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Aquamarine: March Birthstone's History, Meanings, Uses, and Interesting Facts

Aquamarine: March Birthstone's History, Meanings, Uses, and Interesting Facts

Dreamy, beautiful, magnetic gemstone. Perhaps, these are just a few of the words that can correctly describe the captivating March gemstone, the aquamarine birthstone. With the most romantic hue of blue, the Aquamarine is considered one of the diamond's perfect imitation. Through the years, the market has seen a significant increase in the demand of this sultry gem. Who can blame anyone? This beautiful gem is to die for.

The Aquamarine's name came from the Latin word "aqua," which means water and "marine," which means the sea. The name was inspired by the stone's color that is almost identical to the sea's color. For some time, this gem has been the stone considered the amulets of voyaging sailors as it is believed that its pale blue color encourages a calm, smooth journey for sailors wherever they may go. Now, the Aquamarine is not just an amulet; it has become a fashion favorite. This blog will tackle more about this attractive jewelry item, where it came from, its meanings and uses, and how it makes waves in the fashion industry. After this blog, you will wish you were born in March. *winks*


The people of ancient times valued Aquamarine highly. The history and lore that surround March's birthstone are fascinating. In 1609, the stone's popularity increased mainly because of a researcher's work in geological work. The term aquamarine was featured in his Gemmarum et Lapidum Historiia. During his time, people had high regard and valuation for the greenish aquamarine stone, a total difference in today's love for the gem's pale blue feature. The ancient civilizations' high regard for the said stone was evident in their cultures.

To the Europeans, Sumerians, and Hebrews, this stone was a symbol of deity for them. Many people from this group also believed that Aquamarine was a symbol of being ageless and never-ending happiness. People tend to give the gorgeous bluestone to individuals who celebrate their natal days, carrying the message that the receiver deserves a full, long, happy life ahead. The gemstone was also a tremendous Christian symbol associated with the apostle Thomas.

When jewels were associated with apostles in those ages, the Aquamarine was connected directly to Thomas as he is the apostle. He traveled a lot to preach salvation to the people. Citizens of the modern ages also admired the Aquamarine, for they believed that the said stone if cut into a crystal ball, has excellent abilities in predicting the future and helping other people find the things that they have lost. Another writer also coined that March's birthstone was an effective antidote to poison.

Meaning and Uses

With its ethereal blue shade, it is believed that the Aquamarine is a representation of the sea and the reflection of heaven. Folk people thought that these gems were treasures given by mermaids to sailors to ensure safe travel in the sea. Sailors also regarded this stone as a source of protection and talisman from possible harm and danger. It is said that the stone's clear quality also contributes to the owner an endless chance of excellent communication. The aquamarine stone assures the wearer of smooth travel without any misunderstanding.

Aquamarine is a great companion for those who have legit fear for public speaking, giving a presentation, or sharing a lecture. Since the gemstone is believed to bring a sense of serenity, the Aquamarine can help someone pull themselves together, feel calm and relaxed, and deliver their task well with confidence and full remembrance of what they are going to say. In chakra, it is believed that the Aquamarine allows the owner to honestly say what he wants to express, for him to get rid of the negative feelings that come with unexpressed emotions.

Speaking of healing the emotions, the aquamarine stone also helps assist a person who has a grudge or feelings of hurt to someone to let eventually go and forgive. Having the blue gem in one's life instills a sense of calm and peace in his relationships and decisions. If a person has an important meeting where he needs to speak his mind out, nothing can beat an aquamarine birthstone's power.

Popular aquamarine jewelry


When Justin Timberlake proposed to Jessica Biel, he presented her with a vintage style ring with a 6-carat diamond in the platinum setting. What took the cake were the aquamarine accents that surround the stone. The little stones that added more life to the already sparkly diamond were Jessica Biel's birthstone. Aww, how sweet of J.T.Nowadays, birthstone engagement rings are a big hit. Although diamonds are still trendy when it comes to the engagement ring department, there's no denying that lovers nowadays are not afraid to go for the unconventional engagement rings. If you're one of those who want to ditch the clear rocks for the colored ones, go for it. If you're a March baby, then go for an aquamarine engagement ring.


Gone were the days when pretty aquamarine stones are just amulets. Today, they are one of the gorgeous accessories you can ever don. Aquamarine Pendants are sassy and chic additions to your wardrobe as they can complement almost everything. You can go romantic with the dreamy blue shade. It is the perfect pendant for a girly girl like you. With its versatility, you might be surprised you are finally using it as a staple jewelry piece.'s heart aquamarine and sterling silver aquamarine necklaces would be a dainty addition to your collection.


Wave your hand like royalty with a charming aquamarine bracelet in a sterling silver bracelet chain. Sparkle like a diamond without the high price with a fancy aquamarine bracelet!

Aquamarine, as a gift

Did you know that the aquamarine gem is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give? Sending your friend aquamarine jewelry as a gift sends them a message that you are always mindful of them, that your only wish is for them to be free from troubles. As the said gemstone keeps everything calm and serene in one's life, giving the Aquamarine, the gift tells your friend that you are mindful of their storms and that you want them to navigate through those storms gently. Know anyone who is about to take up a college exam, or is to present in a meeting, or needs to deliver something in front of many people, send her an aquamarine charm? How comforting it would be to know someone cheers her all the way (plus, she now has an enviable aquamarine charm bracelet with her).

If you know someone undergoing some grudge or pain, the Aquamarine is a perfect companion known as a healing stone. This March gemstone is believed that when someone possesses an aquamarine, they will easily get rid of hurtful feelings and unhealthy emotions. If they also need to speak their hearts out, the gemstone can bring to remembrance everything that they need to tell to the other parties involved.

If you have a friend who will soon be leaving your town to transfer to another place, the march gemstone is a perfect companion as it provides safety in travel for any Voyager; it also keeps the line of communication between them and new-found people open and well.

Special facts about the Aquamarine

 Did you know that that the beautiful blue stone is not only a gemstone for March? The Aquamarine also happens to be the gemstone for the zodiac sign Scorpio.

 The aquamarine stone is the special wedding gift meant for the 19th anniversary. Do you know anyone who is about to celebrate their 19th anniversary? You know what to do. Let the most loved gem do the talking for you.

 The stone always comes in large sizes. Unlike the other gems, the Aquamarine can usually be mined in huge chunks. The biggest one was discovered in Brazil. When the chunk was cut, it produced almost 200,000 carats of Aquamarine. Wow.

 Some of the places with vast deposits of Aquamarine are in Nigeria, Zambia, Madagascar, and Pakistan. However, the largest depository of the said bluish stone is in Brazil. Most of the gem that is turned into jewelry comes from Brazil.

♥ According to Roman Mythology, the gemstone representing safe travel for sea voyagers was a special gem for the god Neptune. According to legend, Neptune saw the aquamarine fall from a siren's treasure box and since then considered the said stone to protect from harm and danger, especially for those who travel by sea.

These are just some of the few things you need to know about the March birthstone. Aquamarine is a lovely gem, and its heavenly color is enough reason to fall in love with it. If you want to own and relish a piece of aquamarine jewelry, check out's exquisite aquamarine collection. From rings to bracelets to pendants, these luscious gems are genuinely captivating. Plus, with our special discount, you can have them at an excellent price. What are you waiting for? Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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