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History of Omega Necklaces

Necklaces were discovered during ancient Egyptian times and have been worn since the dawn of civilization. It has been considered the basic type of jewelry because men and women can wear them anytime they want. From prehistoric times until now, necklaces were worn by most people regardless of the occasion or their outfits. While some wore these to express a fashion statement, others wore them because of symbolism or culture. The earliest types of necklaces were made of materials found in the surroundings, like shells or stones. As time passed by, necklaces were replaced by fashion beads and some kinds of gemstones. It also became part of daily ornaments for all people during the early Gothic and Renaissance periods, regardless of social status. The types of necklaces leveled up when chains were invented and used as ornaments of people who belong to the middle class. Many kinds of necklace chains have been produced and discovered that are still worn by people until now.

One famous type of necklace that took part in jewelry history was the well known Omega necklace. Omega necklace or omega chains have a long history in the jewelry industry and became a long-time favorite chain because of their versatility. It is a type of chain or necklace that is flat and made up of metal segments joined together. These chains are usually short and were often used as chokers and come in 16 and 20 inches on casual occasions. Some omega chains can be paired with pendants. The pendants used in omega chains are called slides or sliders or known today as omega necklace slides because of the designs that made them move freely. One downside of omega chains is that it can be kinked and bend easily. Designs of omega necklaces and the structure made them vulnerable, and not taking care of your omega necklace may result in a broken or twisted omega chain. It works well with any of your outfits, regardless of the occasion, you are attending. Omegas are also reversible and can be worn yellow gold on one side or white gold on the other.

Nowadays, these chains are considered a wide range that consists of small individual round plates lined next to each other. These types of chains became famous because of the strength and reflective-mirror shine it possesses. Others may say that Omega necklaces are already outdated but, when you decide to wear necklaces of different sizes, it’s when an Omega necklace can come back into play. Some fashion enthusiasts may say that wearing thick and heavy necklaces like Omega necklaces makes them look outdated. However, with today’s fashion trend, the chunkier your necklace, the better your fashion style. Omega chain necklaces are not entirely round but flat round, and there are always underlying wires that support the chains’ plates. There is a wide range of omega necklaces worn nowadays by both sexes; if you want to discover and explore quality types of Omega necklaces, IceCarats promises to give you the best options available!

Types of Omega Necklace Jewelry

Because of the advancement of technology, Omega necklaces' styles were also brought to the next level. Different types of Omega necklaces became a part of both men's and women's daily style. The following are some of the popular kinds of Omega necklaces that were used nowadays.

  1. Reversible Omega Necklace - this type of omega necklace is a unique one. Having this is a twist you can't resist. You can reverse this trendy omega necklace from one look to another. Some types of reversible omega necklaces are two-tone, meaning you can have a gold omega necklace today and wear a silver one tomorrow!
  2. Rigid Omega Necklace - this type of Omega necklace is ideal for a person who wants a chain that is not meant to bend.
  3. Flexible Omega Necklace - this is the exact opposite of a rigid omega necklace because this type is capable of bending easily. Flexible omega necklaces are a perfect finishing touch for your everyday style but wearing this type needs extra care, like not letting it snag with your dress because you might break it.
  4. Flat Omega Necklace - this type of necklace is made of flat metal segments is worn as chokers. It is best paired with pendants called sliders. One famous type of omega necklace is the sterling silver flat omega necklace.
  5. Domed Omega Necklace - this type of omega necklace uses the technique called doming or dapping. It is shaped into a domed-shape and is ideal for holding pendants.
  6. Patterned Omega Necklace - this type of omega necklace is crafted and designed with intriguing patterns that make it unique and special among any other omega necklace.
  7. Graduated Omega Necklace - this type of omega necklace has a thinner look that gets thicker in the front for a modern and asymmetrical look.
  8. Slider Omega Necklace - is the most common type of omega necklace used by most women upgraded and modified by adding a slide pendant.
  9. Omega Necklace Extenders - This type of omega necklace allows you to decide the omega necklace's length that will suit different outfits for any occasion. 

