Animal Jewelry

History of Animal Jewelry

Humans have had this intimate relationship with wildlife ever since the world began. The relationship between humans and animals has become the basis of animal symbolism that we see in different things, including jewelry. The earliest types of animal jewelry were made from feathers, rocks, animal teeth, where prehistoric people wear them around their necks. As time passed by, animal-themed jewelry upgraded and diversified as humans became more sophisticated and modern. The Egyptians were the first adopters of animal-themed jewelry. In fact, the first animal jewelry was discovered in a Pharaoh's tomb. These jewelry included several pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings designed in scarab beetle, falcon, vulture, serpent, and sphinx. Of all the animal-themed Egyptians' jewelry, the most favorite to be worn were scarab beetles because they symbolize immortality and resurrection. The popularity of the different animal-themed jewelry continued up to the 20th century and firmly through the 21st. Many believed that their spirit animal jewelry or animal totem jewelry would protect them if they wear it all the time. Nowadays, animal jewelry is one of the sought-after jewelry pieces that occupy fashion jewelry and jewelry users' minds.

The history of animal jewelry is very evident in recent years and is now an identifiable trend. Many people choose to wear them and are inspired to incorporate different animals into their jewelry. There are various styles of animal jewelry suitable for everyone. Regardless of the gender and age of the wearer, you have the freedom to wear it. Whatever your taste is, may it be with the touch of modernization or firmly rooted in the past, there is always a particular style that will suit you. Collecting animal-themed jewelry for passion about jewelry will always be a fascinating journey of discovery. Over time, the meanings and interpretations of different animal jewelry may change, but their symbolism will always prevail.

Types of Animal Jewelry

Animals are also symbols of character traits, values, and virtues. When mounted on different jewelry such as in a ring, pair of earrings, a necklace, or a brooch, they become totems. Different types of animals are considered popular inspirations for making different types of jewelry ever since. Throughout history, they have been embellishing the jewelry industry in and out, time and again. Nowadays, nature-inspired jewelry is a notable trend, and animal-themed jewelry is at the forefront. Have a look at the following types of playful pieces that you can choose from.

  1. Animal Rings - these are ideal choices for ring stacking if you are drawn into the layering trend. When choosing an animal ring, choose small and complementary pieces that would look great on your finger.
  2. Animal Necklaces - usually come with animal pendants. The most commonly used pendants are cats, dogs, rabbits, and some woodland creatures. Whereas pendants like snakes, wolves, eagles, and the like combine a sense of beauty, glamour, and danger all at once.
  3. Animal Earrings - are also considered popular pieces and have been hitting the market because of their popularity. These earrings are found in styles such as dangles and studs. Nowadays, the animal ear cuffs style can make a remarkable statement and catch attention from people among the crowd effortlessly.
  4. Animal Bracelets - The endless styles and designs of animal-themed bracelets will give you a wide range of options to choose from. They are crafted from various materials such as metal, leather, and fabric. Vintage animal-themed bracelets are also popular pieces of go-to jewelry.
  5. Animal Brooches - brooches are ornaments commonly used by women. Animal brooches are decorations designed with different animals that have pins and are used to fasten a cloth. These are decorative ornaments that are becoming trendy pieces nowadays.

Most Famous Animals Used in Animal Jewelry

  1. Owl - are known for their facial shape and eyes. Many have said that owls are the most favorite among all other animal-themed jewelry types. They are popular because they hold much symbolism like they signify knowledge and wisdom. Animal-themed owl jewelry can make an excellent gift for a special someone in your life.
  2. Birds/Eagles - birds are known as symbols of freedom and signify that the wearer wants to be home safely. Whereas eagles symbolize bravery and serve as an inspiration to strive harder and soar high. When talking about sentimental jewelry pieces, birds and eagles make excellent choices.
  3. Butterflies - butterflies portray a lot of meanings and interpretations. Most of them believed that if you are wearing this type of animal jewelry, it symbolizes beauty, rebirth, change, joy, and the ability to enjoy the wonders offered by life. The most common type of butterfly jewelry is a necklace and is favored by women.
  4. Elephants - are known as the largest mammal living in the world. Elephant jewelry makes a perfect charm because most people believe that they symbolize loyalty, determination, strength, honor, and good fortune. These virtues are why elephant jewelry quickly became a piece of famous and favorite animal jewelry nowadays.
  5. Dogs and Cats / Paw Prints - they may not hold mystical powers and beliefs like any other animals, but the paw prints jewelry has a deeper meaning and personal touch to the wearer. Paw prints-themed jewelry can be a symbol of departed pets or eternal love for your paw friends or canine companions. They are already leading the fashion jewelry of pet lovers nowadays.
  6. Sea Animals - these are considered the hottest animal jewelry. They are for those who want to take underwater creatures with them. Dolphins, crabs, turtles, octopuses, and seahorses are among the most famous sea animal creatures often seen in a piece of jewelry. Some sea animals symbolize different meanings. For example, dolphins symbolize playfulness and intelligence, while sea turtles represent wisdom.

