Charm Bracelets

History of the Charm Bracelet

One of the many types of bracelets is the charm bracelet. This type of bracelet is said to be worn as long as 600 t0 400 BC. Charm bracelets are still popular today. This bracelet may have evolved over the years, but the bracelet's primary concept remains the same, a bracelet with personalized charms attached to it. The charms known during prehistoric times were most likely believed to bring good luck or make the wearer happy. The earliest charms were crafted from wood, bones, or even stones and designed with some shells or gemstones found in the surroundings. The ancient charm bracelets were discovered in Africa, Europe, and some other parts of the world. Assyrians and Babylonians also wore charm bracelets during their time. They attached tiny charms on their leather cord bracelets. Way back years ago, charm bracelets were not only worn as ornaments, but they were also used as identifiers. Early Christians have a fish-shaped charm on their bracelets to be identified that they are Christians. Jewish also did the same thing. They also wore small charms that bore passages of Jewish.

However, the role of charm bracelets changed over time from practical use as means of warding off evil to a purely aesthetic purpose when one famous Queen named Queen Victoria brought a charm bracelet to the fashion world. She loved jewelry so much and became why charm bracelets were worn by the elite class of people in Europe. Charm bracelets became famous in her time because she always loved to give charm bracelets as gifts aside from wearing them. The upper class in Europe began to love wearing charm bracelets to be like the Queen and flaunt their wealth. One significant charm bracelet that Queen Victoria owned was the one she made and called her "mourning bracelet" for her life's love. She took a miniature photo of Prince Albert and put it inside a locket, and used it as a charm on her bracelet. Because Queen Victoria was fascinated with charm bracelets, these became very popular among other luxurious fashion items.

Nowadays, charm bracelets are being worn by most ladies in all parts of the world. It became even more popular also with young celebrities. Charm bracelets were used today as part of charities, showing some religious affiliation and just plain addition to anyone's style and outfit. Charm bracelets are considered the most treasured jewelry that can be a keepsake of treasured memories, achievements, romances, and other significant occasions. Charm bracelets for women reflect not only their fashion style but also their dreams, hopes, and goals and eventually tell more about themselves as they continue to grow and experience life. Like people of early civilization, charm bracelets nowadays adorn many classical and gorgeous fashion styles.

Types of Charm Bracelets

Personalized jewelry is classic pieces that can embellish anyone’s daily look. Charm bracelets are a unique and gorgeous type of bracelet because these bracelets are considered custom charm bracelets. After all, the wearer can choose the charms they want that reflect their style and personality. Listed below are some types of charm bracelets that you can choose from.

  1. Link Charm Bracelet - this type is the most classic type of charm bracelet. These are designed to be used with clip-on charms. These types of charm bracelets are typically made from metal or glass with a clasp to secure them. Silver charm bracelets and sterling silver charm bracelets are a few examples of this type. Link charm can be customized with your own choice of charms. Some charms used for this charm bracelet were hearts, stars, crosses, and others used feathers.
  2. Snake Charm Bracelet - this type of charm bracelet is made from a cord-like metal chain. The charms on this bracelet are like beads with a large hole in the middle. The wearer can customize this by buying strings and whichever beads they want.
  3. Italian Charm Bracelet - this type of charm bracelet is quite different from the traditional ones. An Italian charm bracelet is designed with flat links rather than charms that dangle from the bracelet. The overall look of this charm bracelet is similar to a metal watchband.
  4. Traditional Charm Bracelet - the most common type of charm bracelet is the gold charm bracelet. This type is made from metals like gold, silver, and copper. The charms attached to this bracelet can be anything of your choice - can be religious charms, animals, or any theme you want that matches your style.
  5. European Charm Bracelet - has similarity with Italian charm bracelets. Still, the only difference is that this bracelet's charms are rounded pieces, while charms in Italian charm bracelets are rectangular.
  6. Leather Charm Bracelet - is the latest type of charm bracelet with a different look than others, wherein it uses a piece of leather as a bracelet's base rather than metal chains. This can give a rebel look to the wearer because of its style.
  7. Birthstone Charm Bracelet is a trendy type of charm bracelet that is also personalized because it’s designed with the wearer's birthstone.
  8. Bangle Charm Bracelet - this type of charm bracelet is simply a bangle bracelet designed with cute and gorgeous charm.

With so many types of charm bracelets available, the tricky thing is deciding what to buy. What’s more important is that the wearer will choose the charm bracelet to reflect their hobbies, personality, and fashion taste. From kids' charm bracelets to women’s and men’s charm bracelets, IceCarats has it all. Just visit their website and enjoy the beauty of their charm bracelet collection. 

How to Choose the Perfect Charm Bracelet?

A charm bracelet is a classic piece of jewelry that will showcase your personality and significant life moments. With this bracelet on your wrist, it can reflect who you are in simple pieces. Before you start buying your charm bracelet, try to remember the following things on how to choose a charm bracelet correctly.

  1. Choose a bracelet chain that will suit your taste and style and will complement most of your wardrobe.
  2. The essential things on a charm bracelet are the charms. Choose well the charms that will add beauty to your bracelet chain.
  3. Select a charm bracelet that is meaningful and trendy. Pick the one that best represents your style and personality.
  4. Match your charms to create a beautiful look on your charm bracelet.
  5. Don’t forget to consider the clasp for the security and safety of your bracelet.

When to Wear Charm Bracelets?

You can wear a bracelet charm daily. If you decide to make your charm bracelet as your daily go-to bracelet, make sure that it matches your outfit and fits on your wrist. Putting your charm bracelet on your wrist every day can level up your fashion statement. Be sure that it fits you well and not too snug on you so that it will not be lost or will not be destroyed in your everyday routine. Charm bracelets can also be worn on any formal occasion depending on what charms your bracelet has. As long as you know how to style and pull off a unique fashion look, you’re okay wearing charm bracelets every day.