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Explore Our May Birthstone Emerald Collection

The month that falls right in the heart of spring. Emerald is the gemstone for the month of may which radiates its brilliance and beautiful green color. In Ancient Roman's time, this stone was dedicated to the goddess of love and beauty which is Venus. It was also the favorite gem of Cleopatra and Catherine the Great. Traditionally, this stone is also known to associate magical powers that can keep you safe from illness. These stones symbolize health, wealth, fertility, faithfulness, and love. Emeralds also represent wisdom, growth, and patience.

History of Birthstone for May

May, the 5th month of the year in the Roman calendar, has 31 days, and this month is usually the spring or summer season. The month of May got its name from the Greek goddess "Maia," known as the "Goddess of Fertility." Romans also have an identical or similar goddess to Maia, and they called her Bona Dea, which they held a festival for every May. The month of May was initially named "Mauis" by the Romans Mauis, but after many years, they changed it too. This 5th month of the year was called May during the 1400s, near the Middle Ages. Ancient people before consider May as a bad month to get married. As a matter of fact, a poem with the lines “Marry in May, and you’ll rue the day” has been published due to this belief. It is also considered as the month of the three milkings because, during this month, a cow could be milked three times a day. May is also considered as the National Smile Month of the United Kingdom.

Like any other month, May also has its corresponding birthstone. The birthstone for May is the well-known precious Emerald stone. This stone symbolizes love, rebirth, and success. May birthstone color is often green that is often associated with the color of spring. Emerald is one of the rarest types of gems found in Columbia, Brazil, and Afghanistan. They are considered unique gemstones because their surfaces are very resistant to even just small scratches. Emerald's name was derived from the Vulgar Latin word “Esmeralda,” which stands for a green gem. May birthstone jewelry is a perfect example of a gift that reminds the receiver or the wearer that winter does not last forever, or there is always a new chapter in everybody’s life.

Types of May Birthstone

The May birthstone or the Emerald gemstone is a variety of a kind of a beryl mineral. The Emerald achieved its color because due to some chromium and vanadium impurities, the beryl turns green. The following are several types of Emerald used as of May birthstones and used in jewelry making.

  1. Columbian Emerald - this type of Emerald used in jewelry making can be found in Columbia. Columbian Emerald is well-known for its exceptional quality.
  2. Brazilian Emerald - this type of Emerald is a lighter gemstone and is mined in Brazil. Sometimes, this Emerald is called green tourmalines.
  3. Cat's Eye Emerald - this type of Emerald has a cat-eye effect called chatoyancy, which looks like a cat's wide eye or wild pupil. Cat's eye Emerald that is used in jewelry making is very rare to find, and the color of this type of Emerald is only paler green.
  4. Trapiche Emerald - this type of Emerald contains some black impurities that form into a six-rayed star. This very unique and special type of Emerald is mined only in Columbia in the area of Muzo. Trapiche Emeralds are sometimes called star emeralds.
  5. Zambian Emerald - this type of Emerald is found in Zambia, a region of Africa that is very rich in Emeralds. Zambian Emerald has a greater degree of clarity than Columbian Emerald, and the color of this type is vivid green.

Emeralds are considered one of the ten most valuable gemstones in the world. With the brilliance and color of this May birthstone, it's no wonder why these gems are a popular choice in making elegant pieces of jewelry. Are you considering purchasing a piece of jewelry with a gemstone? No more thinking twice! Choose an emerald stone. The best thing about this type of gemstone is that this can be passed from one generation to the next. You can also visit our website if you're having trouble finding a reliable jewelry store to get the best Emerald jewelry. Indulge and explore the various types of gems we can offer.

How to Choose May Birthstone Jewelry?

Emeralds are stunning and elegant in all types of jewelry, and sometimes buying Emerald jewelry is much less technical than purchasing a diamond piece of jewelry. If you want to perfectly choose the ideal May birthstone on a piece of jewelry, here are some quick steps you can follow when picking Emerald jewelry.

  1. The 4C's are important when choosing a piece of emerald jewelry is the first thing you can consider when buying one. Learning about the Emerald's 4C's will help you narrow down your options and lead you to find the perfect Emerald jewelry.
  2. The tone of Emerald you are about to choose is also another thing to consider. Emerald's tone is classified in terms of light and dark. Do not easily believe that the darker the tone of the Emerald, the better the quality.
  3. The saturation of Emerald is what will give the color its intensity and strength. Remember that Emerald's saturation ranges from dull to pure vivid.
  4. The Emerald stone set in your jewelry is also a factor to remember when choosing a piece of jewelry. The mounting of the Emerald in a setting will determine how exposed the stone's surface will be to occasional hits and bumps, which may also damage it.
  5. There are lots of Emerald stones in the market that are treated for their appearance to be enhanced. When choosing Emerald jewelry, try to select the treated stones with less visible flaws. 

When to Wear May Birthstones?

Are you having some trouble with the clothing that goes well with your Emerald jewelry? The following are suggestions that you can check when wearing your May birthstone jewelry.

  1. If you plan to wear a red top or any red dress, may it be casual or formal, a piece of Emerald jewelry can help you pull off a look. Red is a smart choice for wearing a piece of Emerald jewelry because the complementary color of green is red. Any green jewelry like Emerald is a smart combination with any shades of red clothes.
  2. Black and white outfits will also look sophisticated when you finish them with Emerald jewelry.
  3. Blue combined with green can make an attractive color. So when you are wearing any blue tops or dresses, you can pull off your look by wearing any piece of Emerald jewelry.
  4. If a gold setting surrounds your Emerald jewelry, do not wear gold dresses because you might overkill your look. Also, do not wear any silver outfit because it might not go along with your Emerald jewelry's gold setting.
  5. Different kinds of Emerald jewelry are versatile pieces of jewelry. Meaning, if you want to pull off a classic-modern look, a formal look, or a vintage look, you can express your style with your Emerald jewelry. Accessorize your outfits, may it be formal or casual outfits with any Emerald jewelry.