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Street-style Star Jamie Chung's Explosive Fashion and Jewelry Moments

Street-style Star Jamie Chung's Explosive Fashion and Jewelry Moments

From her faux furs, textured coats, to crop tops and layered necklaces, everything that Jamie Chung wears shows how fashion-forward this girl is. She can rock the most popular fashion and jewelry trends, injecting her style here and there (remember the midi skirt and cropped top combo that she mastered?), and she always takes New York Fashion Week by storm. Whether she is on a red carpet gown or her signature street style, Asian beauty is a certified fashion inspiration. We just can't get over Jamie Chung's signature style: going casual. May it be that she's wearing a little black dress, an extravagant designer gown, or donning a pair of diamond-studded jewelry, there's no denying that she shines. Let's check some of her glamorous moments that genuinely proved that Jamie Chung is a fashion and jewelry maven. Let's go.

1. The Girl in Golden Bangles

Accessorizing with a gold bangle is a classy move. Gold blends with everything and with almost every outfit. A single gold bangle is chic, but stacked bangles, oh my gosh; they are stunning and fierce. Jamie Chung knows how to work with overwhelming accessories and jewelry and makes them look as classy as a single piece of jewelry. Our favorite Asian chick looked so regal in this photo, especially with the gold adding contrast to her blue body con dress, and the way her hair was arranged, we just can't deny that she is the look of utter elegance (and boldness, too.)

2. Chic in White and Statement Earrings

Two words to describe this look: elegant and dainty. The Once Upon a Time actress exuded sheer grace with her floral sterling silver statement earrings. Just see how it added a touch of chic glam to the little white dress, which is also floral-inspired. What stands out about Jamie Chung's jewelry is that they are always on point; we mean that her accessories either complement or contrast beautifully. Her choices are never overwhelming. This little white dress paired with silver jewelry look is a breath of fresh air. Silver and white go too well with each other.

3. Layering Queen

Yes, we feel you. We cannot get over Jamie Chung's ombre hair, but as much as we love her locks' color, we cannot deny that her jewelry takes the cake here. A Coachella frequenter, Jamie has mastered the art of subtle necklace layering. We just admire how she can skilfully make simple neck pieces look so good when layered. We love how she combined the gold pieces. All of these jewelry pieces against the white fabric, they all look perfect. If you're looking for a Coachella style icon, you can now Google Jamie Chung.

4. Stunning Blue-ty

In the hit series Once Upon a Time, Jamie plays Mulan's role, a strong-willed Chinese woman who adds color to her life through her adventures. It seems like the beautiful Korean actress still has her Mulan spirit with her wherever she goes. The former reality TV babe surely knows how to put color in her wardrobe. Just look at that blue statement earring that she paired with her patterned dress. The blue jewelry indeed added a serious pop of color (and life, if I may say) to the basic top. Her lovely hair completes this look so wonderful.

5. Street Style Master

Would you believe me if I tell you that our resident fashion maven, Jamie Chung, is already 32 years old? Yes, you got that right. But just by looking at her style, we can say this girl does know how to defy her age. Jamie once again paraded her fine street style that is, without a doubt, Coachella worthy. The 31-year old beauty sashayed on the streets with a cropped denim short, a statement tee, and a vintage hat. We love the geometric necklace she paired with the dress. And oh, that stunning engagement ring from her then-fiance Bryan Greenberg is jaw-dropping, and we must point that out.

6. A Night Out in Colors

And Jamie Chung's street style isn't for the day only; she also dazzles at night, and this girl's night out pieces are the best. Take this ultra-fab ensemble she wore for a particular night out of town. You will surely fall in love with this look! The cool gray top labeled "tease" all over to her asymmetrical skirt, sassy gladiator heels, and the fun and flirty necklace she wore with the outfit. The pop of color against the gray top is stunning. I love how she kept everything geometric from outfit to her jewelry.

7. Asian Persuasion

Speaking of statement earrings, perhaps we have seen them all already: the bold, the breathtaking, the beautiful. But can we just talk about Jamie Chung's earrings for a moment? This enormous yet brilliant piece made Jamie Chung's red carpet style stand out. I love how she's Asian, and in some weird way, these statement earrings remind me of Malaysian dancers. That gold and aquamarine combination on the earrings make them look almost magical. We love this ensemble so much.

8. Trousers x Choker Power

Who said trousers are only for the guys? This resident favorite lady of ours just showed us how a girl could own fashion in the sleek trousers department. Ms. Chung stepped out in of her red carpet appearances looking divine with her all-black ensemble. The reality TV turned fairy tale star oozed with fierceness in her black cropped top and trousers. For a little teasing, she showed a bit of her midriff. What gave this look the "ooh" factor is her sophisticated gold choker. The choker was, indeed, the exclamation point of the entire look. On point, Jamie. On point.

9. She went Oscars

A real red carpet moment for this lovely girl was when she was named one of the 2015 Oscar Awards Best Dressed Stars. Jamie Chung's red carpet style for the Oscar's came with a dress designed by Yanina Couture, which featured many sparkles, thanks to the sequins. The gown was sheer and filled with tulle and made Jamie look like a princess. I love the effect of the dress on her. She also rocked some dramatic earrings that complement the dress a lot. The barely-there make up made her look so chic and elegant in every angle.

10. Relaxed

Classy, sweet, and adorable. Jamie Chung seems to have nailed them all in this style that I'm sure everyone wants to steal. Mr. Greenwood's new wife showed off some relaxed vibe with this ensemble. I love how the dress resembled something a gypsy would wear and is a total Bohemian inspiration. Her ombre hair worked for this look is phenomenal; the hair effect was sophisticated but very fun. And her accessories are on point; they're not too simple but not too overwhelming as well. Love, love, love this!

11. Simplicity goes a long way

Less is more, and this red carpet favorite knew that well. Jamie is one of those stars who go to events with little or no jewelry, and they still look as fab as ever. One of her looks that have quickly become my favorite is this utterly glamorous ensemble she wore for one red carpet appearance. The stunning color of her dress is breathtaking. The white jacket used as a semi-cape added a much-needed to the look. But her jewelry choice is unbelievable. With only a gold bar necklace as jewelry, she has put everything together. Well done, girl.

12. Bring on the Baby

It seems as though Jamie Chung's layering style for her necklaces doesn't end in her street style; she flaunts them in red carpet shows, too. This baby-faced star brought layering to the next level by incorporating it with her pale pink top. She was all dainty colors with this look as her necklace layering styles always feature a pop of color, turquoise, for example.

13. Street Smart

Jamie is a 90's kid, so it is a given that she can rock the style of the golden '90s pretty quickly. On one occasion, she was photographed wearing denim on denim and a brown suede jacket to cap them all. She also donned some bold red lip, a '90s fashion staple back in the days. But what surely made this look shout "I'm from the '90s" all over are the layered necklaces. She mixed sterling silver necklaces with the gold ones. Who does that so effortlessly? Well, Jamie can.

14. Something New All Over

The last look that we love from Jamie's superior fashion taste is another from her street style outfits. In one breezy day, the reality star sashayed on the road with a black and brown ensemble. What looked like a simple and ordinary outfit became a fashion inspiration when she added a silver statement choker to her look. Like, dang, it immediately made the look more unique. Thanks, Jamie, for teaching us that even the most little accessories can make a huge difference in our look!

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