during the 1920s because of their simple and elegant look. Vintage clip-on earrings became popular during this century and are widely available with ranging styles from the 1920s through the Second World War. The evolution of the kind of clip-on earrings became more noticeable as time passed by. Different clip-on earring backs also became popular during this time. The screw back closure was the first closure type created for clip-on. Because of the clip-on inventions during this time, the traditional kinds of earrings fade out of the picture. Clip-on earrings accommodated everyone. They were everywhere and worn by everyone for every occasion. The clip-on pearl earrings that are very popular as girls' clip-on earrings also made their name out of the market during this time.

Today, most men and women, including babies who wear earrings, have piercings on their ears. However, some people just keep on coming back to earring clip-on. Clip-on earrings fashion has become a bit more subtle over the years. Another style of clip-on earrings known as clip-on hoop earrings also became popular nowadays. Ladies love to dress up with this pair of clip-on hoop earrings that hugs their earlobes much closely. Clip-on earrings for kids are the new target of today’s market as everybody knows that there are parents who do not want their little ones to be responsible for the care and cleaning of their pierced ears, so they compromise on clip-on. Gold clip-on earrings have also taken a backseat from silver clip-on earrings to this recent fashion trend on clip-on. Today, many women prefer to embellish their look with some clip-on earrings, from clip-on stud earrings on their daytime look to dangle clip-on earrings for their party look! They can pull off and accentuate any outfit they want with the help of a clip-on. Clip-on became a new fashion trend that every woman loves and adores nowadays.

Clip-on earrings are made for those who cannot wear regular earrings because they don’t have piercings on their ears. Clip-on earrings nowadays may come in many different kinds, designs, and styles. These types of earrings are ideal pieces for adorning your ear lobes without having the hassle of wearing them. We at IceCarats aim to provide stunning pieces of jewelry that will embellish everyone’s look. 

Types of Clip-On Earrings

There are times that we want a little glamour to our look, but you find earrings for pierced boring already. Well, worry no more and spice your fashion! The invention of clip-on earrings is the best solution to your problem. Clip-on earrings have been in jewelry fashion for a little over a century now and have evolved into different styles and kinds. Men and women highly wear clip-on with no piercing on their ears. But even people who have pierced ears may also wear clip-on. If you are getting into a clip-on game, you can see the following options of different clip-on earrings below.

  1. Screw-back Clip-on Earrings were the first designs of clip-on earrings and were created during the Victorian era. One excellent quality of these types of earrings is that you can adjust them for your comfort.
  2. Invisible Clip-on Earrings - these are one of the latest and newest styles. These are great for people who have metal allergies because they are usually made from clear acrylic that can be easily adjusted. These earrings are also made to work for multiple styles, and you can wear them as dangling pieces or dainty studs.
  3. Mini Clip-on Earrings - these are daintier and lightweight types of clip-ons. These are little wedge-shaped squat clip-on earrings that use a comfortable strain pub. These are perfect for tiny lobes because these earrings are more discrete.
  4. Sliding Spring Clip-on Earrings - these are the type of clip-on earrings that appears to look like a normal pair of hoop earrings. One perfect example of these that are available in many stores is the clip-on gold hoop earrings.
  5. Simple Hinge Clip-on Earrings - these clip-on are like hinges to start and close the earrings and secure them into your ear lobes. But these earrings have no hinge and are fastened by tight screws against the back of your ear lobe. These are more convenient and less fiddly than any other clip-on earrings. These quick and easy to wear clip-on earrings are perfect for little lightweight earrings.
  6. Paddle Back Clip-on Earrings - the most famous pair of clip-on earrings that we see most commonly nowadays. These are composed of broad fastening and a pressure bar at the center. These earrings' match can be corrected by bending the pressure pub or twisting it outwards, or loosening it. These clip-on earrings are still popular today because it is simple, easy to use and wear and cheaper than the others.
  7. Screw-hinged Clip-on Earrings - these types of clip-ons are the combined convenience of hinged earrings and adjustable comfort of screw backs. It is said that these earrings were "the best of both worlds" and a solution for easy on-the-go adjustment of clip earrings. These types of clip-on earrings are also perfect if you tend to have swelling earlobes during the day or in case your earrings are heavy.
  8. Clip-on Cross Earrings - these designs of clip-on earrings are perfect for men. These are trendy clip-on earrings that are mostly worn by men with no ear piercings.
  9. Gemstone Clip-on Earrings - these are types of clip-on earrings that are designed with gemstones. These are colorful and elegant earrings.

