Gemstone Earrings

History of Gemstone Earrings

Gemstones have had mysterious and meaningful significance ever since. Different cultures treasured and used various types of stones throughout history. They used these before as decorative ornaments and others as religious symbols. Some people believe that gemstones serve as a guide and bring luck. Ancient people concluded that gems have powers that can heal sicknesses and protect them from harm, which made it why they used them for medical purposes. But as time passed by and technology started progressing, gemstones started embracing the world of jewelry. Jewelry designed with gems has become a symbol of wealth and the wearer's social status. Egyptians were the ones who used the first pieces of gemstone jewelry. They used colorful gems in designing different types of jewelry. During the middle ages, gemstone jewelry has become very popular, especially among powerful families, because gemstones signified as a symbol of their wealth and power in society.

Gemstone jewelry has been attracting the attention of men and women until today. There are different types of gemstone jewelry, and gemstone earrings paved their way to becoming a trend in the jewelry industry nowadays. These were discovered way back around 3,000 to 400 BC, where the earliest ones were just made of simple metals designed with some precious stones. They were also used as presents or gifts and symbols of love and loyalty for a special someone. Not only that. They became famous because, as time passed, historians discovered other types of gemstones used in making earrings and other jewelry pieces. Some gemstone jewelry, including earrings, is believed to have spiritual meanings. The Greeks made a mark in gemstone earrings' history because they were the ones who usually wore this type of jewelry.

Today, most gemstones are already making names in the jewelry industry, wherein they are made into beautiful items, especially earrings. Although magic and myth are still present rules in wearing gemstones, most people still continue using earrings made from gems. These earrings became popular no matter what the age of the wearer is.

Gems add a pop of colors to someone's fashion statement, and while trends and jewelry are upgrading, so as gemstone earrings! Various stunning and dazzling gemstone earrings are being used by men and women nowadays, making it very evident that anyone can pull off an entirely glamorous and elegant look with a pair of gemstone earrings.

Types of Gemstone Earrings

Many people use their color preference when choosing gemstone earrings, while others make their purchase decisions because of a particular stone they desire. Today, there are a boundless collection of gemstone earrings available in the market that you can choose from. You can also tailor your earrings based on your desired earrings’ design. Jewelry experts consider gemstones to stand for something special, and some stones may signify purpose for the wearer. Below is a list of concise and easy guides that will help you choose your next gorgeous pair of gemstone earrings.

According to Gemstones Used

  1. Agate Gemstone Earrings - these earrings are considered semi-valuable pieces when talking about value and color. Agate gemstones are formed from silica found groundwater on the hollow space of an igneous rock. Agate has been used as gemstones for earrings, being seven times harder than jasper gems and any other quartz's variety. Agate earrings are considered multi-colored jewelry pieces because they give inimitable and valiant rainbow colors for a unique look.
  2. Amber Gemstone Earrings - amber gemstones are significant to some prehistoric cultures because they were sold as goods between tribes. During the Iron Age, amber gems were used as ornaments and in making pieces of jewelry. Amber earrings are made to be eye-catching pieces of jewelry because of their color and quality.
  3. Bronze Gemstone Earrings - bronze earrings have achieved a full-fledged audience since ancient times because they are considered hot fashion in the marketplace. They are not simple compared to other gemstone earrings because they have multiple implausible patterns, making them unique.
  4. Opal Gemstone Earrings - these earrings are usually tagged as birthstones for October. Opal's brilliance makes them ideal for making jewelry, especially earrings. People won't go wrong with Opal earrings because these stones incorporate the color of elegance and sophistication. They can also be combined with other gemstones.
  5. Ruby Gemstone Earrings - ruby gemstones are promising types because of their elegance, quality, and color. Every ruby earrings are exceptional because of their striking effect and beauty.
  6. Sapphire Gemstone Earrings - sapphire gemstones have been popular since history because of their attractiveness, and today, they are considered one of the most famous colored gemstones. People favor sapphire earrings because of their price and outstanding attributes, like toughness and hardness compared to other gems except for diamonds.
  7. Turquoise Gemstone Earrings - turquoise gemstones are composed of Aluminum Phosphate and Hydrated Copper, and these components are the ones that make precious turquoise gems. Throughout history, turquoise earrings and some turquoise jewelry are considered unique stones because of their powers to heal and give wealth to the wearer. They are spectacular pieces of jewelry that have exceptional, sophisticated beauty.

According to Styles of Earrings

  1. Gemstone Stud Earrings - these earrings are famous and commonly used earrings. They are usually small and very simple, often worn as everyday pieces. They vary in sizes and shapes but can still help the wearer pull off a modest yet elegant and sophisticated look.
  2. Gemstone Hoop Earrings - these earrings will never go out of style because of their timelessness. Their distinctive shapes that come in different sizes are the earrings' sought-after features.
  3. Gemstone Dangle Earrings - are earrings that hang below the earlobes of the wearer. These earrings also vary in size and style, and they usually move freely. They are sometimes called “shoulder dusters” because they seem to dust on the wearer’s shoulder.
  4. Gemstone Huggies Earrings - these earrings are somehow similar to hoop earrings because of their shape. However, Huggies are usually smaller and thicker. They typically hug the wearer's earlobes.

