Bead And Beaded Bracelets

History of Bead Bracelets

Bracelets have been part of history since 7,000 years ago. These ornaments were believed to have originated from Egypt, Mesopotamia, and China. The early bracelets were made from grasses, slender trees, and shells. The first dynasty's time, bracelets made of gold and silver decorated with stones, have been used by Egyptians already. During this time, bracelets were worn to show social status. Bracelets also were worn as decorative accessories during ritual jewelry. One fun fact about ancient bracelets is that they were sometimes buried in the deceased person's tombs as part of their possession. Transitioned from the first dynasty to the Middle Ages, cuffs became popular. These were seen worn by ancient Greeks on the upper part of their arm as decoration. Soldiers of Greece wear cuffs as part of their uniform for protection and later adopted by Romans too. Bracelets spread across Europe and became the most famous and favorite jewelry, especially among men. Bracelets became more affordable because of mass production and high demand. Women and girls adorned charm bracelets made of gold and sterling silver during the 20th century.

The ancient history of bracelets played a significant role in today’s kinds of bracelets. There are lots of innovations that occurred nowadays. The most common material used for making bracelets in this modern time is silver. There are lots of bracelets made of silver because they are less expensive than gold. Today’s young people often wear simple bracelets that adorn their everyday wear, and some wear bracelets with precious and dazzling stones during special occasions. Bracelets before have been used for a lot of purposes, especially in cultural and religious services. Today, different kinds of bracelets are worn by everyone. Classical and decorated with stones, bracelets have become a basic accessory for both men and women from gold and silver.

Modern bracelets also come in various types and styles. One of them is the well known beaded bracelet. Beaded bracelets can be traced back to prehistoric times. It is believed that beaded bracelets originated from American Indians. They used to mine turquoise and use it to make some beaded bracelets. After the colonization, more modern materials and beads were added in creating and making beaded bracelets. Glass beads were also added in making beaded bracelets with the help of some advancements in technology. Today, the making of beaded bracelets is gradually developing. Some make it their hobby and others as their collections. Mostly adorn and used by women, beaded bracelets can be found easily in the market and online. The use of plastics, glass, and other popular metals are all used in making beaded bracelets. The most popular beaded bracelets today are the so-called glass beads. Beaded bracelets are considered one of the most famous accessories today. In recent times, bead materials have evolved and are also available in various types. There are different beads and charms for bracelets used nowadays. Some use leather and bead bracelets, some strings, and bead bracelets depending on how these beaded bracelets reflect their personalities.

Whatever kind of beaded bracelet you choose for whatever reason, there are always many options you can choose from. You will undoubtedly find the one which you will love the most or for your special someone. Beaded bracelets can add a nice touch and uniqueness to your everyday look. This kind of bracelet can also make an excellent birthday gift to a woman or a lady of any age. The IceCarats can provide you with a lot of choices of beaded bracelets. You can visit our website and discover the quality and gorgeous beaded bracelets for you.

Types of Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets are always considered to be in fashion. Beads were used not only in bracelets but also in bags, jackets, pendants, and even shoes. Beaded bracelets come in different types, sizes, and styles. Beaded bracelets can be categorized according to the finished they are made of. These are the following:

  1. Transparent Beaded Bracelets - clear or colored glass beads that allow light to pass through.
  2. Opaque Beaded Bracelet - the opposite of the transparent beaded bracelet.
  3. Lustre Finish Bracelet - a high gloss finish usually done on a transparent bead.
  4. Matte Finish Beaded Bracelet - a non-shiny texture that has a smooth finish.
  5. Satin Finish Beaded Bracelet - this is a kind of finish on a beaded bracelet that is shimmery.
  6. Silver-lined Beaded Bracelet - these are beaded bracelets that have a mirror-like lining inside of the bead.
  7. Galvanised Finish Beaded Bracelet - a type of beaded bracelet with a metallic finish.
  8. Supra Finish Beaded Bracelet - this is the type of beaded bracelet with a frosted looking finish.
  9. Fire-Polished Finish Beaded Bracelet - This kind of beaded bracelet's primary process is that beads are treated with heat to achieve a glossy finish.
  10. Ghost Finish Beaded Bracelet somehow is one of the famous beaded bracelets because it is a matte finish that shows a rainbow effect color on the bracelets' beads.
  11. Color lined Finish Beaded Bracelet - this is a two-toned bead displaying one color inside, and the other one is outside.
  12. Ceylon Finish Beaded Bracelet - this is usually used in soft pastel color beads.The following are the different types of beaded bracelets according to the beads used.
  1. Seed Beads Bracelet - this type of beaded bracelet uses small round shaped beads made of glass. These beads come in a variety of colors.
  2. Cylinder Beads Bracelet - a beaded bracelet that uses a tube-shaped bead with a large hole, also called Toho or Delica bead.
  3. Crystal Beads Bracelet - one best example of this kind of beads is the Swarovski crystal beads. These are cut glass beads that give the bracelet a refractive quality.
  4. Bugle Beads Bracelet - types of beads that are long and shaped like tubes and are commonly used to make beaded bracelets.
  5. Roundel Beads Bracelet - these are flat donut beads that are usually used as spacer beads.
  6. Bali Beads Bracelet - these are handmade sterling silver beads made initially from Bali, Indonesia. These beads are often also used as spacers when making beaded jewelry.
  7. Cultured Pearl Bracelet - cultured pearls are fine quality harvested pearls from farmed mussels used in making beaded bracelets.
  8. Metal Beads Bracelet -of all the metal beads, silver is the most popular. These are beads used in making beaded bracelets that often come in silver metal.
  9. Rhinestones Bracelet - these types of beads are flatback crystals with holes.
  10. Wood Beads Bracelet - colorful beads that are made into different shapes and made from woods.
  11. Drop Beads Bracelet - these are types of beads found on beaded bracelets shaped like pear or raindrop.
  12. Faceted Beads Bracelet - these beads catch the light on all sides because they are faceted on all sides, making them luminous.
  13. Lampwork Beads Bracelet - these are handcrafted beads that are exquisitely gorgeous. The process makes them melt the glass with the use of the torch. Different colors of glass are melted together, forming patterns of a visible surface on beads.
  14. Pony Beads Bracelet - inexpensive large beads that are mostly made of plastics. Generally, these types of beads were used on kids' jewelry.

