Men's Gold Jewelry

History of Men’s Gold Jewelry

Men's jewelry has been worn by showing the wearer's position, wealth, and status throughout history. The first types of men's jewelry were made 75,000 years ago and were made out of seashells and eggshells. As time passed, men's jewelry made of established materials such as copper, silver, and gold was produced. Nevertheless, they were only worn to show political and religious significance among men. This happened in ancient Rome, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. The first men to use gold jewelry were men in Egypt. Gold jewelry in Egypt is an ultimate symbol of their power and social rank within the society. Their official status depends on the size of the gold jewelry they are wearing. The larger the gold jewelry, the higher their rank is. Men's gold jewelry became a huge part of Egyptian men's lives that they would often be buried with them when they die. In Mesopotamia, men wore heavy gold jewelry such as necklaces, ankle bracelets, and rings embedded with different gemstones. They believed that wearing other heavy jewelry will protect them from evil spirits and harm.

During the year 1800, men's gold jewelry in France became very popular after Napoleon was crowned as the emperor. Men would wear different gold jewelry, which became very popular worldwide. Nowadays, men's gold jewelry has become increasingly popular as hip hop and rap culture became famous. Gold chains and pendant necklaces were the most commonly used men's gold jewelry. The western world also embraced wearing men's religious jewelry for religious reasons. Fashionable jewelry such as gold chains, cufflinks, gold luxury watches, gold pins, and a pair of gold earrings were also some of the gorgeous ensembles that bloomed as time progressed. These gold jewelry pieces are trendy nowadays to showcase men's wealth and aesthetic reasons.

Types of Men’s Gold Jewelry

Gone are those days when jewelry for men was only worn as accessories because of their function. Men already started to wear different types of jewelry to accentuate their everyday look. The jewelry men often wear is considered as their form of self-expression. Here are some pieces of gold jewelry men can choose to wear.

  1. Men's Gold Necklaces - most men use chunky necklaces to add a little detail to their outfits. Wearing a necklace makes them look more relaxed and also adds a finishing touch to their daily look.
  2. Men's Gold Rings - men's rings are highly associated with marriage or family and became a piece of staple jewelry ever since. Nowadays, men wear rings as a part of modern fashion.
  3. Men's Gold Bracelets - when it comes to men's jewelry, bracelets are always the go-to piece alongside men's watches or rings. Bracelets for men are simple masculine accessories that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their daily look.
  4. Men's Gold Cufflinks - cufflinks are trendy pieces of men's jewelry usually worn on formal occasions. These add a bit of interest to a men's suit during formal gatherings or even in their office attire.
  5. Men's Gold Tie Clips - these are typically used by men who work in a business casual or corporate office setup. Tie clips are used to keep a man's suit in place. Men's gold tie clips are made to be worn during work or formal occasions.
  6. Men's Gold Watch - There is nothing more classic in a man's entire fashion than wearing a gold watch. These are one of the most commonly used jewelry men often wear.

Men are more hesitant about wearing different jewelry types, but various styles and types of jewelry have been used by men nowadays as time passed. Spicing up men's entire look with jewelry is very common nowadays. If you want to purchase a piece of jewelry for yourself or a special man in your life, the following types mentioned above can be your guide. Check out our website,, and discover different gold jewelry items that you can choose from.

How to Choose Men’s Gold Jewelry?

Men are not that confident when choosing their jewelry in a store. That is why most of them let other people buy the jewelry they want. Feel comfortable when purchasing your jewelry by following these simple tips written below.

  1. Knowing what you want to buy before going to a jewelry store is the first step you need to consider. Doing this will help you save time and effort. Do not dive into a jewelry shop if you don't know what to purchase because this might confuse you.
  2. Choosing the type of gold metal is also a must. There are different types of men’s gold jewelry. You can choose to purchase men’s white gold jewelry or men’s yellow gold jewelry, depending on your choice. But remember, when selecting the type of gold jewelry, you should consider your most often worn outfits.
  3. Less is more. So when choosing gold men’s jewelry, try to choose a simple one that can bring your entire look to the next level.
  4. Selecting a versatile piece of men’s gold jewelry can help you look more alluring with your everyday look. Versatile and timeless pieces of men’s gold jewelry are excellent choices because these can last for years to come.

Jewelry nowadays is not only for women. Even in history, jewelry has already played a significant role in men’s lives. Nowadays, various jewelry types are available for men to choose to level up their look. And yes, selecting the right one can surely be overwhelming. Are you on a hunt looking for the perfect place to purchase good quality men’s gold jewelry? IceCarats is the ideal place for you! We offer a wide range of men’s gold jewelry that will suit your style and taste.

When to Wear Men’s Gold Jewelry?

Most men might wonder and be confused when they wear their gold jewelry. The answer is here! Below is a little help from IceCarats that you can follow when wearing men's gold jewelry.

  1. Gold necklaces for men are ideal for casual wear. But some types of necklaces can be worn during formal events, such as a midweight chain necklace that you can wear with or without a pendant.
  2. Rings can be worn every day regardless of what type of ring it may be. They are also an ideal add-on to any business or professional attire.
  3. Gold bracelets for men can help pull off a minimalist look. A minimal bracelet is an excellent way to finish a good fashion style.
  4. Different types of watches are considered everyday essentials of men. A stylish gent can wear his gold watch anytime he wants, regardless of the occasion and the attire he is wearing.
  5. Gold cufflinks and gold tie clips are ideal when wearing suits and attending formal events. These pieces of jewelry are the newest trend in the men's fashion world.