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How to Choose the Best Jewelry Metal Based on Your Skintone

How to Choose the Best Jewelry Metal Based on Your Skintone

One does not merely say she is fashionably ready without the help of gorgeous accessories. Men and women alike have developed a great love for jewelry not only because it can help them improve aesthetically, but also, jewelry gives off a boost of self-confidence, especially when you look so good when you wear them. Everyone wants to find the jewelry that is perfect for them because when jewelry complements your skin tone, your face shape, and your angles, it surely will bring out the best in you. However, finding the perfect trinket is both a challenge and an experience. Now, you may ask yourself, "So, how do we choose the best jewelry metal for my skin tone?"

Three metals dominate the jewelry world today: the gold, the silver, and the new but very popular neo-shade, the rose gold. All three are spectacular jewelry metals that look gorgeous when worn with the best outfit. I remember how Cate Blanchett looked phenomenal when she played the ethereal beauty, Queen Galadriel, in whimsical silver jewelry. The stylists of these ladies did a fantastic job choosing the best jewelry for the actresses' skin tone. But how can you quickly determine what's yours?

The issue of finding the right metal for your skin tone is undeniably a frustrating thing. It is a series of hits and misses, of nailing it and failing it. It is a fun and challenging process. Thanks to new tips and tricks, though, finally knowing the right shade for your skin tone became much more manageable. The secret to this all lies in our skin! Can you believe that? In this blog, we will introduce some techniques that will quickly help you get that jewelry that will bring the best in you!

There's no need to say this anymore, but I will repeat it: everyone loves gold jewelry. Honestly, who won't love it; seriously, I mean, it's classy, it's timeless, it exudes a lot of elegance, and it offers so much ease in wearing it. We can't ignore the fact that gold is a fashion favorite when it comes to baubles and accessories. How heartbreaking is it to hear that you are not compatible with this goddess-worthy shade? If that happens to me, it will be total outrage. But how will you know if gold is a shade meant for you? We all know about the skin tone test, where we try to find our undertones and look at which shade they are inclined to find out whether you are inclined to a warmer undertone or a cooler undertone. However, it turns out that basing our jewelry on skin tone alone is not enough. Considering that our skin can sometimes be covered in all our foundation, creams, and spray tans, just basing on our skin can be deceiving. The best trick is to look for your overall undertone: the eyes, hair, and skin. Gold jewelry tends to complement warmer undertones more.

How do you find out if you are warm, cool, or neutral?

We conduct the undertone test. In conducting the test, you will need:

1. a large mirror
2. one piece of gold and silver jewelry
3. natural lighting
4. make up free face.

Hold both gold and silver jewelry close to your hair and face. Observe the effect of both on your overall appearance. Which of the two jewelry pieces make you look brighter and healthier? Is it gold or silver jewelry? Which makes you look glowing, hides away any imperfections on the face, and just basically makes your eyes shine a little brighter? The metal that fits you will tend to make you look fresh and glowing while the other that does not will make you look washed out and pale. If you find out that the gold one tends to make your face look brighter, you are of the warmer undertone. If the silver jewelry does the trick for you, you are of the cooler undertone. If both look great on you, you are one lucky human being, you are of the neutral shade, and you can rock both jewelry pieces!


Beyonce is one of the perfect examples of women who have a warm undertone and can effortlessly rock anything gold. Because Beyonce already has a robust tan complexion, it is easy to tell that she has a warmer undertone. I love how gold jewelry makes her skin-pop. She looks glowing, whether in a shimmery gold gown or stacked gold chain jewelry. If you are like Beyonce, opt for the gold metal as it can make you look blooming. Earthy shades and warm touches of colors are your best friends. Stay away from the silver-tone as it can wash you out.

If you tend to navigate towards the more refreshing jewelry piece, aka the silver one, you probably have a cooler undertone. Unlike its warm counterpart, having cool undertones make you look good in colors that remind us of the sky. Think of the deep blue sea, or the color of blood or the general color feel that autumn, fall, and winter bring. These colors can make your face brighter and not wash you out. Silver jewelry is what complements your undertone the most. Avoid using gold colors because even though they are brilliant in colors, they can tend to make your face look sunken, emphasize skin imperfections, and can sometimes make your teeth look yellow. Although silver jewelry isn't very easy to stack, you'll get lots of classy perks just by wearing it.

Anne Hathaway

One of the best examples of cool-toned ladies who can rock ethereal colors is Anne Hathaway. We have already seen the countless times that Anne walked the red carpet and nailed it. One of my favorite looks of her is this sparkly silver gown that she paired with silver accessories. Anne is obviously on the cool-toned spectrum as she looks glowing in this ensemble. Anne would also look terrific in deep red lipstick, and I'd bet she would look quite off with bright, orange lipstick. She is an excellent fashion example for ladies who also are blessed with this regal undertone.

Another metal that favors the cooler undertones more is the rose gold. A newer color compared to the gold and silver ones, the rose gold has quickly become a fashion favorite not only because of its unique shade but also because it exudes everything romantic. It has become one of the most in-demand shade in engagement rings and watches. Although people with a cool undertone can easily rock this gorgeous shade, folks from the warmer skin tones may not because it tends to camouflage in the skin—lucky you, cool undertone group. You can quickly look oh so romantic.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively is the queen of rose gold. She looks so fantastic every time she goes out in a rose gold number, and I am so jealous of how she could work this color so effortlessly. As a girl coming from a warmer undertone, I would say I had multiple experiences wearing rose gold was a bit of a challenge. But Blake always looks so flawless in rose gold. Rose gold on calm skin tone reminds me of princesses, and royalty and Blake can undeniably pass for one because her color offers the best skin tone for rose gold. So if you are of cooler shades, don't fret! Life is still good to you because even though you can't wear gold colors quickly, your undertone is the best skin tone for rose gold. In the end, it's still a win-win!

Undertones are not only just between the warm and the cool ones; some got so lucky they belong to the neutral undertones. Why are they so fortunate, you ask? Because these people can rock both the silver and gold metals without difficulty. They can look good in either gold or silver jewelry.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence just shows us how lucky she can get when she looked phenomenal in a silver AND gold number. Not all humans can do such feat, and we'll give Jennifer the props for that. When you did the skin tone test, and you could tell that both metals compliment you a lot, congratulations, my friend, you are of the neutral skin tone, and you have all the reasons to feel lucky. I have always wanted to use silver jewelry. *cries silently*

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! Now you can easily find the best jewelry metal that will suit you and your skin tone perfectly. Say goodbye to fashion misses and hello to mastering the art of perfect accessorizing. If you're still unsure of what to choose for a trinket, contact us at We are willing to help you find the jewelry that's meant for you alone. With our vast collection of fantastic jewelry, that is not very hard to do. Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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