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The gold charm met my expectation and currently at a jewelry store being engraved. Packaging and delivery were both very good. I received it within days of placing the order. Overall, Ice Carats is a place I would shop again.
Michael H.
It went well. The purchase was on point, I received it in a matter of days. Overall an excellent delivery, impeccable timing.
Ryan Q.
This ring is ring I have bought so far Remarkable
Shelly H.
The overall experience with this was very smooth and shipping was quick. The ring is very cute, the only issue I have was that the picture to me appeared to be a thicker/solid ring, this ring is thinner/delicate in my opinion but otherwise very cute.
Heidi T.
I really liked the hoop earrings however I had to send them back as they were to painful on my ear lobes.
Rita R.
Ice Carats had exactly what I needed at an extremely affordable price. Ordering the necklace was easy & they provided the fastest shipping ever! I received my necklace the next day! Unbelievably amazing!!!
Marlaena C.
Good, wished they would have offered the necklace in larger sizes, 22" is a bit small 24" would have been great.
Marcus K.
Beautiful and speedy service nicer than I thought it would be
Shelly H.
My first time was very quick and easy. Shipping was fast and I love my anklet.
Christine L.
Comfortable, simple and stylish piece, I adore it. Ice Carats is forever my go to for jewelry.
Debra L.
Bought this as a graduation gift for my niece who plays and loves the trombone. Put it on a sterling box chain. She absolutely loved it. She put it on immediately, wore it to graduation and hasn’t taken it off since. She has received many compliments from her friends. The piece is small enough to be delicate, large enough to be seen and to function as a necklace and stylish enough to pique my interest and also appeal to an 18 year old. I wrapped it up in a cute little box, put it inside a piece of new luggage along with some warm fuzzy socks, some earrings, a pair of Italian sneakers and some money. After she opened it, I got a gleeful text. The first thing that was mentioned? The trombone. Definitely a hit and definitely unique.
Mary H.
As usual fast delivery. Very nice piece. Has some weight to it. I love it.
I was unable to gift the pendant as I would have liked because it was so small it wouldn't fit over the chain it was intended for. It is really pretty, but dainty and not for a Dad/Man and not the look I had hoped for, for the price.
Heather B.
Item was not as described. While I did not expect perfect emeralds, the stones looked like 2 pieces of green slate. BUT, customer service was great and the return process was prompt. I received a full refund in a week.
Betty L.
Item received quickly as advertised. I love it.
Denise C.
I'm always really pleased with my purchases. And the lifetime warranty is just that. Recently I contacted them about two different earrings that had an issue in the opening/closing mechanism. No problem. They sent me a prepaid label. I received updates, and replacement earrings were sent to within 2 weeks. I don't think you could ask for anything better!
Kathleen L.
Ordering was easy and my item arrived very quickly. I like them and I'm keeping them. I just wish they were a little bit bigger around. I had a pair of teardrop earrings for years but lost one. I still have the other one and I've been trying for years to find a pair to match it. These come the closest to what I lost. A little heavier weight would be nice too so they will swing more when I move my head.
Linda L.
Would look great if I had a short haircut. However, I found these earrings got lost behind my long tresses and could not be seen. Would have kept them if they were a bit bigger. I have sensitive skin and these huggies were comfortable and non-irritating. Easy to put on and remove too.
Deneen R.
The bracelet chain was very nice, however, the plate had numerous little scratches on both the top and bottom….
Jan F.
It's adorable and exactly what I was looking for!
Heidi B.
Loved this pendent. I bought this for my granddaughter who is graduating college with a degree in hospitality. Perfect gift. The pendent is beautiful and nice quality. Nicely made.
Ellen D.
It was a very pleasant experience. It was shipped fast. Very cute... look out for my next purchase
Vicki R.
The earrings looked like something for a child. Way too small for an adult. Returned them
Linda N.
One of the lapis stones fell out during shipping, but was an easy fix. The cufflinks are very nice and the color is great!
Wendy T.
lovely pendant! and what i love is the delivery is fast. looking forward for my next purchase,thank you ice carats.
maria g.
Tiny is right, but beautiful in its simplicity.????
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