Celebrity Style to Steal: Stacked Bracelets and Bangles

Celebrity Style to Steal: Stacked Bracelets and Bangles

Layered necklace, hoop earrings, and peculiar ankle bracelets have seen so many jewelry trends in the past few years. But one of these jewelry styles has become a fashion favorite of so many Hollywood celebrities. Believed to be a jewelry style started by the Olsen twins, this has become a fashion staple of Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, and even Blake Lively! See the different styles of your favorite celebrities and see why the stacked bracelet trend has become such a hit with celebrities and other fashion models!

1. Stacked bangles and bracelets

Together with her twin Mary-Kate, Ashley Olsen is believed to be the one who has started the hot trend of stacked bangles and stacked bracelets. Known as the fashion mavens who love to dress out of the ordinary, their accessories are also fresh and fabulous. Here, Ashley is seen wearing stacked gold bangles. The contrast it offered to her dark suit is terrific. Gold bangles are a favorite when it comes to stacking bracelets because they are versatile to use anywhere with whatever outfit.

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2. Gold Chain

When we talk about the latest street style accessories, one of the names we will hear is the golden chain jewelry pieces. The golden chain jewelry trend has become such a popular street style accessory that you can see a lot of celebrities patronizing it. One of them is the "work" singer Rihanna. Strutting down the lanes of New York, this beauty went all out with her chain jewelry pieces, even stacking them on her wrists! Stacked jewelry pieces work well if incorporated on your street style!

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3. Stacked bracelets can be classy too!

Yet even though stacked bracelets make amazing street style accessories, it is not only meant to be used for our street fashion. Some celebrities even incorporate them with their red carpet appearances and their photoshoots. Take Zendaya, for example. The young and up-and-coming fashion icon looked flirty and fresh on this magazine cover. She looked so classy, too. As for her trinkets, she went for stacked rose gold bracelets. Yes, it is indeed possible to look sensational with street style accessories on!

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4. Who said wearing multiple bracelets is too much?

No one beats the originals, they say, and I guess I fully agree with that. When it comes to wearing multiple bracelets, no one can beat the Olsen twins. Tagged to be the people who started the "Bohemian" fashion in the modern times, Ashley and Mary-Kate would often be found wearing a huge amount of bracelets on their wrists ranging from beads to gems, to metals, and pearls and they still can pull it off like pros! If you're looking for jewelry styles, take inspiration from the Olsen twins!

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5. Let those sparkles be your dress's best friend!

The best way to keep your look simple, chic, but still explosive is to make sure your accessories can keep up with your dress. Victoria's Secret Model Lily Aldridge sure knows what that means. The stunning fashion model went to one of her red carpet events wearing a long, sleek black gown, which she paired with multiple black gem bracelets that truly compliment her look. She may not go all out with accessories, but her numerous bangles were enough.

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6. Show those arm candies, girl!

And speaking of red carpet fashion, there is this one red carpet queen that cannot be missed. This lady is Sofia Vergara. Known for her charming antics on the red carpet, she has earned the reputation as one of the gorgeous ladies to look out for in the red carpet. The Latina beauty paired her beautiful dress with multiple arm candies. She combined the gold and the silver metal. She looked breathtaking with this red carpet look of hers!

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7. Slaying street-style fashion

Another cute thing about wearing multiple arm bracelets is that you can even add a personal touch to it! If you feel like adding charms, and other meaningful trinkets, you can! Just look at how Kate Bosworth styled hers. She added icons of dream catchers, crosses, hearts, and intricately designed cylinders! Isn't this just the style that you will love? Mastering your street style with the help of fancy jewelry trends will surely make you more confident! Let your creativity rule as you try this accessory style!

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8. Stacked bracelets? Flaunt it in the red carpet!

Whoever said that bracelet stacking is only for the streets must not have met Olivia Palermo. The beautiful supermodel matched her sleek dark red carpet dress with her classy take on stacked jewelry. Are you thinking whether you should give stacked bracelets a try during your next red carpet appearance? Don't hesitate! The right combination (such as gems and other stones) will provide you with a sophisticated compliment! It's definitely worth a try!

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9. We will never get tired of multiple bracelets!

Although it was the Olsen twins who first introduced multiple bracelet fashion to the spotlight, there is no doubt that for the modern youth, Kylie Jenner's influence made them notice the trend even more. Kylie is a big fan of stacked jewelry, and she yet has a set of multiple bracelets on her wrist wherever she goes. Recent news also said that one of the most searched items about this teen star is what brand of bracelets she is wearing. It seems like we will be seeing more of this bracelet style in the coming years.

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10. Gold Bangles

If you are wondering if it is only Kylie Jenner who has the great love for this style from the Kardashian-Jenner clan, you better check again. It seems like big sister Kim is following on little K's jewelry style as she is lately often seen with a bundle of gold bangles hugging her wrists. For the black loving momma of two, that's easy to tell why. Nothing complements a black dress more than gold jewelry. And besides, it seems like this family has a particular liking for gold. Or maybe that's just me.

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11. 90's-inspired Superstar!

There's no stopping Rihanna when it comes to street style and layered bracelets. In another shot, the "Four, Five Seconds" singer wore a lovely summer dress. She looked like a member of the Spice Girls with this 1990's inspired ensemble of hoop earrings, choker necklace, and stacked arm candies. Hands down, RiRi, you surely know how to work your jewelry and other trinkets!

12. Stacked Diamond Bracelets

Lady Gaga is setting the house on fire, fashionably speaking. She looked like modern Hollywood's Marilyn Monroe in this adorable black gown she wore for the Golden Globes Awards. What added more something special to this look is the fact that she's wearing a jewelry ensemble you just can't ignore. She stacked up some diamond bracelets. Yes, you've heard that right. During the said event, the "Alejandro" singer stood out with her dress and her not-so-easily-missed jewelry pieces! Amazing, isn't it?

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13. Here goes Zendaya!

And if Gaga stole the house with the help of her sparkly diamonds, Zendaya won't be ignored, too. She took bracelet layering to the next level with her jewelry ensemble in one of her red carpet opportunities. This girl surely knows what can set her apart from the rest. Who knew that stacking this much jewelry was such a great idea? But well, Zendaya is Zendaya, and we can't deny that this girl is always up for surprising fashion tricks. Do you also want to make a statement in your next fashion appearance? Google Zendaya!

14. Layered Bangles

Since summer is starting, you better gather those bangles and bracelets to be ready just in case. Blake Lively looked tremendously breathtaking in her summer dress. She paired her lovely floral number with equally beautiful wrist accessories. Blake id not just opt for the typical gold bracelets combination; she decided to go for the bronze metal for her bracelet. She looked calm, collected, and ultra summer-ready. So if you're thinking what's the best bauble for the summer, we have the answer: layered bangles.

15. Who says that white gold is not a fashion statement?

Last but not least, we have Angelina Jolie's eye-popping bracelet style. In one of her photoshoots, the young Angie went for more style when she graced the pages with her one-of-a-kind bracelet style. What makes this look stand out is the fact that the metal she is wearing is white gold. Don't argue with Angelina with this one! Go on, give white gold accessories a try!

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Since summer is already here, time to gather up those forgotten bracelets and bangles, it's time to flaunt our arm candies, wear our loudest colors, and be brave enough to try a fashion step that we haven't taken before. If you are a fan of bangles, let these celebrities help you find the style that suits you well. If you're looking for a set of arm accessories that are high quality but don't boast of a high price, check out IceCarats.com. Our bracelets are just what you need for a more fashionable and enjoyable summer style. Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling!

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