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List of Differences between Diamonds and Pearls

List of Differences between Diamonds and Pearls

Now the big question right now is here: will it be diamonds or pearls? Which is preferable and beautiful? What would you prefer if you're given a chance? These two natural gemstones, pearls, and diamonds are often compared next to each other. Which is better? Here's the ultimate match: diamonds vs. pearls.

Two Different Trinkets


When it comes to the jewelry world, pearl jewelry and diamond jewelry's beauty remains a classic. Pearls are a reminder of anything classy and anything vintage-inspired. The white natural gem is a certified favorite for those who want to keep their fashion on the classy side. Royalty, fashion icons, and ordinary people (thanks to costume pearl jewelry pieces) all love pearls. However, they also feel the same for the diamond jewelry pieces. Diamonds are iconic; it has long since been one of the favorite crystal gemstones in the market. This sparkly gem is a top choice for engagement rings, wedding bands, or everyday use. Both diamonds and pearls have a beauty of their own. However, there are still differences between diamonds and pearls that people can't keep comparing them.

The beauty of pearls and the beauty of diamonds

Personally, I could choose pearl jewelry over diamonds on certain events. I can also do just the same for diamond jewelry pieces if occasion permits me to do so. For example, I want to exude the aura of confidence, sophistication, and the message that I am one modern woman you shouldn't mess up with. I'll wear my diamond stud earrings or my diamond bangles. Nothing can beat the diamond bling impression when it comes to making a modern woman look fashion ready wherever she is. However, if I want a more subtle, classy, lady-like look, I'll grab myself some pearl necklace, thank you very much. When you slip on a string of pearls, there's always a sudden feeling of "Oooh, va va vintage!" I am immediately transported to the golden age of Old Hollywood, letting me sip some of that vintage glam so prominent during this time. A giant pair of pearl earrings is my go-to jewelry whenever I feel like my clothes need a classy look. Interestingly, my choice for pearls or diamonds is clearly defined based on how I feel and how I wanted to look.

Why pearls and diamonds are compared

Perhaps the reason why diamonds and pearls are endlessly compared is that some of the best pieces in the jewelry world comprise these two gemstones. There are pearl chokers and diamond chokers. If you're looking for a ring, you can always go for the traditional diamond ring sparkle or go for the pearl rings' antique-like charm. A diamond stud earring is a fashion favorite, and so is a pearl stud. Price is also a big factor between diamonds and pearls. Some people feel that the price discrepancy between the two makes people decide easier. But does it help? Here are some main facts about diamonds and pearls and their main differences.


1. The sparkle

Perhaps an obvious reason why people go for diamond jewelry is that it can sparkle. Yes, the sparkle of a diamond ring is enough to launch a thousand ships. This difference between diamonds and pearls often is the deal-breaker if you're in a jewelry store. Surely, who could ever resist the shiny glitters of a well-cut diamond ring? I'd take that every day, you know.

2. It is durable

One thing that makes diamond jewelry stand out over pearls is that it is considered more durable. Diamonds receive a Mohs' hardness rating of 10, meaning it can stand scratching from other less durable materials. People not only go for its undeniable sparkle but for its ability to stand the tests of time (and the environment, of course).

3. Perfect for everyday use

Since diamonds are very durable, they make perfect jewelry for everyday use. My friend of mine keeps telling me that she is glad that her fiance gave her a diamond ring because she's able to wear them every day. Even though it can be quite challenging to be wearing a huge rock on your finger every day, you can be sure that your ring will still be a-okay because of its durability. That's a great deal already.

4. Expensive

However, despite all the plus factors for diamonds, there are some downsides, too. One of which is the fact that diamonds can be quite expensive. Well, scratch that, they can be costly. This is a factor why some people, despite their love for the said stone, don't quickly seal the deal with this sparkly gemstone. The price isn't worth it sometimes.

5. Not that unique anymore.

Another factor is diamond jewelry isn't that unique anymore. Unless your fiance got loads of money and decides to contact a jeweler to make you a personalized engagement ring, you will have a diamond engagement ring with the same facet as someone else's. This is one of the pitfalls of having a diamond engagement ring. Bummer, isn't it?

The main factor of pearls

♥ Both pearls and diamonds are natural gemstones. However, pearls do have an advantage over diamonds. For one, although some pearls do come out from their shells where they need some polishing and refining, some are already ready to be used as trinkets. Diamonds, on the other hand, need serious cleaning, furnishing, cutting, polishing, and many more. Too much hassle for a piece of jewelry, I believe?

♥ The price difference is perhaps one of the most distinctive differences between the two. If you want to get a high-quality diamond, you must be ready to slash out a couple of hundreds of dollars from your bank account. That's not the case with pearls. A high-quality pearl still is a mile cheaper than a high-quality diamond. Now, that is saying something, isn't it?

♥ If uniqueness is the main goal in the hunt for a piece of jewelry, the pearl is your best option. Why? A common distinction on pearls is that these natural gemstones have no the same piece out there. Each pearl has a unique set of patterns and designs that make it perfect for those looking for jewelry pieces that are one-of-a-kind. If you're not a generic person, pearls are for you. That's for sure.

♥ If you are a fan of colorful jewelry pieces, then you will prefer pearls over diamonds for sure. These natural gemstones hold a wide array of colors. Pearls can come in different colors, allowing you to choose whatever preference you like. Dainty colors, bold colors, whatever color scheme you prefer, pearls are always there to serve your color needs.

♥ A pearl is a treasure of a lifetime. The style of pearl jewelry pieces is bound to last for a long, long time. If you want to invest in jewelry that is meant to last for a lifetime, pearl jewelry is a great alternative.

What People Say

One jewelry lover, Ilzabet, mentioned how she prefers to have diamonds over pearls. She said that although pearls are undeniably pretty, they are very delicate to use, and you need to take extra care using them (avoid hairspray, avoid harmful chemicals, etc.). Diamonds, on the other hand, are stunning but are also very low maintenance.

On the other hand, Karman is more comfortable with a string of pearls than a row of diamonds. She stated that she would prefer to wear a pearl necklace over a diamond choker because the latter makes her feel that she's wearing too much bling.

A forum user Glam

Foxx added that it depends upon the event she's attending. If she's going for a classy everyday look, she will go for her diamond stud earrings. If she's going for a classy appearance for a special event, she would prefer to bring out her string of pearls.

Which would you choose?

So, which natural gemstone should you prefer to use? Pearl or diamonds? Well, there is no cookie cut answer for this since both of these gems are precious and beautiful. The answer is left entirely on your hands. Which would you go for? Which would you leave inside your jewelry box? You can look as dazzling with proper style and jewelry arrangements, whether in pearls or sparkly diamonds.

Both diamonds and pearls are beautiful, and although there is no need to compare here, you can always have a preference. Still, looking for the best jewelry pieces out there? Check out our collection at Whether you are a fan of pearls or diamonds, you will never get disappointed. That's for sure! Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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