15 Reasons to Love Different Locket Styles

What makes a stunning necklace more interesting? Lockets, of course! These little trinkets are fascinating and often offer a great compliment to the chain. May they be a heart locket, a golden locket, a vintage locket, or something more modern-looking, there are surely so many reasons to love this little fashion addition.

1. Gold lockets are vintage-licious!

Although lockets come in different styles and tones, there's one thing: no one can resist the charm of a gold locket. This type of trinket reminds me so much of vintage-inspired jewelry. If you want to try rocking some classy outfits for your street style, this jewelry is one you should consider adding to the look. You will love this gold locket because it's dainty, classy, but very versatile at the same time. Mix and match it with any style that you want.

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2. They come in different sassy tones.

Not too sold with the gold locket you've found hanging on the antique jewelry store? There's no worry; these precious little trinkets offer many options for you, so you don't need to worry. White gold lockets have also become one of the most sought after lockets in the market today. If you feel like going out of the ordinary, you can settle for a bronze locket or a sterling silver one. Either way, you can make sure that this accessory will surely make your outfit look on point.

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3. Their designs evolved over the years.

Can you still recall those little gold heart lockets that we loved when we were still youngsters? Well, it turns out they did not just stay like that. They somehow evolved into more creative and exciting lockets. Just look at this beauty that we found on the web. Doesn't this look like an upgraded version of our favorite design? Well, more reason to love heart-shaped lockets since they're now formed into four-clover leaf patterns. Pure genius and surely lovable!

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4. You can have personalized designs!

Suppose you're a constant traveler and want to tell that through jewelry, you can always turn to a locket for help. It turns out that these little beauties aren't only limited to gold, sterling silver, and rose gold designs; they can also be made to look extra fun. If you want to have one with the designs of nature, sea, or Game of Thrones, you can have it. This also makes this jewelry accessory one of the best things you can give out during birthdays and other celebrations! Chic and memorable, who can beat that?

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5. They always come in intricate details.

When it comes to details, nothing comes close to the look that comes with antique and estate jewelry. If you're lucky, you can find an antique locket just like that. That is just one of the reasons you will love this little bling; it's not only fashionable; its design is always worth it! You can either find a Victorian or Renaissance-inspired piece or see something from the art decor era. Whatever the style is, you can always be assured that lockets come in the most intricate and fascinating detail.

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6. You can wear your love on your sleeves!

Are you feeling a little bit like the Little Mermaid? Well, that's just one reason to love specially designed lockets. One of my favorites is this fancy looking seashell locket. It reminds me of the one used by the villain Ursula in the Little Mermaid. Talk about re-awakening the Disney kid in my heart. Are you a beach bum or a Disney kid at heart? You will surely want to get your hands on this. And if Little Mermaid wasn't your favorite movie, you can always request a locket that features another Disney icon. How cool is that?

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7. You can always feel like you're wearing royalty jewelry.

Is it just me, or do you also feel like royalty every time you wear pendants and lockets like these? When it comes to locket fashion, one that resembles old royals' jewelry can never be out of sight. When it comes to lockets, classy is the best way to go. I am in love with the Imperial Russia-inspired locket jewelry, which makes me feel that anyone who would wear this can look like a Czar's daughter.

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8. You can always incorporate various jewelry items on them.

If you're a gem kind of girl, looking for a versatile piece of jewelry in this world that loves gold and sterling silver can be challenging. When you do find gem jewelry, you can't always mix and match it with everything. Another reason you will love locket jewelry pieces is that these blings have the power to look gorgeous with gems on. And if you feel a little bit creative, you can add other jewelry details like beads and sparkly stuff. Isn't that way cool?

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9. Gold lockets make fabulous romantic jewelry.

Are you still pondering what to give to your spouse now that your anniversary is fast approaching? Why not give her personalized lockets with your names engraved on it. Personalized jewelry has become a thing lately, starting from dog tags to horizontal bar necklaces. Be unique with your gift with some lockets. She will be delighted to see a little surprise hidden inside the jewelry, for sure. You can either add your name or your anniversary date inside. How cute is that?

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10. It will beautifully speak about you.

Remember in the Harry Potter series where Hogwarts students get to have an animal for their Patronus? We are not witches and wizards here, but there's always that icon in a fashion that describes us, and just by having that either on our clothes or in our jewelry delights us. The fun thing about locket necklaces is you can pretty much incorporate your favorite icons on it. If you love butterflies, you can add this to your jewelry. How fun is that? I would dig into that!

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11. You can express your words with a pendant.

If you have a locket necklace, consider it something you would carry around with you all day, don't you? Surprise your sweetheart with a piece of locket jewelry that has romantic words on it. Nothing more special than receiving something chic with romantic words to remind her that she is always loved, right? This is one of the many motives why these accessories are the bomb!

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12. They're for guys, too.

Who says that pendants and lockets are for girls only? That's undoubtedly not the case as men can rock these little trinkets, too. If you feel like your man is like an old soul, a piece of classy locket like this one on the photo is perfect for him. You can add your picture or a picture of both of you, or a photo of the kids. It's not only a stylish piece of fashion, and it can work wonders for his sense of style, too. There are now a lot of lockets for men in the market. You can shop to your heart's content.

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13. Name your style; a locket can complement it.

Planning to look sassy, sophisticated, and classy with your bohemian fashion, but you feel like you don't have the right jewelry to top it all, yet? Don't you worry, girl! A trinket is to the rescue. This is what I adore the most about lockets, and they are just not limited to ones in gold and silver and other traditional colors. They're now introduced to fun hues like this turquoise beauty. Lockets are not only for the vintage fashion, you know. It can amp up your bohemian style, too! Amazing, isn't it?

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14. It embraces all the things that you love.

There's a stunning trend that is so popular with pendants and lockets right now, and everyone is going crazy for them! They're called the charmed up pendants and lockets. It's when your lockets are transformed into something of a memorabilia holder mainly because it holds the charms that are special for you. You can stack up on memories inside the locket, and it will be perfectly fine. They're fun, they're fashionable, and they're for everyone—all the more reason to love this jewelry style more.

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15. They're just perfect in every angle.

Last but not least is this charming and intricate-looking locket that kind of reminds me of the ancient Chinese jewelry style. Overall, lockets exude memories of class and sophistication. A locket necklace, because of its somewhat timeless look, makes for a perfect heirloom, too. So if you want your granddaughter to enjoy the same jewelry pieces you enjoy now, invest in locket jewelry!

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Locket jewelry pieces are amazing, and there's no wonder why people, men, and women alike, just can't help but love it. Try it. You will love it, too. For more stunning locket pieces, visit IceCarats.com, where you will find stunning collections at a very affordable price. Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.

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