Diamond Jewelry

History of Diamond Jewelry

India is the place where a diamond is believed to have originated. Diamonds in India were not appreciated before because of their beauty or durability but because of their ability to refract light. As time went by, the different purposes of diamonds were sought out. Diamonds were made as talismans and decorations, and some believed that these came with medicinal value. Later on, diamonds evolved into a stone or an item valued by everyone during the Middle Ages. For more than many years, that diamond only existed in India. Alexander the Great, who happened to be Macedon's king during 327 BC, brought the first diamond from India to Europe. Centuries later, diamonds began to be incorporated into some jewelry pieces. The first diamond jewelry was made in the year 1074 and was found in a Hungarian queen crown. Diamond jewelry is rare during this time because only the well-formed diamonds were used in jewelry making. All others were discarded because nobody knew how to cut diamonds properly.

The evolution of diamonds in the jewelry world is also a long process. Many years before, a technique for cutting the diamond correctly was developed. After that, the place of diamond in the world of jewelry began to evolve rapidly. During the year 1477, a diamond ring was given as an engagement ring for the first time. And historians believe that this was when diamond rings became famous for engagement rings or the start of the tradition of a man proposing for marriage with a diamond ring. Although the original place where you can find the largest deposits of diamonds is in India, there are also large numbers of diamonds found in South Africa and Australia. Nowadays, diamonds are valued and appreciated because of their beauty, which is why they are commonly used today in making jewelry. Diamonds are forever, and although they don't serve their purpose of healing anymore, just like the old days, this stone's sturdiness conveys a message of the wearer's loyalty. 

Types of Diamond Jewelry

The same with us human beings; not all diamonds are created the same. When talking about diamonds, people often think about the differences like cut, color, carat, and clarity. But diamonds are not only classified by the 4C’s they possess but as well as their chemical properties and their atomic makeup. Below is the list of diamond types that exist in the jewelry market.

  1. White Diamond Jewelry is the most common type of diamond, usually used in weddings and as gifts or engagement jewelry. White diamonds are easy to find in most parts of the world in different shapes and sizes.
  2. Blue Diamond Jewelry - these diamonds are costly and are very rare to find. Years ago, fancy blue diamonds were custom and developed and started to be available in the market in a wide range of shades ranging from sky to blue sapphire, and until now, you can still purchase them in some jewelry stores.
  3. Pink Champagne Diamond Jewelry - these diamond jewelry types are beautiful and possess a secondary pink color. Jewelry made of pink champagne diamonds is much higher in price per carat.
  4. Yellow Diamond Jewelry - these are called canary diamonds. Ranging from rich canary colors to light yellow, these are often expensive—the more yellow the diamond in the jewelry.
  5. Orange Diamond Jewelry is energetic and vibrant; these types of diamond jewelry usually represent success and creativity. Orange diamonds come in a wide range of varieties that range from fancy orange to vivid orange diamonds.
  6. Synthetic Diamond Jewelry - human-made diamond jewelry that is only created in a lab. These diamond jewelry are not rare and valuable at the same time compared to a real diamond but still tend to be reasonably pricy or expensive.
  7. Purple Diamond Jewelry - most of the purple diamonds came from Australia, and it is believed that the color of purple diamonds is definitely natural. The colors of the jewelry made out of purple diamonds are not enhanced or artificially influenced by any factors.
  8. Green Diamond Jewelry - this is a natural diamond that originated in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.

In a world of jewelry, it is said that there is nothing more sparkling than diamonds. Who wouldn’t love a piece of jewelry made of diamonds? That’s why people often believe that diamonds are girls’ best friends because every girl in the world wishes to own a piece of jewelry embellished with this precious stone. Don’t prolong the agony, and have your diamond jewelry now at a very affordable price. Check out the website of IceCarats and discover the different types of jewelry designed with diamond stones that can add up to your everyday glam.

How to Choose Diamond Jewelry?