Aside from the different types of beads used in making beaded bracelets, you can also categorize beaded bracelets by the beads' color. These include black and white bead bracelets, red and black bead bracelets, or black and gold bead bracelets.

DIY beaded bracelets are an excellent gift for a special someone. Like the embroidery thread and bead bracelet or friendship bracelets with strings and beads, these can make a special gift to anyone close to your heart. If you want to make something as a special gift, you can always make a beaded bracelet out of different beads and materials. But you don't need to exhaust yourself by making your own beaded bracelets because you can have a beaded bracelet by buying one at IceCarats. You can visit the website of IceCarats and buy the perfect beaded bracelet you want.

How to Choose the Perfect Beaded Bracelet

Color and texture are the main factors to consider when you are choosing a beaded bracelet. However, there are some things to remember when selecting a beaded bracelet to complement your everyday look.

  1. The first thing you need to do or remember is to know the size of your wrist or the size of the special someone you are gifting with before buying a bracelet. The bracelet's standard size measures 7 inches, but there are longer and shorter bracelets depending on the person.
  2. Start looking for the beads that you love. Great pieces of beaded bracelets start with great beads. When you already find the beads that have moved you and make you fall in love, you are one step closer to choosing the right beaded bracelet for you.
  3. Always think about the elements that will match with your chosen bead. This is necessary to create balance in your beaded bracelet.
  4. The clasp of your beaded bracelet is also essential. Choose the claps that are sturdy and can secure your beaded bracelet from getting lost.
  5. Choose the right string material when buying a beaded bracelet. There are many different types of jewelry strings, and you need to choose the one that’s best for your beaded bracelet.
  6. When choosing a beaded bracelet, the sizes of the beads also matter. Various beads have different sizes, so it’s essential always to make sure that the beads' sizes on your chosen beaded bracelet fit your style, taste, and outfit.
  7. All of the materials used in the beaded bracelet aside from beads shall be considered too. Make sure that it can be used with any of your wardrobes, and the metals used can give you a more contemporary look.
  8. If you want to own a versatile beaded and go with your outfits, choose one that matches your other accessories.
  9. When you select a piece of a beaded bracelet to wear, make sure you always consider the event or the occasion you are attending. Some beaded bracelets can be your daily go-to piece, but be careful when matching a beaded bracelet when attending a special event.
  10. The last thing but not the least to remember is that whenever you are wearing your beaded bracelet, make sure that you are comfortable. Finding the perfect piece of beaded bracelet not only means fashion and style, but you should also always choose the one you are comfortable to wear.

A beaded bracelet has become a significant part of the fashion world. This kind of bracelet can be paired with almost any outfit. Beaded bracelets are perfect for an extra touch on your daily outfit. Beaded bracelets are usually unique and special so that you can have them according to your liking. Just remember that whatever beaded bracelet you choose can be a good match for your style. When you are looking for a beaded bracelet, you can visit IceCarats and see our beaded bracelet's gorgeous collection and be in awe!

When to wear Bead Bracelets?

Beaded bracelets are the quiet hero of both men and women in pulling off a one-of-a-kind look. Some beaded bracelets may convey different meanings, but the common reason people are wearing it is that it’s comfortable to wear and suit any occasion. Below are some tips you can follow, or you can bear in mind when to wear your favorite beaded bracelet at a specific event and pair one with some of your favorite outfits.

  1. If you are wearing pastel-colored dresses, you can wear beaded bracelets with pastel beads or stones. These kinds of beaded bracelets are easy to pull off for your right fashion style.
  2. When attempting to attend a formal event or occasion, you can wear a pearl beaded bracelet and your favorite black formal dress. This will give you a sophisticated and elegant look.
  3. Wear your beaded bracelet with your sleeve or your office attire and represent a fashion statement that anyone would be jealous of.
  4. Your beaded bracelet can also match your casual attire or “having a coffee with a friend” attire. A string of black and gold bead bracelet can accentuate your simple look.
  5. Beaching is never complete without wearing accessories. Wear your opaque beaded bracelet or glass beaded bracelet with your favorite swimsuit, and be ready to get compliments from your friends and colleagues.

You might think that beaded bracelets are mostly for kids, but now that you have learned a lot about beaded bracelets, it’s high time to have one. Visit the website of IceCarats and be amazed by the beautiful collections of beaded bracelets that will surely capture your attention. Hopefully, the guides provided have helped you to learn a little more about beaded bracelets. Just follow the guide or steps we described above and visit our page today, and you’ll be on your way to getting the perfect look paired with the right beaded bracelet.