Gemstone Rings

History Gemstone Rings

Rubies, diamonds, emeralds, and other gems, these fabulous, brilliant, and stunning pieces of gemstones have brought to mind images of such beauty and great riches throughout history. Gemstones have been fascinating humankind for such a long time now, and all different types were much treasured and admired by everyone. People used to treasure these because aside from decorative ornaments, they also symbolize religions, good luck charms and sometimes used for barter and medicinal purposes. Gems have also been used as investments by some people because they display wealth, power, and status. Different types of gems have other stories full of magic and symbolism. Ancient people usually believed that there are types of gemstones that protect them from illnesses, misfortune, and unhappiness. Gemstones also inspired many myths from different cultures and have been associated for a long time with varying zodiac signs, the sun, moon, and the different planets. Egyptians are said to be the first users of the different types of gemstones.

One remarkable fact about gemstones is that until the recent days, they still attract both men and women since before and since it has been used as different types of jewelry. Gemstones have been used in various types of jewelry since then and nowadays. One of the most known ones in history is the gemstone rings. The earliest traces of gemstone rings can be traced back to Mediterranean civilizations around 3,000 to 400 BC. The earliest gemstone rings were usually made from simple metals embellished with precious gemstones. Many of the gemstone rings are believed to have spiritual meanings. Some gemstone rings were also used as symbols of love and commitment. That's why gemstones have also been recognized as engagement and wedding rings. Greeks have a rich role in gemstone rings' history because they used to impact their daily lives by wearing different gemstone jewelry types. Those gemstone rings were combined with some Eastern taste of gemstones and gold. This is where gold gemstone rings became famous because Greeks designed them with different gemstones.

Nowadays, most gemstones used in making different types of jewelry, especially rings, are from Romans. Even though myth and magic still rule the gems they are using, most jewelers today still use different gems. Gemstone rings became popular in modern days and are used for various purposes. There are also available men's gemstone rings that are making a name in today's fashion industry. As fashion trends are upgrading, different types of gemstone rings are being upgraded, too. Stunning pieces of gemstone rings have been widely used by men and women nowadays, and it's very evident that anyone who wants to pull off a dazzling look can make it possible with the help of gemstone jewelry.

Types of Gemstone Rings

Gemstones will make an excellent piece of the ring because of their qualities and beauty. People who decide to purchase a gemstone ring are always making a smart decision because they value their money due to its quality and gorgeous look it can give. Gemstone rings are lively pieces of jewelry that can add a pop of color to any attire you pull off. The following are some famous types of gemstone rings that are present in jewelry shops.

  1. Emerald Gemstone Ring - this type of gemstone ring is beautiful and mystical green in color. Wearing this ring symbolizes growth and energy for the wearer. These rings come in many different shades ranging from green to bluish-green. They may often show extensive-eye inclusions, which means that they are not expected to be flawless. Hence, they still make an excellent choice.
  2. Aquamarine Gemstone Ring - this type of gemstone ring is shiny and light blue and usually symbolizes healing and tranquility. Aquamarine rings belong to type 1 gem, which means it is pretty flawless. The color of aquamarine gemstone ranges from light to darker tones of blue and sometimes shows a hint of color green like the sea's color. When choosing this ring, always remember that this light blue color is less valuable than the dark blue shade.
  3. Topaz Gemstone Ring - this type of gemstone ring symbolizes wealth and royalty. The most common color that a topaz ring has is the color blue, though it can be found in colorless, pink, or yellow hues. This gemstone ring is a popular choice as an engagement ring.
  4. Spinel Gemstone Ring - this type of gemstone ring is not commonly heard of but always makes the right choice. This ring is believed to symbolize power and protection to the wearer. Usually, this ring's color is bluish-violet, but some spinel rings come in pink and black. Spinel gemstone often has some inclusions because this belongs to type II gemstone. When choosing a spinel gemstone ring, make sure that you look for an eye-clean spinel stone in a color that speaks your personality and style.
  5. Alexandrite Gemstone Ring - this type of gemstone ring can be a smart choice for an engagement ring because of its hardness. The color of alexandrite changes from green to daylight red when placed under a light bulb. When choosing an alexandrite gemstone ring, the most important thing you need to do is always consider the quality of its color and color change.
  6. Sapphire and Ruby Gemstone Rings - these gemstone rings are considered sisters because they both symbolize love, loyalty, and passion. Their color schemes are not far from each other. That's why they are sister gems. Rubies are red gems, while Sapphires are all different colors of the rainbow. When you want to express your love to a special someone by giving them a ring, sapphire and ruby gemstone rings are excellent choices.
  7. Opal Gemstone Ring - this type of gemstone ring is a very soft, gorgeous, and shimmery ring that is very soft. When you buy this ring, you need to be extra careful because this gemstone ring will break during normal wear if not taken care of well. This unique gemstone ring is an excellent choice for accessorizing your look but not ideal as a daily ornament.
  8. Morganite Gemstone Ring - this type of peachy-pink gemstone ring is typically eyed clean and symbolizes love and innocence. This gemstone ring is light in color and lacks sparkle, but it will help you pull off a classy chic look.
  9. Amethyst Gemstone Ring - this type of gemstone ring is grape purple in color. People who love purple will adore this so much because of the beauty and pop of color it can offer. Amethyst gemstone rings may be too soft, but they always make a gorgeous look to your fashion statement. 

