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10 Important Tips for your Wedding Ring Search

10 Important Tips for your Wedding Ring Search

You have already found the girl of your dreams. You have also asked her the magic question, "Will you marry me?" Suddenly, you begin to realize there's not much time for rejoicing since you need to start searching for the best wedding ring for you and your partner. As you begin to wonder what wedding ring to choose, you are suddenly thrown into the world of sterling silver rings, gold bands, vintage wedding rings, and many more. And you think the engagement ring was an adventure, right?

With the right tips and guidelines for finding the best wedding ring, you will find it easy to navigate the decision about what wedding ring you need to choose. In this blog, you will discover IceCarats' wedding ring guide to assist you in searching for the unique wedding ring of your choice. Read on and enjoy the hunt of a lifetime!

1. Include your partner in the selection process

A popular line says, "Two heads are better than one," and when it comes to choosing your wedding ring, no quote has ever got it right. When you start with the search, always consult with your partner. You can't afford to buy the ring alone and then feel disappointed when your fiance does not like the design. Take time to learn what your partner prefers. Sometimes, they can have their creative inputs and insights. Trust your partner's taste and start building the ring decision on your different preferences. Taking that into account as you go on with your search can help you a great deal. Besides, if you are planning to spend life together, you might start the decision-making routine with your wedding band. We're telling you, it's fun browsing the most popular wedding rings together.

2. Even before hitting the stores, set your choices.

Learn to decide already what ring you truly want before hitting the stores (unless you want to spend multiple hours choosing and changing rings). Maybe, this is one of the essential wedding ring tips you have to remember. Before you go to a jewelry shop, create a prospect in your mind what you want to get. Do you want a classic gold band, or you want to go for a diamond-studded wedding ring? Do you prefer to have identical rings, or would you okay with whatever choice each one has? Do you have to search for a band that matches her engagement ring? Putting these things into consideration will save you from a lot of stress and money. Once you have already decided what you want to go for, your choices will be narrowed, giving you more time to choose the best one from your selection.

3. Set your budget together.

Now we go down to one of the areas where couples usually make a couple, clash: how much do you want to spend for a wedding ring? Getting this straight in the beginning will help you narrow down your choices a lot. Although there are many popular wedding bands out there, you can't afford to get into debt just to get that dreamy wedding ring you see at the store. Communicate with your partner with the budget that is acceptable for both of you. The most popular gold wedding bands start at $400, while the platinum ones can reach up to a thousand bucks. Adding embellishments to the ring also means added costs. Getting the information on prices can help you decide what ring to buy according to your budget.

4. Quality over Beauty

Don't get us wrong here; we know how important it is to choose jewelry with amazing aesthetic values. But when choosing a ring, you will use it for a lifetime, and quality comes first than beauty. To make sure that you get the highest quality that is worth your money, check the ring's details. The band needs to have two markings: a manufacturer's name and the specs of the ring. You need to look for both when buying a ring. The manufacturer's name is an essential marking, as it is proof to you that the makers guarantee their products to you. Another marking that you also have to consider is the ring's specs, assures you that you are getting the right metal of your choice.

5. Consider your lifestyle.

Unlike the popular belief, choose a ring that you're comfortable with. Again, comfort over style. You can't afford to lose an expensive ring because you always take it off when you're doing your everyday routine, right? Choose a wedding band that you can incorporate into your lifestyle and daily routines. Remember that your wedding ring will stay with you for a lifetime, so choose something that you don't need to take off anymore. If you live a relaxed lifestyle, you can go for the classic gold and diamond band. Though, if you have an active lifestyle or if your field of work demands hands, we would suggest that you settle for the platinum band or the stainless steel wedding ring. If you love sports, you can always go for a comfort fit wedding band.

6. Prepare for the long term

Aside from beauty and quality, you also need to consider the durability and versatility of the ring. Think long term. You may be able to use the ring for, say, 50 years? Do you think the ring of your choice can stand the test of time and style? Classy wedding rings in gold and sterling silver are topnotch choices if you want to wear a long-lasting ring. Choose a durable ring no matter how simple it looks; you can always add more embellishments in the years to follow. A wedding ring is an investment of a lifetime, so better choose something that can last for decades and always open for changes.

7. Don't delay, start the search early.

Sure, the wedding still is eight months away, but there's no good reason denying your search for the wedding ring you will use. Time might surprise you, and the next thing you know, you'll be scrambling for the ring most available to you, which can cost you a ton of money. Avoid this wedding ring trap that couples often encounter by searching for your wedding ring early on. By getting ahead of the rush, you can have more time to find what you truly want, do some ring fittings, and see more inspirations to create a picture of the ring you want the most. Don't subject yourself to debt and regret. It takes time, so make sure to start early and don't rush.

8. Shop for the ring together.

Planning with your partner when deciding what ring to get is one thing; trying it on together is another. Another excellent wedding ring search tip is to shop the ring together. You will find out that there are more things to consider when trying on some rings in a jewelry store. Bear in mind, the bride-to-be's engagement ring is significant. Is the wedding ring an excellent match for her engagement ring? Sometimes, a unique engagement band that is sparkly on its own does not need another bedazzling wedding ring. However, if her ring is of the classic solitaire type, adding embellishments to your band is a great idea. So shop together so you can see areas that you want to improve on your ring search.

9. How much will maintenance cost?

Whether you go for the heavily-embellished ring or the classic platinum wedding band, you must take maintenance into the picture. To keep the ring sparkly and new, a routine of cleaning it often is needed. Rings with stones of them are prone to dirt since dust and other substances can settle in the bases of the stone. To clean, you need to soak it in water, use a specialized cleaning chemical, use a soft toothbrush or an eyebrow brush, and pat it gently with a delicate cloth. Sounds too much for you? If maintenance isn't your thing, choose a classic platinum ring.

10. Learn the Cost of Quality.

Aside from everything mentioned above, the best thing you can do to prepare for that wedding band is to educate yourself and learn the basic things you need to know about jewelry. If you plan to go for a chunky diamond, learn about the 4c's of diamond grading to tell for yourself if indeed diamond is worth the splurge. If you want to go for a unique wedding ring with a colored gemstone, search for the most durable one. Knowing beforehand about what you intend to buy can give you more reason to practice caveat emptor (or buyer beware). Be a diamond geek, and you'll get what you deserve for your money's worth.

So that's it. Just some of the tips that you need to know before splurging for that favorite wedding symbol. Gone were the days when choosing a ring was just a breeze. But, don't make it too difficult for yourself, also. Rings are easy to find once you have the correct information, your preferred design, and a lot of determination.

And while you're here, check out IceCarats' wedding ring collection and be amazed at the awesome designs you and your partner-to-be will like. With affordable and high-quality wedding rings, you just can't say no to them. Don't sit there waiting. Sparkle on your wedding day, darling!

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