According to Metal Used

  1. Gold Gemstone Earrings - these earrings use gold metal as the base. They are made of gold embellished and designed with multiple gemstones depending on the earrings' style. May come in different gold colors, such as yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold.
  2. Silver Gemstone Earrings - silver metals are commonly used as earrings based when making these earrings because they are inexpensive yet elegant. You can either purchase a pair of pure silver gemstone earrings or sterling silver gemstone earrings easily in many jewelry stores due to their popularity.
  3. Platinum Gemstone Earrings - these earrings are ideal for persons who have skin allergies. Platinum is a hypoallergenic metal, making it perfect for sensitive skins.

The different gemstone earrings convey various factors for a person’s character or personality. Whether a person believes or not mythological and spiritual aspects associated with gemstones, using gemstone earrings remains on the fashion trends. These earrings have adorned many people since the beginning of time, and most of them are being worn as daily ornaments or accessories during formal events in today's time. Knowing their different types will help narrow down your options when shopping for them. Now that you have the several types listed above, you can log in to IceCarats and purchase the perfect pair you seek. We guarantee that you will achieve the absolute earrings that you crave for!

How to Choose Gemstone Earrings?

Beauty, rarity and durability, are the attributes that attract many people to buy gemstone earrings for personal adornment. These earrings provide opportunities to their wearer to express their unique fashion statement and style. Below is a guide when purchasing a pair of these earrings to ensure that you select the highest quality and precise one for your budget.

  1. Gemstone Color. Most gemstones are colored, and they descend their beauties from the colors they possess. When choosing a pair of gemstone earrings, always consider the quality of their colors. To do this, you must be familiar with the hue, tone, and saturation for you to achieve the perfect color you want for your earrings.
  2. Gemstone Cut. If you want your gemstone earrings to have perfect sparkle, their cut is a contributing factor. The cut of a gemstone describes its shape and fashion, so considering an ideal cut is a must. You have various choices of cuts but make sure to choose the one that complements your earrings' style and composition.
  3. Gemstone Clarity. Remember, when buying a pair of gemstone earrings, clarity always contributes to their beauty. Choosing an opaque gemstone isn't a good move because it blocks the light that can affect its beauty. In this case, if you aim to have an opaque gemstone for your earrings, choose the one with fewer internal inclusions. For non-opaque gems having clarity as a factor to consider, make sure that it has fewer inclusions to allow passage of the light.
  4. Gemstone Size. Gemstones are measured in carats. When choosing a pair of gemstone earrings, make sure to consider their carat weight. This will help set up a budget for your chosen earrings. Try to determine the perfect size of gemstone for the style and type of earrings you desire. It should not be too big nor too small. Size is always taken into consideration when matching gemstone for your earrings.
  5. Gemstone Durability. The ability of gemstones to be fashioned and mounted into different types of jewelry is a function of how durable it is. The toughness and hardness of gems should be considered to keep them beautifully displayed and work well with the wearer's daily lifestyle.
  6. Gemstones Enhancements. Gemstones nowadays are treated or enhanced in some processes like heating or safe irradiation to achieve their beautiful colors and clarity. If you wish to buy gemstone earrings that have undergone enhancement processes, make sure to choose the one that looks like naturally occurring gemstones. Note that they are created in a laboratory. So, you can also choose synthetic lab-created gemstone earrings if you have a limited budget, considering that they are inexpensive compared to real gems.

Every piece of the gemstone jewelry you plan to purchase, whether for yourself or your loved one, is always exceptional. These jewelry pieces can make a vibrant and dazzling addition to everyone's collection, most especially if it's a pair of earrings. High-quality gemstone earrings look gorgeous and elegant, and their inherent allure is somehow a reflection of the wearer's style and personality. If still having trouble finding a reputable store, IceCarats also got your back! We believe that by this time, with the help of the tips given above, you can undoubtedly select the perfect pair of gemstone earrings you aim for. Visit and log in to our website, and check out a vast array of options in our gemstone earrings collection that you will undeniably love to have.

When to Wear Gemstone Earrings?

When wearing a pair of gemstone jewelry, choosing the attire they are being worn should be considered. All jewelry enthusiasts and fashionistas know that when accessorizing an outfit, wearing the correct jewelry that goes along with it will help get you noticed. Gemstone earrings are made to complement your look while enhancing and bringing your personality out. If you want to know when is the proper time to wear your gemstone earrings, take time to read the following suggestions written below.

  1. For Everyday Attire. There are some types of gemstone earrings like studs and hoops that can be worn daily. A single gemstone earring is an ideal piece that you can wear whatever outfit or the occasion is.
  2. For the Office Look. When selecting a pair of gemstone earrings for your office look, choose the ones that are not too noisy or distracting. You can still pull off a look without being too "loud". In a conservative setting like in an office, always opt for studs or small hoop gemstone earrings. Large earrings are perfectly okay to wear, too, as long as they don't distract others or even you.
  3. For Formal Events. This is the time when you can put on your best gemstone earrings and let the colorful part of you shine. It is very tempting to be all-out when attending formal events, especially evening ones. But the right pair of earrings should be a key to consider when wanting to look best. Wear a pair of earrings that stands out and gives you a dazzling and sparkling effect. Dangle earrings and chandelier earrings embellished with gemstones are perfect! Just remember not to overdo your look by wearing all the colors you want. Make sure to wear a complimentary pair of earrings that matches your outfit's color.

With these helpful tips, you can now complete your ideal outfit. If you don't have a pair yet, try visiting our website, We guarantee that with us, you will have top-quality pieces of jewelry at a very affordable price.