Claddagh Rings

History of Claddagh Rings

Claddagh rings or known to be Irish Claddagh Rings, are the traditional Irish rings considered a symbol of heritage and three beautiful sentiments: love, loyalty, and friendship. Some couples used these rings a long time ago as an engagement or wedding ring because the symbolism makes them perfect for your loved one. It features a heart, crown, and hands. These Irish rings were believed to have been dated back to the 17th century and originated in the little village called Claddagh, located in County Galway, Ireland. This is where Claddagh rings get its name. Many stories regarding Claddagh Ring's origin and birth were told, but one of the famous stories is about the Joyce family. Historians believed that Claddagh rings were discovered because of Richard Joyce. He was working as a silversmith, and the first Claddagh ring was found with his initials. Because of Richard Joyce's talent, Algerians were captured and became slaves to a Moorish goldsmith. After being released as a slave, Joyce returned to Galway, and he created one of the world's famous designs of rings, the Irish Claddagh ring.

Another story linked Claddagh rings to Joyce's name is when Margaret Joyce is believed to have inherited wealth from her husband named Domingo de Rona. Her husband happened to be a wealthy Spanish merchant who went to the city of Galway for trading. After her husband's death, Margaret Joyce returned to Galway and used all her fortune to build bridges there and in Sligo. Many years passed, she got married again to the Mayor of Galway, Oliver Og French, which is when the first Claddagh ring believed to originate when an eagle dropped it into her lap. People believed that the Claddagh ring was a gift or a reward for Margaret Joyce because of her excellent work and charity. Whatever people consider being true about the Claddagh ring, the fact that it is an ultimate symbol of love and unity will always remain.

Nowadays, the designs of Irish Claddagh rings have evolved and changed because of technology. There are various interpretations of the original design that allow jewelers to create their imagination of Claddagh rings. But its meaning continues to remain and signify a unique connection for the three sentiments mentioned. Long before social media and technology updates, Claddagh rings were already used to express relationship status. The enduring and fantastic symbols of love, loyalty, and friendship are essential until today. These rings are classic and contemporary pieces that can make gorgeous heirlooms, which everyone will undoubtedly enjoy and love.

Types of Claddagh Rings

Traditional Claddagh rings were made of gold or silver, but with today's technology, there are many ways that these are crafted. These were designed and stylized to meet and reflect on the current fashion statement and style. You can find various classic styles of Claddagh rings that are always relevant and modern. Learn more about the following types of Claddagh rings that can signify the symbol of love.

  1. Claddagh Ring with Celtic Knot - this is the most traditional and famous type of Claddagh rings. It features a Celtic knot design that wraps around the finger and is fixed to the heart and crown, instead of having two hands holding a heart. Celtic knots represent many things such as faith, love, friendship, loyalty, and sometimes the Holy Trinity. This is also used as an engagement ring.
  2. Claddagh Ring with Gemstones - is the type that uses or adds gemstones to a plain ring. In this ring, the gems add a pop of color to the ring design and add value and beauty to the ring and make it stand out. The heart symbol can be substituted with a heart-shaped gemstone to make it even more meaningful. Some famous examples of this ring type are Ruby Claddagh rings and Sapphire Claddagh rings.
  3. Claddagh Wedding Ring Set - Claddagh wedding ring sets are available in many jewelry shops nowadays. Some of these types feature a detachable crown and can already form a wedding ring on its own. The heart and hands can also create a complete Claddagh design in this set but can be worn as separate rings. Having this type of Claddagh ring set will give you a unique way to wear the traditional Claddagh ring design.
  4. Wooden Claddagh Ring - is the rarest and one of the unique types of Claddagh ring because it is hard to find. It's a typical wooden ring with an engraved Claddagh design on it. Some people choose to have this type because it is durable and affordable and has a minimalist approach when worn.
  5. Rustic Minimalist Claddagh Ring - is ideal for some people who want to be minimalistic. It has a simple ring style that will undoubtedly delight someone drawn to simple and minimalist designs. Different metal tones, including stainless steel Claddagh rings, can stylize this ring uniquely because of the added rustic finish that adds texture.
  6. Chunky Claddagh Ring is the type of Claddagh ring that keeps all the traditional elements and adds some fresh and modern twist to the ring, making it fun and interesting.
  7. Skeletal Claddagh Ring - this type of Claddagh ring is not for everyone, but people seeing this ring admits that the design is intriguing and eye-catching. This features skeletal hands and a heart that can be interpreted by the wearer as "till death do us part."

