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Wedding Jewelry Gifts from Bride to Groom and Vice Versa

Wedding Jewelry Gifts from Bride to Groom and Vice Versa

Weddings have traditions to uphold. For some brides and grooms, their wedding traditions involve not seeing each other a day before the wedding. For some, a couple of prayer before the ceremony is necessary. One of the long-standing wedding traditions is giving each other wedding exchange gifts where a bride gives gifts to the groom, and the groom would give gifts to the bride. If you and your would-be spouse are planning to have wedding day gifts, you can go for wedding jewelry gifts.

Wedding jewelry gifts between the brides and grooms are a special way to make a wedding more memorable. However, before splurging for this, make sure your significant other agree to the idea. You can be creative with your gift of choice; there are so many wedding gift ideas you can find. Here are gifts for the wedding that you can give your other half come to your special wedding day.

The Bride

1. Diamond Stud Earrings

Often, grooms come up with ideas to give wedding day jewelry to their lovely brides. A tip if you're also planning to give one: think of something that has a sentimental value and message to it. For example, you can opt for diamond stud earrings. A popular song screams out, "diamonds are forever, forever, forever," so if you're planning to give one thing that you want to have for a long, long time, give her the wedding jewelry gift of a diamond pair stud earrings. Indeed, you will be seeing it on her even up to your 50th wedding anniversary.

2. Pearl Jewelry

If you have ever seen a movie showing a man romantically slipping a pearl necklace onto his woman's neck and the woman brimming with delight, please know that still happens until today. Pearl jewelry pieces, whether they be earrings or necklaces, have a certain appeal that is hard to resist. One of the best gifts for brides that you can give to the best lady in your life is a set of pearl jewelry pieces. They're classy, and they're meant to stay on trend for a long time.

3. Rose Gold Ring

Perhaps by now, you're wondering, "Another ring? I already gave her an engagement and wedding ring. What's the need for another ring?" You're right; rings are generally ignored by most when it comes to wedding jewelry gifts for brides. Besides, she's got two already. However, you can still consider it when you think of wedding gift ideas. A pretty rose gold ring with a moissanite gem on it is an excellent alternative for her when she's careful with her engagement ring. Besides, no one can say no to rose gold jewelry pieces. *winks*

4. Personalized Pendant

When it comes to wedding gifts for brides, nothing can beat the personalized jewelry idea. The bride relishes that her significant other took the time to think about what could make her very happy. So if you're still clueless about what to give to your lovely bride, your best bet is the personalized pendant. You can either go for a horizontal bar necklace where you put your wedding date on it, or with a locket that bears your photo together during a significant event in your life. You will surely draw a couple of tears during the wedding day.

5. Jewelry Box

Another wedding day bridal gift you can give to your most beloved is a jewelry box's gift. You can add with that gift a note that says that the jewelry box is a symbol of how you will fill her life not only with jewelry but with beautiful memories as well. In choosing a jewelry box, based it on her personality. Is she a minimalist or does she love audacious designs? Choose a sturdy, long-lasting jewelry box and go to extra mile by placing your first jewelry gift for her. The gift will be genius, for sure!

The Groom

When you think of wedding day gifts for your groom, you'd probably find out that they're not the easiest to find gifts for. You may think "What kind of wedding gifts for grooms should I go for?" It's true, finding gifts for them is no easy task but it's still possible. Here are six wedding day gifts ideas for grooms that you may want to try to give delight to the man of your life.

1. Classic Watch

At any time, nothing can beat the dazzle and glamor of a classic watch, especially when making a man look sophisticated. He can also wear it anywhere: workplace, business meetings, or for a romantic date with you. In truth, many brides give their grooms the gift of a classic designer ring. You have a wide selection to choose from. Choose a classic ring that has a personal touch of him on it. Consider having his classic watch incorporated with his birthstone gem or his favorite color. This choice is first class!

2. Personalized Pendant

If your groom is a fan of jewelry and if he loves to add subtle jewelry pieces to his look, you can also opt for a personalized pendant as your jewelry gift for him. A personalized pendant is a great idea, too. Yes, a horizontal bar necklace isn't only for women. Opt for sterling silver or a platinum personalized pendant for your man. Make it more special by engraving details on it such as your first date, your anniversary, or your wedding date. Add a special note to make it extra special.

3. Personalized Keychain

Men love key chains. This is quite explainable considering the number of keys they need to hold: keys to their cars, offices, businesses. A glamorous key chain is one of the most ergonomic and practical gifts to give to your other half. You can make it a little fancier by adding charms with his initials on it, or you can add a sparkly gem on it. Indeed, this gift is not your typical key chain. Now, he has something that he can bring anywhere, a gift that is a reminder of you as well. Amazing, isn't it?

4. A Handsome Bracelet

Another great jewelry gift idea for your hubby-to-be is a piece of handsome bracelet. By gorgeous bracelets, we mean something that will make him look extra sophisticated. A gold chain bracelet is the best accessory he can wear during his casual days. A sterling silver bracelet is a subtle addition to his everyday fashion or office wardrobe. Add a little glimmer to his jewelry by incorporating a diamond stud to the bracelet. He will surely love how simply glamorous and fashionable it can make him look and feel.

5. Cuff links and Tie Holder

Is your husband is a suit-and-tie kind of guy, opt for a piece of jewelry that he can use every day. One of the most efficient trinkets you can give him is fancy cuff links and a high-quality tie holder. Although these can't always qualify as romantic jewelry pieces, they are one of the stuff he can use to make him ready and capable in his office looks. What a great way to send a message that he has a supportive wife that cheers him along the way. He will love this wedding gift idea for sure.

6. Personalized Dog Tags

Last but not least, give him personalized dog tags. Dog tags are one of the most sought after accessories by men not only because they look macho, but because they can wear them anywhere, everywhere. You can make the gift more personalized by adding your wedding date, the endearment you have for each other, or your favorite place in the world. Dog tags are like wedding rings worn on the neck. These are excellent wedding jewelry gift ideas for men!

Nothing feels more special than to know that you are well thought of by your significant other on your wedding day. Make sure that you also make your other half feel out of this world with great jewelry choices for him/her. Make your wedding day more meaningful with great jewelry gifts. Find these fantastic pieces at We make weddings extra special by offering high quality but affordable jewelry pieces. What are you waiting for? Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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