March Birthstone Aquamarine


Aquamarine is a gorgeous blue-green gemstone that represents soothing energy. This stone symbolizes creativity, hope, self-expression, and courage. It projects a calming vibe and enhances the health of whoever wears it. For traditional ancient times, these aquamarine blue stones were known to protect the sailors on their oceanic expeditions. Wearing pale aquamarine gemstones are also know to promote overall happiness, it increases youth, good health, and love.

History of March Birthstone Aquamarine

Aquamarine is considered one of the birthstones of March. The name aquamarine is derived from the Latin word that means seawater. Ancient history believed that the stone used to calm sea waters and keep the sailors safe at sea. In the 19th century, aquamarine became popular in sea green color. Today, the color blue aquamarine is a much more valuable stone. The largest aquamarine was found in Brazil in the year 1910, and it weighs 243 pounds. This most massive aquamarine stone was cut into smaller stones, and it yielded 200,000 carats.

There are many legends and myths written about the aquamarine March birthstone. Hence, today's most believed thing about aquamarine is that it is considered the birthstone for March and the most appropriate morning gift to a bride given by her groom. Aquamarine is not only a birthstone for March, but it is also a gem representing every 19th wedding anniversary of a married couple. Nowadays, the aquamarine birthstone for March became a part of the jewelry industry. A lot of manufacturers used aquamarine because it makes an excellent jewelry stone. Aquamarines are now found on most continents and are widely used gemstones today. March aquamarine birthstone is now a famous stone that is being used by those born in March and by anyone who loves aquamarine birthstone.

Types of Aquamarine March Birthstone Jewelry

Aquamarine is well known for being a gorgeous precious bluestone, and a lot of manufacturers nowadays use this gem to create different types of jewelry. Find out below the different kinds of aquamarine birthstone jewelry that are perfect for a March birthstone gift.

  1. Aquamarine March Birthstone Necklace - a popular necklace chain that features a march birthstone aquamarine pendant in various pendant styles and types. One type of necklace known as Swarovski Elements Aquamarine March birthstone necklace has become a popular type of aquamarine jewelry featuring Swarovski elements.
  2. Aquamarine March Birthstone Rings - also called an aquamarine stone march birthstone ring. This ring is designed with aquamarine stones and available in different styles like a halo, solitaire, vintage, and any other popular ring style. The March birthstone aquamarine ring is an excellent piece of jewelry that can also make an exceptional engagement ring.
  3. Aquamarine March Birthstone Earrings - the most common type of this jewelry is the pair of March birthstone round aquamarine stud earrings. A gorgeous pair of aquamarine earrings can be a symbol of hope and can make an ideal gift for March-born ladies.

With its high quality and unique color, aquamarine birthstone jewelry will make every wearer fall in love with its beauty. Aquamarine birthstones are among the most beautiful and timeless gems. This would mean so much when given to a special someone, especially when born in March. Are you on the hunt for a piece of Aquamarine birthstone jewelry? Don’t hesitate to visit the website of IcaCarats, and you can find the perfect collections of Aquamarine jewelry there.

How to Choose an Aquamarine Birthstone for March?

Finding the perfect jewelry that will suit your taste and style can be an exhausting thing. But the matching and mixing game of different jewelry to embellish your daily look is quite an exciting and fun task. Having personalized jewelry like birthstones can elevate your jewelry gaming. Check out the following guidelines to help you how to choose the perfect Aquamarine birthstone jewelry for you.

  1. When looking or choosing for the perfect aquamarine jewelry, choose the even blue-green color. It means that when buying an aquamarine gemstone, you should not choose a lighter or darker shade, just an even color.
  2. Look and choose a clear and translucent aquamarine birthstone.
  3. An aquamarine birthstone that usually sparkles is a well-cut gem. Find a good cut, and you can determine its shape and how much it sparkles.
  4. Take consideration also the carats and price.
  5. You can always choose aquamarine jewelry, for example, as your 9th-anniversary gift or a birthstone gift for a girl celebrating her birthday on March 14. 

When to Wear a March Aquamarine Birthstone?

You can get a dazzling look by wearing aquamarine jewelry with your everyday wear. Below are some ways that will help you match your aquamarine jewelry with the rest of your wardrobe.

  1. Wear your aquamarine jewelry on an outfit that coordinates and complements with colors. Since aquamarine is blue, you need to wear wardrobes that match with aquamarine’s color. According to some jewelers and stylists, the best shades of wardrobe to pair with your aquamarine jewelry are navy blue, midnight blue, lavender, aubergine, dusty rose, and peach.
  2. Wear your aquamarine jewelry that goes with the patterns of your favorite blouses. For example, if you have a pear-shaped aquamarine pendant on your necklace, it’s good to be paired with your dress printed with teardrop patterns.
  3. When choosing an aquamarine set of jewelry, make sure that the rest of the piece complements the stone. You can choose silver or white gold material when purchasing aquamarine jewelry as yellow or rose gold will clash with the calmness of aquamarine color.
  4. Wear aquamarine earrings when you’re on a button-up blouse to help you look good when attending a formal and casual occasion.
  5. Aquamarine jewelry can also be a fun and perky piece. You can wear any aquamarine jewelry when having a night out with your pals.
  6. The sophisticated look of aquamarine jewelry can be a good pair with your professional suit like a pencil skirt paired with your gorgeous outfit.
  7. Of course, if you are born in March, you can wear aquamarine jewelry every day you want to show and express your personality and personal style.

While there are many popular gemstones out in the jewelry industry, aquamarine may shine above them. After having the idea of knowing how to pair your aquamarine jewelry with your daily outfit, it’s time to add those sparkling, dazzling pieces to accessories in your collection. Here in IceCarats, you can buy gorgeous and high-quality aquamarine jewelry at a very affordable price. Stay stylish and elevate your jewelry gaming here with us!