Diamond Earrings

History of Diamond Earrings

Diamonds were found in India during the 4th century and believed to have been formed 900 million years ago. At the time of the discovery, they were valued and appreciated because of their hardness and brilliance. Diamonds were used in making ornaments, cutting tools. Some ancient people believed that they are useful and powerful to ward off evil. In the dark ages, diamonds were used to protect every battle and cure illnesses and wounds. Throughout history, diamonds have already fascinated humankind because of their captivating beauty and heart-melting spark. Many people believe that diamonds symbolize eternal love and commitment, but they did not know that these precious gemstones embody much more. For many long years, there were many myths and superstitious beliefs surrounding diamonds, but one's for sure, they make the perfect pieces of jewelry. One famous type of diamond jewelry is diamond earrings. Diamond earrings are considered to always be in style and a timeless piece of jewelry. They come in various styles, sizes, and even in colors besides their traditional white color. For thousands and thousands of years, men and women have been wearing these earrings. Some preserved images show that humans wearing jewelry pieces, including different types of diamond earrings, started a very long time ago.

One of the famous diamond jewelry making names from history until now is diamond earrings. Nowadays, many diamond earrings for men and women have been embellished in the jewelry industry. It has become popular since ancient times. But during these days, diamond earrings for men are considered cool and trendy that are becoming innovative and upgraded as time goes by. Ancient people a long time ago, like Egyptians, used to wear diamond earrings. During their time, men’s earrings were diamond studs and drop earrings that they used to symbolize their status. Rulers were the only ones allowed to wear diamond earrings before because these precious stones appear expensive and considered worn only by people who can afford them. Today, diamond earrings are considered one of the precious jewelry worn by men and women of any status. They are also stapled jewelry that is present in most jewelry collections of anybody.

Types of Diamond Earrings

Over the years, diamond earrings have become a symbol of womanhood and identification for men and women. Diamond earrings are additional jewelry pieces a person can wear that bring out grace, elegance, and beauty to the wearer. The following are some types of diamond earrings that you can choose from, whether buying for a special someone or giving yourself another treat.

  1. Diamond Stud Earrings - Diamond stud earrings or diamond studs are among the most popular and commonly used earrings. These earrings are small and simple, fit to be used every day. Diamond stud earrings sizes and shapes vary to the wearer's preference. Owning these earrings can help glam up any outfit because they do not overdo your look because of their simplicity.
  2. Diamond Hoop Earrings - these earrings seem to never go out of style because of their distinctive shapes. Diamond hoop earrings come in different sizes that range from tiny to large hoops. These earrings are a bit more subtle and sophisticated and very suitable to be worn at an evening event.
  3. Diamond Huggie Earrings - technically speaking, diamond huggie earrings belong to the category of hoop earrings. The only difference is, these are thicker than diamond hoop earrings. They are called "huggies" because they usually hug the earlobes of the wearer.
  4. Diamond J-hoop Earrings - these earrings are also under the type of hoop earrings, but these are not full circle in shape. It displays a partial circle that looks like a letter J because the earring's back is open.
  5. Diamond Drop Earrings - diamond drop earrings are earrings that drop just below the wearer's earlobe. These earrings are not usually large and often in one piece, which looks a lot like dangle earrings.
  6. Diamond Dangle Earrings - diamond dangle earrings can be drop earrings, but a pair of drop earrings can never be dangle. Drop earrings are not moveable, unlike dangles. Diamond dangle earrings typically hang below under the wearer's earlobe and usually move. There are many types of these earrings, which vary in size and style. Some are short and modest, and others are bigger with multiple layers. Big diamond dangle earrings are also called "shoulder dusters" because they sort of dust the wearer's shoulder.
  7. Diamond Chandelier Earrings - these earrings drip off to lavish someone's earlobe. They hang like light fixtures, and just like the chandelier in the ceilings, these can draw attention because of their beauty. Diamond chandelier earrings are not ideal for everyday use, but they are a smart choice during formal and festive events or occasions.
  8. Day and Night Diamond Earrings - these earrings consist of various parts, which means there are many ways to wear them. Day and night diamond earrings are known under different names. You can call these day and night diamond earrings because some parts can be worn during the day and the night because there is a separate detachable part of these earrings.
  9. Black Diamond Earrings - black diamonds are one of the most famous colored diamonds used in making jewelry. Men usually wear these earrings but only one piece and not a pair. These are also real diamonds having the same composition as the colorless diamonds. Black diamond earrings are rare types of diamond earrings.

With the wide range of diamond earrings available nowadays, choosing the perfect pair you want can sometimes be daunting and overwhelming. But the good thing is that knowing where you can choose from will help you pick the best pair of diamond earrings, whether it be for yourself or a special someone. If you are unsure where to buy diamond earrings, you can try to visit our website by logging in to IceCarats.com. Be astonished and in awe with the top-quality and gorgeous pair of diamond earrings we can offer!

How to Choose Diamond Earrings?

Knowing how to choose diamond earrings correctly will help you pick the perfect pair. Selecting from the vast array of diamond earrings can be overwhelming, that you can't properly decide what to buy. Worry no more because the following tips below will help you choose the perfect pair.

  1. The color of the diamonds in your earrings is important. When choosing diamond studs, remember that they sit close to your hairline, so it means they can naturally reflect your hair color. To avoid complicating your earrings' color and hair, choose a pair of colorless diamond earrings.
  2. Considering the clarity of the diamonds when buying earrings is also another factor. Clarity is the blemishes in the diamonds, so when purchasing diamond earrings, choose the ones on the lower end of the clarity scale.
  3. The diamond cut will also affect the symmetry and proportions of the earrings. The sparkle of the earrings will depend on their cut. Choose a pair of diamond earrings with excellent cuts to keep your jewelry shine the way you want.
  4. When buying any diamond jewelry, carats are always a thing to consider. Carats refers to the weight of diamond stones present in a piece of jewelry. If you’re reaching to get the most out of your buck, choose a pair of earrings that will give you a stunning and dazzling look. Choosing a pair of earrings with carats under half and whole carat marks will save you a significant amount of cash.
  5. Setting your budget before you purchase a pair of diamond earrings will help you choose easily. Diamond earrings are quite expensive, so better set the right amount to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Buying diamond earrings is somehow different from purchasing other semi-precious earrings because diamonds are more valuable and expensive. IceCarats hopes that the guide above will help you understand the important factors to get the best pair of diamond earrings. If you want to experience hassle-free shopping, visit our website IceCarats.com!

When to Wear Diamond Earrings?

A long time ago, diamond earrings were only worn during special occasions. Now, you can wear these every day! The following may help you decide when to wear your diamond earrings properly.

  1. Diamond stud earrings are versatile for any event, which means that you can wear them all the time.
  2. Diamond drop earrings and diamond hoop earrings are versatile depending on their sizes. Larger hoop diamond earrings are more suitable for special occasions, while a pair of small hoop earrings are safe to wear every day.
  3. Diamond earrings that are colorless work great with other jewelry embellished with colorful gemstones.
  4. Diamond earrings also look excellent with all-black or any dark outfits. This will help you pull off a look with extra sparkle.
  5. Diamond earrings are also ideal for a casual look. They will look classy even when you are only wearing a white t-shirt or jeans.
  6. All types of diamond earrings are ideal for an evening event. Diamond earrings illuminate gracefully and enhance brilliance more during the night.