Animal jewelry from rings, bracelets, cuffs, earrings, necklaces, and whatever type of jewelry you can think of has conquered the fashion industry. Nowadays, there are many beautiful and unique pieces of animal-themed jewelry available in stores. If you purchase a piece of animal jewelry from us, IceCarats, you will not only own a gorgeous piece that will showcase your love for animals but will also have the chance to accentuate your look. Visit our website now, and we guarantee that you can pick the perfect piece!

How to Choose Animal Jewelry?

Animals are always part of a person’s daily life. Some are known to possess positive traits that can integrate into a person. One way to express the personality you want to show is by wearing something related to you. Wearing animal jewelry when expressing yourself is an excellent choice. If you aim to get an excellent catch of animal-themed jewelry, follow the following pointers on selecting the perfect one.

  1. When choosing a piece of animal jewelry, first, you need to know what you want, primarily the type of jewelry you prefer. Whether searching for a necklace, bracelet, or any jewelry with animal designs, ensure your likes to narrow down your options. If you want to buy animal-themed jewelry for a special someone, you can first ask them what type of animal jewelry they will be pleased with.
  2. After knowing what type of jewelry you want to buy, choosing the animal character you want for your jewelry is the next thing. Choose the animal character that best speaks your personality. Each character used in making jewelry has its meaning. Whether you are buying for yourself or a special someone, choose the one that conveys your mantra or your symbol as a person.
  3. Quality of any jewelry matters. When looking for animal jewelry, make sure to stick with those pieces that would be worthy, whatever their price is. Number one rule: Check for the quality and the type of metal and the stones used. To avoid picking low-quality pieces, shop at a reputable or trusted jewelry store. This will help you pick top-quality ensembles!
  4. Your budget is surely a factor to put into consideration. It would be helpful if you already know the amount you are willing to spend because it will help narrow down your choices. It is always easier to look for a type of jewelry when you already have a fixed budget.
  5. Buying from a trusted and reputable jewelry shop is also a must. If you want your piece of jewelry to be of the best quality, buying from a reputable shop will help you pick the perfect animal jewelry. When purchasing from an online shop, make sure you are getting it from a trusted online store. Check some of the reviews and use them as your preference.
  6. Your lifestyle is also a thing to consider when choosing animal jewelry. Make sure that the animal jewelry fits your preferences. You can try to think about your daily wear to ensure that your purchase will look great when paired with your attire.

Choosing a piece of animal-themed jewelry can be easy when you follow the guide given above. With the boundless options available in the market, you might be confused about what and how to choose. But, once you have all the knowledge and ideas compiled, you can confidently purchase an ideal piece! If you're having difficulty looking for a place to buy these from, visit our website by logging in to We guarantee that you will save effort, time, and money all at once!

When to Wear Animal Jewelry?

Animal-themed jewelry has become a fashion trend since then 'til now. Nowadays, a wide range is now available, which makes choosing one a daunting task. In case you already have the type of animal jewelry and are confused about when to wear them, check out the following guide below to help you decide!

  1. Some pieces of animal-themed jewelry are versatile and timeless, which means that you can wear them daily. However, be cautious enough to choose jewelry items that will not overdo your style. Remember, wearing simple-designed animal jewelry is always a great choice.
  2. Wearing necklaces with small animal pendants is an excellent finishing touch on a casual look you want to pull off. This jewelry will help accentuate your charm and add a touch of glamour to your aura.
  3. Wearing animal-themed jewelry with large and stunning stones is ideal for evening gatherings. This will give you a stunning and dazzling look that will surely draw attention to the crowd.
  4. If you are attending an animal-themed party, wear your animal jewelry along with your costume. Just ensure that you match your jewelry with your attire to be able to portray a personal statement.
  5. Considering your attire will also help you decide what animal jewelry to wear. The color of your outfit will help you determine if you can wear your animal jewelry. It means you have to master the art of mixing and matching your outfit with your animal jewelry.

Whether you are looking for a piece of simple animal-themed jewelry or an elaborate statement piece, there is always a piece of animal jewelry bound for you that you will undoubtedly love. Purchase them now here at IceCarats! If you want to be in awe with the different pieces that we can offer, visit and see for yourself the vast array of animal jewelry that we have in-store!