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Now that you already have ideas of the different types of clip-on earrings, you will have the chance to choose the best pair of clip-on earrings. You can choose among the different kinds of clip-on earrings that you think suits your style and taste. Here at IceCarats, you can discover many options of clip-on earrings that you can choose from. Visit our website today and have the chance to be a trendsetter and attention getter by having one of our gorgeous collection of clip-on earrings. 

How to Choose Clip-On Earrings?

The idea of using clip-on earrings is for the comfort of the people wearing them. When worn correctly, it can give you comfort and style at the same time. If you want to become fashionable and comfortable simultaneously, but you don't have ear piercings, you can use clip-on earrings. Check out the following tips provided below on how to choose the perfect pair of clip-on earrings.

  1. When you choose a pair of clip-on earrings, it is ideal to consider your face's shape. Remember that wearing earrings can make your face look wide, thin, long, or fat, depending on your face shape.
  2. Choose clip-on earrings that also match your hair color and length. If you are a dark-haired woman, you should choose clip-on earrings made of silver or platinum metals while gold clip-on earrings for a woman with blonde or golden hair. The length of your hair is also an essential factor when choosing clip-on earrings.
  3. Wear clip-on earrings that suit your lifestyle and go accordingly with your daily routine. Consider asking yourself when buying where you will be wearing your clip-on earrings, and you'll have the perfect clip-on.
  4. To consider your taste and style is also another factor to remember when you are purchasing a pair of clip-on earrings. If you prefer a romantic and feminine type of clothes, you should look for clip-on earrings that complement your favorite outfits. If you are a minimalistic type of person, you can also choose a minimalistic pair of clip-on earrings.
  5. Match the design and color of clip-on earrings with your skin tone. The materials or metals used in your chosen clip-on earrings should be a perfect match.
  6. Always consider the occasion you are attending. Some clip-on earrings can be your daily piece of jewelry, but some are needed to be worn only on special occasions.
  7. The last but not least thing to consider is the price of the clip-on earrings. Remember that the pieces of jewelry you are buying should not break your bank. You can have a pair of clip-on earrings that are gorgeous and quality but are also affordable.

You will undoubtedly choose the perfect clip-on earrings among the many varieties for various occasions and outfits. Keep in mind the following tips provided, and you'll indeed look best when wearing it! With the help of the following tips mentioned above on how to choose the perfect clip-on earrings for you, you will indeed have the best pair of clip-on earrings. With the help of IceCarats, you will be able to embellish a look that everyone, including you, would surely love.

When to Wear Clip-Ons?

Understanding a few things to remember when wearing clip-on earrings will help you become more ready to embellish a look that will dazzle you. The following are helpful suggestions that you can follow when wearing your favorite clip-on earrings.

  1. Clip-on earrings, specifically the clip-on hoop earrings, will look suitable for a formal or casual look. If you have a job interview or your first day at the office, you can complete your look by wearing clip-on earrings.
  2. Finish your business or formal attire with a pair of clip-on earrings with subtle designs. This will help you achieve a gorgeous business or formal look.
  3. There are some designs of clip-on earrings that are colorful, like the gemstones clip-on earrings. If you have this pair of clip-on earrings, you can use it with your funky and casual attire.
  4. Some jewelry pieces are perfectly acceptable to be worn at any time of the day. Determine if one of your clip-on earrings can be your everyday use.
  5. When you are at your office and in your office uniform, you can use clip-on earrings that are not too sparkling and will complement your office outfit.
  6. Clip-on earrings are also perfect for a formal event as some of the types of these earrings are also elegant. A sparkling pair of clip-on earrings are perfect for any formal occasion.
  7. Prepare to get a lot of attention on a party night by wearing your clip-on earrings. Your pair of beautiful clip-on earrings can complete your dazzling look at an evening party.
  8. A girly feminine outfit is also an ideal outfit for wearing clip-on earrings. Wearing a classic feminine outfit paired with your clip-on earrings is a perfect style that everyone would get jealous of.
  9. Simple yet elegant wear will elevate when paired with clip-on earrings. A white t-shirt paired with jeans can be a gorgeous outfit once paired with clip-on earrings.

The most trendy type of non-pierced earrings is clip-on earrings. These are earrings that are safe and don’t damage the wearer’s ear in any way. If you have non-pierced ears but hoping to accessorize yourself with a pair of earrings, you have a way to achieve it. Clip-on earrings are the perfect answer to your problem. Visit IceCarats as we are offering various types of clip-on earrings that will elevate your look.