Now that you know the different omega necklace types, you can determine what type would match and suit your taste and style. If you plan to have a piece of omega necklace, try to visit our website, and you'll indeed find the perfect piece for you. Whether you want a sterling silver omega necklace or crafted from white gold, we have it all for you. When you are ready to shop or buy an Omega necklace, we, IceCarats, can offer a dazzling array of Omega necklaces that vary in sizes, thickness, designs, and of course, the one that will fit your fashion taste and budget at the same time.

How to Choose Omega Necklaces?

Omega chains are elegant, royal, and versatile. When choosing the perfect omega necklace that you want, you need to consider important things before buying. Below are some helpful guides that will remind you of how to choose the right omega necklace.

  1. Always remember that when you are buying any necklaces, length matters. The typical length for omega necklaces is 16 and 18 inches. You can choose the 20 inches omega necklace, but it still depends on your neck's size.
  2. When you are choosing an omega necklace, make sure to consider the price and the quality. Buying an omega necklace might be expensive but make sure that the quality is all worth it. Choose the one that cannot be easily damaged or kinked because most omega necklaces are impossible to fix.
  3. If you want to level up your omega necklace, choose different types of sliders. The different types of sliders will give you options for everyday use. It will help you achieve the look that you want because it can accentuate your style.
  4. Make sure that the omega necklace you are buying fits you perfectly. Having a piece of jewelry that correctly suits you will give you a perfect look. Plus, a correct fit will prevent you from losing it.
  5. Consider the clasp of the omega necklace you are buying. Examine its sturdiness to prevent your chain from getting lost. The clasp is always a factor to consider when choosing a chain, whether it be a necklace or a bracelet chain.
  6. The materials used in crafting the omega necklace you are about to buy, whether it's a 14k gold or a 925 sterling silver, should also be considered. Always remember to choose the right materials/metals that will match and complement your other jewelry and everyday outfit. Also, select the materials that will not irritate, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Like any other type of necklaces, the Omega necklace has qualities that help the wearer achieve the look and style they want. If you are an interested buyer of this chain, knowing different things about the Omega necklace will help you achieve the perfect piece. The details listed above are some of the things you need to consider. So now that you already have the ideas, you are ready to hunt the perfect omega necklace for you. Visit our website,, and own the ideal omega necklace for you. With us, you can perfectly choose the ones that match your style and taste on a hassle-free transaction. Whether you are looking for a gift for your special someone or want to treat yourself to a new piece of jewelry, IceCarats is always ready for the rescue.

When to Wear an Omega Necklace?

The versatility of omega necklaces is one of the fantastic qualities that made them unique compared to other necklaces. It’s a necklace that works with any outfit on any occasion. Find out when to correctly wear an omega necklace on a specific event.

  1. Evening Occasion - when attending events like evening parties and evening dinners, omega necklaces are ideal for wearing. It is an excellent complement to your evening gown or dress. It does not have that dazzling effect; hence, you can easily pull off an elegant and sophisticated look when worn with a stunning pendant on evening occasions.
  2. Formal Occasion - during formal events, you can wear Omega necklaces to complete your look. With the elegant look of Omega necklaces, you can surely pull off your gorgeous attire. A formal necklace chain, like an Omega necklace, will always give a grand effect when wearing it to that specific event that you are attending.
  3. Casual Occasion - when going out on a casual day, like having coffee with your friends or going out with a friend, you can wear an Omega necklace to finish your everyday look. This can prove that Omega necklaces are versatile pieces because you can freely pair them with any casual attire.
  4. Daytime Look - Omega necklaces are not just for evening events. These are also unique ornaments during day time. Wearing Omega necklaces with shining, glittering, and dazzling pendants are ideal for evening occasions, but when you can just wear it alone when expressing yourself in a day time look. It can help you pull off your fashion!
  5. Office Set-up - wearing omega necklaces with your office uniform or attire is a smart choice. It can embellish your office look. Add spice to your plain office uniform by wearing a piece of Omega necklace, and it will undoubtedly level-up your office look. 

Whatever type of Omega necklace you have picked, it always depends on how you handle your style. You can always upgrade its look or easily modify it according to your fashion style. These are considered a must-have piece of jewelry in your collection as it can dazzle up your everyday look. The omega necklace style you’ll be wearing will be a remarkable piece that will bring your fashion to the next level. Are you looking for one? It’s time to visit IceCarats and discover the different Omega necklaces you can have. You can visit our website for hassle-free shopping!


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