Knowing the different types of gemstone rings will help narrow down your options when choosing one. Various rings might make you confused about what to purchase, but one thing is for sure, having an idea of what ring to buy will perfectly help you pick the right one. If you are looking for a trusted store where you can buy a piece of gemstone ring, look no further than here with us in IceCarats! Just visit and log in to our website, and you'll be amazed by the top-quality gemstone rings that we are offering. We guarantee you that you will find the perfect piece of ring that you are looking for.

How to Choose Gemstone Rings?

Choosing the right gemstone ring can sometimes be a daunting task. There are various insights to consider when selecting, and others may think that gemstone brings power and creativity to ward off evil. While many gemstone rings are found in multiple jewelry stores, you need to determine different factors to consider when buying one. Whether shopping for a present for a particular person in your life or just treating yourself to another addition to your collection, here's what you should know.

  1. The clarity of the gemstone in your ring will always contribute to the ring's entire beauty. So when you choose a gemstone ring, it is still essential to consider the clarity and the color of the gem.
  2. Like any other precious stones, colored gemstones used in making rings have carat weights, too. The highest carat contributes the largest impact on your gemstone ring. When choosing a gemstone ring, you need to consider the gemstone's carat weight on your ring.
  3. When choosing any piece of jewelry, the metal used is also a thing to consider. Choosing the metal for your gemstone ring is an essential factor contributing to your chosen ring's beauty. You can choose to have a ring made of white gold, yellow gold, or silver. But it always depends on the wearer's style and choice.
  4. Shape and cuts of the gemstone rings are some factors that will help you choose the perfect one. Some famous shapes are round, princess, cushion, oval, and pear. You can choose among the following shapes you want your gemstone ring to have.
  5. Selecting the type of gemstone that you want is also a thing to consider. Although this factor may be a daunting thing to do, having a desired gem on your mind will help you narrow down your options. If you are unsure, try to research the different gemstone rings to know information that can help you convey and express your personality and style.
  6. Deciding on buying any gemstone jewelry, especially rings, will lead you to set a budget for a specific piece that you want. Set a budget by considering its comfort when spending a certain amount. There are many ways to maximize your budget when purchasing a gemstone ring, and one of these ways is to identify where you can buy a good quality but budget-friendly. 

With all the tips are given above on choosing a gemstone ring correctly, you already have great chances to pick a gemstone that is right for you. Having these ideas will help you achieve the ring that you want. Now that you have all these in your mind, the next thing to do is to look where you can buy one. Worry no more because IceCarats got you! Just log in to our website, and you can discover and explore.

When to Wear Gemstone Rings?

Selecting gemstone rings can sometimes be daunting and complicated and sometimes can be confusing due to many options. These rings are excellent and popular choices when looking for rings. Every type of gemstone ring has its own unique and rich story that some people believe. Some choose a specific gemstone for their rings because of its natural benefits. When made into jewelry pieces, the different gemstones became versatile pieces that will give the wearer an elegant and timeless beauty. Deciding when to wear your gemstone ring does not have a limitation because you can wear it every day. The versatility of gemstone gives freedom to be worn anytime and anywhere, regardless of the outfit or the occasion. One thing to consider is that you need to master the mixing and matching game of your gemstone ring with the color of the dress you are wearing so that it will not be off from the color scheme. But this is not a significant thing to worry about because whether you wear your gemstone ring with any color of your dress, you can always pull off a look when you carry yourself with confidence.