You don't need to be Irish for you to wear Claddagh rings. With many options available, anyone who wants to purchase this ring can do it. The Claddagh ring's symbol has transcended worldwide boundaries and has already become a universal symbol of love and friendship. If you are looking for a place to purchase Claddagh rings, whether for yourself or a special someone, visit our website and be embellished with the different types of Claddagh rings we can offer.

How to Choose Claddagh Rings?

Choosing any jewelry can sometimes be a daunting thing, especially if the jewelry piece is new to you. Claddagh rings are unique types of rings, and not anyone has ideas about how to pick the right Claddagh ring correctly. If you plan to buy one, consider the tips below to help you purchase the best Claddagh rings.

  1. When choosing any ring, picking the correct size is a crucial part of everything. Always know your or your special someone's finger ring's right size to avoid choosing the wrong size. It will help you save time returning the ring or resizing it when you already know what you're about to purchase.
  2. Choosing the metal type of the Claddagh ring is also another thing to consider. Some people are allergic to some metal type, so you need to know what will suit your skin and not give you allergies.
  3. Although picking the style you want is a subjective thing to do, choosing the Claddagh ring style that suits your taste and personality will help narrow down your choices on getting the perfect one. From the traditional to modern designs of Claddagh rings, you have an extensive option to choose from.
  4. Pick a Claddagh ring that will match with your other jewelry. If you are buying for a special someone, be observant enough to know the different types of jewelry they are wearing so that when you are about to purchase a Claddagh ring for them, you will be able to select the one that will match their other jewelry. 

Wearing a Claddagh ring does not limit showing off the Irish heritage because not everyone who wears this ring is Irish. It shows that you value the three symbols conveyed by the ring. Some may wear it as mere ornaments, but others may wear it because of the symbolism it expresses. Picking the right and perfect Claddagh ring may be a little tricky, but with the help of little thoughts IceCarats can give, it's possible to choose the best Claddagh ring you are looking for. If you want to satisfy your cravings for Claddagh rings, visit our website, and you will experience the top-quality and best pieces.

When to Wear a Claddagh Ring?

Claddagh rings are beautiful rings that can be worn any way you want regardless of the occasion and the outfit you are wearing. In other words, they belong to versatile pieces of jewelry that can be used as simple ornaments every day. For both males and females who prefer to use Claddagh rings daily, there is no specific rule that stops them, and they can freely wear it anytime. But if you are interested in Claddagh rings and you want to know deeper when to wear them on the right or left hand properly, these are few things to follow:

  1. You can wear a Claddagh ring on your left finger with the bottom heart pointing towards you when you want to convey a message that you are happily married.
  2. When you are engaged, you can also let others know by wearing a Claddagh ring on your right ring finger and making sure that the crown symbol is close to your wrist and the bottom of the heart is pointing outward.
  3. A Claddagh ring on your right hand is always reserved if you are single, meaning not yet engaged and not yet married. Wearing a Claddagh ring on your ring finger with the heart pointing outward says that your heart is open to having a relationship with someone. 

Whatever way you want to wear your Claddagh ring, you always have the options. Feel free to explore regardless of your civil status, an occasion to attend to, or outfits. The following mentioned above are just some of the tips you can follow if you want. How to wear and wear a Claddagh ring is always up to you.