Sterling Silver Earrings

History of Silver Earrings

Earrings have become an important part of human ornaments since ancient times up until now. Humans began to create dazzling pieces made of precious metals and even bones. Silver has become an important metal for making different types of jewelry since ancient times because it is easily used by most people regardless of social status. For how many years, it has been widely used in making decorations, jewelry, and even the monetary system. It became as precious as gold metal and was considered a valuable metal since discovery way back 4000 BC. Silver’s popularity has grown steadily since then because of the qualities that make them a big part of the latest fashion trends. The use of silver is not limited to jewelry making; instead, it displays jewelry pieces' beauty and appeal.

Nowadays, one of the commonly used silver jewelry is silver earrings. These are famous jewelry pieces for men and women because they are usually polished and reflect light beautifully. Silver earrings are widely used regardless of the wearer’s age. Many styles and types are available in today’s jewelry industry. Silver earrings paved their way to becoming a symbol of social status for many years in different cultures and traditions. These earrings served as ornaments and symbols of prosperity as well. Ancient people also believed that when you are wearing silver earrings, you will be protected against evil. In today’s modern fashion, these earrings have been genuinely astonishing people because they make a large selection to choose from. Over the years, silver earrings have been associated with fashion and royalty roots. They are considered go-to pieces since they are versatile and low-cost. Hence, they are still elegant, sophisticated, and made in the most beautiful and creative ways.

Types of Silver Earrings

Silver earrings are trendy because of their affordability, designs, and durability. A lot of types are available in different jewelry stores nowadays. As a customer, you need to have ideas about the different silver earrings to choose the best pair correctly. Below are some types of silver earrings that you can choose from.

  1. Sterling Silver Earrings - these earrings are considered the standard types of silver earrings. They are relatively inexpensive compared to pure silver earrings and are usually made of an alloy of silver and nickel or copper. They can be formed and soldered repeatedly. The most common earrings are sterling silver earrings for kids because they do not easily irritate a child’s skin.
  2. Silver Stud Earrings - these earrings belong to the most popular and commonly used. These are simple earrings that can be an everyday accessory. Silver stud earrings also vary in size and shape.
  3. Silver Hoop Earrings - these earrings will never go out of style because of their shape. Silver hoop earrings have different sizes that range from very small or tiny hoops to bigger or larger ones.
  4. Silver Huggie Earrings - these earrings are somehow the same as hoop earrings, but the difference is, Huggies are thicker. They usually hug the wearer’s earlobes, and this is where they get their name.
  5. Silver Drop Earrings - these earrings drop just below the earlobes of the wearer. They are usually large and look a lot like silver dangle earrings.
  6. Silver Dangle Earrings - can be considered drop earrings but can never be regarded as dangle earrings. They are hanging earrings right below the wearer’s earlobe and usually moving, unlike drop earrings. They also vary in different styles and sizes, some may be short and modest, and other types are multiple in layers and are larger.
  7. Silver Chandelier Earrings - these earrings are just like chandeliers in the ceilings because they hang like fixtures in the wearer’s earlobe. They may not be ideal as everyday jewelry but are excellent choices during a festive occasion or a formal event.
  8. Silver Diamond Earrings - these earrings are embellished with diamonds and a great choice when attending an evening party. There are also sterling silver diamond earrings available in the market aside from pure silver diamond earrings.

Having background knowledge of the different types of silver earrings narrow down your choice when buying. We hope you can now select the type of silver earrings that perfectly match your personality and suit your taste based on the information above. If you have second thoughts or in doubt about buying silver earrings, do not hesitate to visit our website because here in IceCarats, we are always glad to help you achieve your dreams when choosing jewelry pieces.

How to Choose Silver Earrings?

When shopping for a pair of silver earrings, whether for yourself or your loved one, you can sometimes feel that it is an exhausting thing to do, especially when there are various choices available in the market. Knowing what you want is not a guarantee that you will perfectly pick the best and top-quality. That's why you need to bear in mind the following tips listed below that will help you choose gorgeous silver earrings that everyone will undoubtedly love.

  1. Determining the quality of your chosen silver earrings is a must. When you assess the silver earrings' quality, take time to look for visible imperfections. Also, be sure that you buy from a trusted jewelry store. Check the posts of the earrings, too!
  2. Choose the style or type of earrings that you want. Silver earrings come in different varieties so that you can choose from. Remember that when selecting a pair of silver earrings, consider things like one that suits your personality and the clothing you own.
  3. There are various types of silver available in the market. When you purchase a pair of silver earrings, it is essential to determine the type of silver you want for your earrings. You can choose from pure silver, fine silver, silver plate, and any other types that you want.
  4. When shopping for a pair of silver earrings, consider setting up a budget. When you are on a budget, you can shop for earrings for interchangeable prices. You do not need to spend a significant amount, but when shopping for quality and affordable pieces, it will look as you shop for an expensive pair.

No matter what silver earrings you choose and where you decide to shop, understanding a bit about how to select a pair of earrings will help you pick the perfect quality you are looking for. Take some time pondering on the things you need to know before taking the step to purchase. IceCarats is always willing to help you when it comes to shopping for any jewelry. Just log in to our website and see for yourself our jewelry products that will surely surprise you.

When to Wear Silver Earrings?

Both ancient and modern people have been using silver earrings as ornaments to level up their looks and fashion style. If you ever wonder about wearing your silver earrings but not sure when the best time to amplify your outfit, consider the following tips below. These will serve as helpful guides that will help you out!

  1. Some types of silver earrings are versatile, so it means you can wear them every day. An excellent example is a pair of silver studs and silver hoop earrings with a smaller size that can be your everyday go-to piece of jewelry.
  2. A pair of silver earrings can also be a piece of office jewelry. Just make sure that you are wearing the one that creates less noise, such as studs, hoops, and drop silver earrings, so that it can’t be a distraction both to you and your colleagues.
  3. When attending formal events and wearing formal attire, silver earrings can help you pull off the perfect look. Dazzling and stunning pieces of diamond silver earrings, silver chandeliers, including silver dangle and drop earrings, are an ideal match for your formal outfit.
  4. Attending a party and wearing bigger silver hoops or silver dangle earrings will help you show off the classy side of yourself.
  5. Wearing an attire for casual meet-ups with colleagues or friends on a fine sunny day can also be leveled when you pair it with silver earrings. You can be simple, classy, and chic at the same time.

When deciding when to wear a pair of silver earrings, there is no right or wrong way because it still depends on the wearer's confidence. But knowing when to wear them properly will help you pull off an excellent and glamorous look. The following tips written above are some of the many ways you can follow when wearing silver earrings. There's no harm if you try following those guidelines!

After knowing the necessary details regarding silver earrings, IceCarats believe that you are ready to purchase the perfect earrings you desire. With this article's help, you can now level up your taste for fashion! If you are looking for a place to purchase a pair of top-quality silver earrings, look no further because IceCarats is the perfect place to be. Just log in to our website and select the ones that will match your taste, style, and personality. Herewith us, we guarantee you that we will offer you the best and gorgeous pieces!