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History of Adjustable Rings

Almost 5000 years ago, the first known culture where people would exchange "rings of love" is ancient Egypt. Did you know that the first examples of wedding rings were found in ancient Egypt civilization? These rings made of woven reeds or leather led the Egyptians to believe that this is a powerful symbol. Relics dating to 6,000 years ago, including papyrus scrolls, are proof of the exchange of braided rings of cloth or reeds between spouses. 

Jewelers or Goldsmiths have been eagerly trying to create devices that will work on the process of allowing a ring to pass over an enlarged knuckle for generations. This task has been combined with the need for the ring to remain comfortable enough on the finger,thus, helping to prevent rotation when in place.. Simply making a larger ring will not meet this requirement. The design of this ring must be expandable and permitted to open and close. The ring should not only look mechanical,but also, it must look astonishingly fashionable. With arthritis, performing such simple chores as opening a pill container to take pain medication can be challenging. This makes designing and selecting adjustable rings difficult. If the mechanism of the ring is complicated, it can be excruciating to operate.

In the 1970s, The Adjusto Shank was developed and marketed by Karlan and Bleicher. This die-struck product is an expanding shank that opens up to slide over the finger joint and adjusts it  to fit the finger. On September 5, 1882, R. J. La Grange invented this design of the ring. This is a fascinating invention that advocates a strong watchmaking background on the part of the designer.  The ring is based on the rack and pinion system. On February 5, 1884, the next ring was invented by Lewkowitz. In this case, as he calls it, the stone frame has pockets on each side for the shank. The shank can glide in and out of the pockets to attain the ideal fit. Once that is accomplished, the shank is locked in place with tiny set screws. These set screws drop into small dimples evenly spaced on the side of the band. Also, in 1884, the design of Heinrich Heinrich was patented a few days after that of Lewkowitz. This invention also made use of a simple screw. Allan Creates developed the "Perfectly Fabulous Fit ring clasp'' in 1989. 

In the present times, adjustable rings with different designs are very prevalent, and one of the most admired jewelry worldwide. 

Types of Adjustable Rings

Just like the other traditional rings, Adjustable Rings are made of various materials that you can choose from. There are adjustable rings that are made from sterling silver and the adjustable ring made from gold. These are the types of adjustable rings for both men and women that you can choose from depending on your preference.

Adjustable rings for arthritic fingers - This kind of adjustable ring is specially made for people with arthritic fingers. It is caused by a disease called Rheumatoid arthritis, in which the joint lining becomes inflamed as a result of the body's auto-immune system. 

Adjustable toe rings - It is believed that wearing adjustable toe rings to regulate the menstrual cycle of women, increases the chances of conception, as the slight pressure on the second toe ensures a healthy uterus.

Whatever your need or style, IceCarats offers a variety of adjustable rings for you to pick from. Here with us, we provide striking adjustable rings made of different elements that will provide lasting comfort.

How to Choose the Perfect Adjustable Ring? 

Before purchasing an Adjustable ring, there are some essential factors to consider. Take a look at these recommendations on how to determine the perfect adjustable ring for you: 

  1. Material - A significant factor in  choosing an adjustable ring is the type of material you prefer. What gemstones or ornaments that you want for your ring.
  2. Quality - Looking for a smooth ring is essential. . Especially, as you will wear this on your fingers that may already have an ailment. If you have purchased an adjustable ring or any kind of ring, there is a possibility that a bump or sharp edge  could cause a rash or irritate your skin.You can check this by sliding your fingers around the edge of the ring for any defects.
  3. Design - Every jewelry that you wear will affect your look. Choose a ring that compliments your fingers and hand shape. If you are planning to give this to your loved ones in the future, look for a design that everyone would love.
  4. Fit - It is essential to check the fit of the ring you will purchase. See to it that it perfectly fits on your fingers, to avoid any slipping while wearing it. Because this is an adjustable ring, you just have to make sure that it is adjusted for your finger perfectly. 

Occasions / When to Wear Adjustable Rings?

Here are some guides to follow when choosing where or when to wear an adjustable ring to accentuate a stylish fashion. 

  • The eye-catching and elegant appearance of the adjustable ring crafted from quality sterling silver makes it a good fit for business wear. It will surely bring sparkle on your fingers and complete your style.
  • If you want to achieve a luxurious casual look, a 14k gold adjustable ring partnered with your flowy dress is most suitable. An ideal look for a dinner date with your special someone.
  • When going out for dinner with your special someone or with colleagues. You can use a glistening adjustable sterling silver  ring to accentuate and complete your attire. It is a simple but elegant accessory that will give sparkle to your outfit. You can also match this with birthstone earrings to make it even more attractive and stunning.

Adjustable rings have been well-known for decades because of providing a quick way to add style and glamour to any outfit. A manifestation of its enduring popularity is that men and women can wear almost any ring and mix or match them to create limitless new looks and styles. Although this adjustable ring is supremely versatile, it is essential to wear the right type of ring, to avoid jewelry that conflicts with clothing or is unnecessary for the occasion.