Silver Jewelry

History of Silver Jewelry

Besides other metals, silver has been considered one of the most valuable metals ever since it was discovered 4000 BC ago. The popularity of silver metal has grown steadily until now because of the unique qualities that keep up with the latest fashion trends. The uses of silver do not limit to making silver jewelry only. It also ranges widely from being used in computer films and even as an invisible coating on some thermal windows. Silver has also been used in some currencies in many countries. Most notably, it was used in the jewelry industry because of its beauty and appeal.

According to historians, the first silver mines were located in Anatolia, which is now known as Turkey and is recorded 4000 BC ago. This place was the primary source of silver among some growing countries, and they also trade silver around the world. Chinese were also known to have improved and refined silver around 2500 BC and make it more alluring. As the years go by, some countries and cultures also became producers of products made in silver and silver itself. With the new technology that came, there are many refining processes and enhancing silver to extend its value and beauty. With all of these inventions, silver became famous for improving the beauty of some precious stones such as diamonds.

Nowadays, silver jewelry comes in many forms and styles, as well as textures. The most common silver that can be seen in jewelry is usually polished and can reflect light beautifully. Although one of the disadvantages of silver jewelry is its tendency to tarnish, silver jewelry is still famous for men and women. It is still widely used regardless of what is the age of the wearer. One of the most popular silver jewelry types is sterling silver jewelry, which is made of 92.5% silver; that’s why it’s often called 925 silver or 925 sterling silver. Whatever technology may bring to silver jewelry faces, it still comes back to the main thought that silver jewelry is still popular because of its durability and beauty.

Types of Silver Jewelry

There are different types of silver jewelry available in the market today. As customers, it is always important to educate oneself about what you are buying. Below are some of the types of silver jewelry you can find around the jewelry world.

  1. Fine .999 Silver Jewelry - this type of silver jewelry is the closest metal to the pure elements of silver. The kinds of Jewelry marked as .999 indicate that the Jewelry is made of 99.9% pure silver. Fine silver jewelry is more vitreous and luster, and it appears grayer and slightly dull. Because this type of silver jewelry is soft and will scratch easily, it is less common in silver Jewelry as the item will not wear over time.
  2. Sterling .925 Silver Jewelry - this type of silver jewelry is considered the most standard in the United States and most of the jewelry world market. A 925 sterling silver jewelry is an alloy of 92.5% silver, and the remaining 7.5% is made of copper or sometimes nickel. This is widespread and commonly used because this is very bright and shiny and will not tarnish. One quality of this as well is that it can be soldered and formed repeatedly.
  3. Argentium Silver Jewelry - this type of silver jewelry is more expensive than sterling silver but less readily available and requires less maintenance than sterling silver. This type of Jewelry is new to the jewelry market.
  4. Coin Silver Jewelry - this type of silver jewelry is named coin silver because it is historically made from melted scrap coin metal. Coin silver jewelry is still famous on the market and bears a quality stamp of .900, composed of 90% silver and 10% copper.
  5. Silver Jewelry - Jewelry in the market being sold as just “silver” is a mystery because the term is thrown around in the jewelry market as a color descriptor only. But in the jewelry industry, silver jewelry is identified as standard quality.
  6. Silver-filled Jewelry - this type of silver jewelry is a new layered metal introduced during the surge of silver. Silver-filled Jewelry is either 5% or 10% sterling silver fused to a brass core by the process of heating and pressuring. Since silver-filled Jewelry is a layered metal, it cannot be cast, and it will also tarnish.
  7. Silver Plated Jewelry - this type of silver jewelry has a thin plating layer of silver applied to the surface. The overall content of silver-plated Jewelry is only a tiny fraction of a percent. Silver-plated can tarnish, but this is affordable Jewelry.
  8. Nickel Silver Jewelry - this type of Jewelry is a base metal alloy consisting of copper with nickel or zinc. Although similar in appearance to sterling silver, this type of silver jewelry is inexpensive and contains no silver at all. Nickel silver jewelry is also called Alpaca silver or German silver.

Whatever type of silver jewelry you want to have, it will always stay classic, timeless, valuable, and long-lasting as long as it is handled with the right and proper care. When it comes to top-quality Jewelry, you can always choose to shop at a trusted jewelry store like IceCarats and achieve the silver jewelry you want. You can visit our website and explore the different types of silver jewelry we can offer.

How to Choose Silver Jewelry?

With so many options and choices present in the market, it is challenging to pick the best and perfect silver jewelry. If you aim to purchase silver jewelry with confidence, the following are some ways to consider ensuring that you are getting the real deal when it comes to your silver jewelry purchase.

  1. If you want to buy silver jewelry, you need to consider and inspect the best silver jewelry price you want. One of the life hacks to get the perfect deal for perfect jewelry is to compare the prices of the different types of silver jewelry. If you want to have sterling silver jewelry sets, you can start to check the current price of this jewelry as it will give you the baseline when assessing the prices of the jewelry you want to buy.
  2. Suppose you are given a chance to talk to the seller, do so. Speaking to the seller or a representative can help you ask questions about the pricing and silver sourcing, and you’ll be able to get the answers. Talking to a real person or a seller inside the jewelry store is also an assurance that means less likelihood of a scam and a higher probability of getting the best and quality silver jewelry.
  3. Real silver jewelry has certain markings that will distinguish them from fake ones. When purchasing or buying a piece of silver jewelry, look for silver-grade specifications or what they call hallmarks. Markings will indicate the excellent quality of your purchased silver jewelry.
  4. If possible, perform physical tests to ensure the authenticity of your silver jewelry. One of the best and perfect ways to make sure that you have already in hand the perfect silver jewelry is to perform several minor tests like see if the silver piece is magnetic because silver is not a magnetic metal. You can also perform a sound test by tapping your silver jewelry with a metal or tool object.
  5. There are tons of online marketplaces wherein you can buy any piece of jewelry that you want. If you decide to buy in an online shop, make sure that you are cautious about it. The most reputable and online shops selling authentic silver jewelry like IceCarats are always willing to assist and help with your purchase and answer any questions about your purchased silver jewelry.

It is possible to find the best and top-quality silver jewelry whether you are buying it online or shopping in a store as long as you know what you need to consider when purchasing one. Here at IceCarats, we specialize in giving the finest and most quality silver jewelry pieces. You can feel confident in purchasing silver jewelry from our wide range of jewelry collections.

When to Wear Silver Jewelry?

Deciding on when to wear your silver jewelry may be a struggle. Your complexion, everyday attire, and style play a slight role in deciding what silver jewelry to wear. If your skin is lighter in complexion, it is always safe to wear any silver jewelry. Silver tends to look best when you are wearing a cool and icy toned dress or clothing. Wearing a silver ring or a pair of silver earrings will always look elegant to your look. But always remember that whatever your style and fashion statement is, you can still have the freedom to go against the traditional mix and match style of jewelry. Pieces of silver jewelry are delicate and versatile, and they always tend to play together so nicely. So whatever piece of silver jewelry you choose to wear, just wear it with confidence, and you will rock your look regardless of your wardrobe or attire.