Agate Jewelry

If you’re a lover of nature, agate is the perfect gemstone for you. With so many different types of agate available, it’s also a great stone to experiment with if you’re looking to branch out from your usual stones. Agate is a personal favorite of mine; its unique properties spurred my love for geology and mineralogy at an early age.

Agate Jewelry

An alluring beauty that balances energy and focus. It is also known to bring self-confidence as well as courage and strength in the darkest times. Agate is the most versatile gem and is one of the oldest healing stones. It is known to be very protective which makes it the perfect jewelry to give to your friends and family. This can also provide a strong foundation. It projects calmness and creates a peace of mind. These gems will surely be a perfect match for any desired outfit or even a simple decor in your home.

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