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Must Have Guide to Buying Gemstones Online

Must Have Guide to Buying Gemstones Online

Buying gemstones online can be such a challenging task. You will feel overwhelmed by the vast number of choices you can have online, but you also need to equip yourself with certain skills and preparations beforehand to make sure that you will be getting the gem you are looking for. While you can consider so many things before buying a certain gemstone, here are some essential tips to remember. Knowing them before heading to an online jewelry store can help save you a lot of confusion and money. Read on for a more enjoyable gem purchase experience.

Through the years, even in ancient times, the love for gemstone jewelry is evident. Rubies, emeralds, sapphires have become such an integral part of the jewelry of royalties. Even now, gem jewelry can be seen in red carpet events, luxurious parties, worn by the A-list stars, and always seen in the best-dressed list. If you also want to have a gemstone piece of your own, take these tips with you.

1. Understand what you need

What comes to mind is, "Why would I buy this gem?" There are several reasons we want to purchase brilliant stones; they could be for aesthetic purposes, for keepsakes, or for a glamorous addition to another jewelry piece. There are certain rules to follow for different purposes.

♦ If you are planning to purchase rock for aesthetic purposes (example, as an embellishment to a gown or a dress), make sure you already have prepared a sample size of the gem that you want to purchase. Also, identify the gems that will be challenging to incorporate into the dress, adjust your needs, and go for the ones that will make your dress beautiful but will not prove hazardous to your desired fashion.

♦ For keepsakes, identify if you need something that is polished or raw. Also, set a price range if you want to get gems that are made into jewelry pieces.

♦ In addition to another accessory (example: a ring). Some of us love the look of a pretty gemstone sitting on a ring. However, we must remember that not all gems are durable enough to be included in a ring. Stones come in different hardness ratings, and some gems are too soft enough and are prone to scratching and breaking. Some stones work well with rings that are for everyday use, while others may not work. Before heading to an online jewelry store, make sure you know the hardness rating of the gem you desire.

Also, calibration is important. If your ring comes in a certain size, you have to make sure that your gem is calibrated in a way that will fit your trinket perfectly. A professional jeweler can do a calibration, so you need to contact one if you're not so sure of the size that you are getting. Having the stone calibrated will keep it from being scratched and ruined.

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2. Understand what you want

After going through the things you need to remember before buying a gemstone, you need to consider the specs of the stone you want. 

♦ Color

To make searching easier for you, you should already have a list of preferred colors before you hit an online jewelry store. Do you like the fiery red color of the ruby? Have you always been attracted to the cool shade of sapphire? Have you been looking for a rare pink diamond? Color is an essential factor to consider for you to have an enjoyable time buying jewelry online.

♦ Birthstone

Do you prefer to buy gems according to your birthstone? Birthstones have interesting meanings and use, and you must check them out before deciding what to buy.

♦ Purpose

Are you planning to buy the gem for an engagement ring? Perhaps you are looking for a gemstone that you can give to your significant other? There are specific gems for specified events. Make sure to inquire about these before buying gemstones online so you can be better equipped with your purchase.

♦ Shape

Gems, thanks to technology, now come in different shapes and sizes. Some of the popular forms are the pear, the teardrop, the princess-cut, and the ever-classy round shape. It is important to have a preferred stone in mind before venturing into purchasing a gem. Seeing stones of unusual shapes can be overwhelming, so you better come to the store with the firm determination that you will buy a particular stone in a specific shape.

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3. Stones to watch out for:

♦ Ruby

The birthstone of July. This stone is considered a member of the "big three" in the world of gemstones. It is viewed as one of the most valuable gems in the world; it can be more expensive than the famous diamond! For rubies that are graded "exceptional" when it comes to quality, the price per carat can be quite high. Rubies have become extremely popular with necklaces, rings, and earrings. The ruby symbolizes bravery, courage, and enthusiasm to begin again.

♦ Emeralds

The next piece of jewelry to look out for is the emerald. Based on its luscious green color, the emerald is considered the gemstone of the spring season. The fun thing about emerald is its inclusions have a name, too. The emerald's imperfections are called "Jardin," which, in French, means garden. Emeralds are priced based on their colors. The most valuable ones range from deep greenish-blue color to a luscious green shade. Emeralds also feature different sophisticated cuts that you will enjoy thoroughly.

♦ Sapphire

The last gemstone in the big three groups is the sapphire.

Sapphires have become such a well-loved stone among the noble and the royals. Thanks to Kate Middleton and Prince William proposing to his lady love with an 18-carat sapphire ring formerly from his late mother Lady Diana, sapphire engagement rings have increased through the years. Although it also comes in different colors such as yellow, green, brown, clear, and orange, the most prominent color is blue. When it comes to hardness, sapphire comes second only to a diamond with a Mohs scale rating of 9.

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4. Payment Method and Website Authenticity

The next thing that you have to put serious consideration into is the payment method. To avoid getting scammed online, identifying your payment courier is a top priority for you to consider. It's best if you also researched on the website's authenticity. You can do this by looking into the reviews of a particular site. You can also ask professional jewelry dealers which online jewelry store you should visit. Getting this information before taking the plunge can save you from scams and a whole lot of frustrations. 

5. Difference between Natural, Laboratory-created Gemstones, and Imitation Gemstones

Even though they may look the same, not all gems are created equal. Some stones are more superior than others. However, you may also pay a high price for them more than their lesser quality counterparts. Here are the three kinds of gemstones you may encounter in the market as you search for the best gem in the market.

♦ Natural Gems

Natural gems are the stones that have been mined worldwide. They are naturally produced and considered the gift of the earth. They contain authentic particles, some of these rare and exclusive only for stones that have been naturally produced. Unlike its other two counterparts, mined gemstones are more expensive, valuable, durable. If you want to buy a gem that is made to last, go for the naturally created ones; you can never go wrong.

♦ Laboratory-created Gems

Laboratory created gems, also known as synthetic ones, started to gain attention and popularity when it became one of the alternatives for gemstones that are listed as nearing extinction. These manufacture-created gems can be identified as the same as naturally-created ones because they can have the same components, look, and chemical and physical properties. Although pretty similar, the main difference is that these laboratory-produced gems don't have the rarity and the valuable features innate in natural gemstones. An experienced gemologist will be able to differentiate the two.

♦ Imitation Gems

The last type of the gem is the imitation gems. These copycat gems only look similar to natural gemstones but lack the natural ones' chemical and physical properties. Materials such as cubic zirconia and tinted glass are used to make imitation gems like these. 

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Buying gemstones online is easy as long as you have equipped yourself with the essential things that you need to know. With the help of this guide, more research, and with the help of a trusted jewelry dealer, you will be able to get the gem of your dreams, worthy of the price that you have paid for it. If a great jewelry store with lovely gems is what you're looking for, visit's collection. Be mesmerized with trinkets that you will see! Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling!

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