Choosing diamond jewelry is also challenging for anybody, especially if you want the best quality of diamond jewelry. The following tips are for anybody looking for diamond jewelry for themselves or their loved ones. Follow these guides to find stunning and elegant diamond jewelry.

  1. When choosing diamond jewelry, choose well your diamond shape. The shape of the diamond jewelry you are choosing is your personal reference or your partner’s. Remember that no shape is better than the other, so it’s up to you to choose the one that will suit your style and taste. Round cut diamonds are the most famous diamond shape, but you can also prefer a unique form such as a cushion or oval cut.
  2. Select well the carat weight of your chosen diamond jewelry. Carat weight will impact how large a diamond looks on your diamond jewelry selected. Choose the one that you are open to considering. Just don’t forget that when the weight of the carat increases, the price also does.
  3. The aspect that will impact the beauty of the diamond jewelry is its cut quality. Remember to narrow down on cut quality. Cut grades are not standardized among different jewelry stores.
  4. Determining the color grade range is also another thing to consider when selecting a piece of diamond jewelry. The goal with this factor is to choose a color grade that will appear white. It is important to always remember that different shapes of diamond jewelry can reflect different colors, so your choice of optimal color should balance the diamond’s appearance with the diamond’s shape and the price.
  5. Clarity grade selection is also important. Look for diamond jewelry that’s eye clean, meaning, if you are choosing diamond jewelry, it should be that you can’t see any blemishes or inclusions with your naked eye. Looking at the diamond closely will help you determine if you can see or notice any imperfections.
  6. You can also compare similar diamond jewelry to the one that you have in mind or already chosen. Once you have already narrowed down your references or your preferred diamond jewelry, compare it to some similar stones to determine which one to buy. Do this one if possible to reconsider some specs and aspects you might find in some other stones of the same jewelry you want.
  7. Getting an expert opinion is not a must, but if necessary, you can do so. Before making a big decision on purchasing diamond jewelry, have some opinions from experts to ensure that you can get the perfect diamond jewelry within your budget range. By doing this, you’ll be more confident about what you are buying.

Once you feel confident that you have already found the perfect diamond jewelry piece, buy it! Diamond jewelry may cost too much, but it’s always worth it. You can buy diamond jewelry online along with some other jewelry of your choice but make sure that you purchase or buy it from a reputable jewelry store. Suppose you are looking for a trusted and quality jewelry store online. In that case, IceCarats will help you save your time, effort, and of course, money because we can offer you very affordable diamond jewelry but with a top-quality appearance. 

When to Wear Diamond Jewelry?

Wearing a piece of jewelry regardless of what it is made of has become a part of both men's and women's everyday lives. If you have diamond jewelry, here are some tips that will help you make your decision easier when to wear your diamond jewelry properly.

  1. Small diamond earrings are relatively small in size but can make a big statement when worn. If you have a pair of diamond earrings, you need not worry about when to wear them because diamond earrings can be a match for almost any of your outfits.
  2. Diamond necklaces are one of the famous and most popular types of diamond jewelry. Having this type of necklace helps you pull off an elegant look. Wearing a diamond necklace on a blouse or dress is an excellent fashion choice. Diamond necklaces are also ideal for wearing on evening occasions.
  3. Bracelets are always visible when worn because they are worn on the hand. Diamond bracelets offer a more elegant look to your casual attire or formal attire.
  4. A final tip when to wear diamond jewelry: if you own any pieces of diamond jewelry and you think it can match with any of your looks, you can undoubtedly wear it without second thoughts. Most diamond jewelry is versatile, so whatever your look is, you can always pull it off with an excellent add-on to any diamond jewelry.

When buying diamond jewelry for yourself or a special someone, the best advice is to purchase from a reputable seller to give you peace of mind to purchase quality diamond jewelry. IceCarats is always willing to help you figure out and buy the best jewelry for you.